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Excess of Ribozymes=Trait positive for Ceremony?

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 1:22 pm    Post subject: Excess of Ribozymes=Trait positive for Ceremony? Reply with quote

Alright, so I'm sure this topic was addressed a long time ago when Bree's dad first started her on the dieting, giving her pills and injections, etc. I remember having speculations about them, why he was doing them and whatnot, but I hadn't re-addressed the topic until recently when I was in another thread ("The Virtue of Purity"), and the topic was briefly brought up:

JustAnotherLonelyGirl. wrote:

Yeah, if you disrepect your body, you are impure. But it's okay to allow your elders to inject you with substances of which you know nothing and to take pills and follow diets for reasons about which you know nothing. Rolling Eyes

The Order is very hypocritical.

I figured I'd jump in on the discussion since I remembered the "Opening the Box" episode, and I responded to this response with this "revelation":

Chivalrous [[Me]] wrote:

Sorry I'm kind of jumping in out of nowhere, but Jonas and Daniel semi-cleared up the whole dieting and injection thing with the box that bree's dad made in the episode "Opening the box":

Daniel in Episode #201 "Opening the Box" wrote:

Daniel: Yep. Jonas and I read through this whole thing. It really is filled with a ton of notes from Bree's dad about his research on what he'd been doing to Bree. Apparently, Bree has a very high level of ribozymes, or something like that, which makes her "trait positive." Does that make sense? This is why the Order wants her! This notebook also tells us that Bree's dad had been giving her shots of something to help lower her levels, trying to make her "trait negative." I mean, if Bree is "trait negative," the Order won't want her. We couldn't find anything in here about what the Ceremony is or what it does, but it can't be good if Bree's dad was trying this hard to fix her.

The shots were, obviously, to help lower the ribozyme levels in Bree's body to make her trait negative; however, lowering the ribozyme levels in her body could have seriously harmed Bree, so her dad had to address this. That's when I remembered in the way beginning of the series when her dad had been giving her iron supplements in the form of pills; I looked up the relationship between iron and ribozymes in a medical journal (http://departments.oxy.edu/urc/1Students/projects/abstracts/2004/04chemistryHl.htm). A lot of doctor mumbo jumbo, but I got this message out of it: Iron (combined with sulfur) enhances the rate a ribozyme works at. So even though Bree's dad was lowering her ribozyme levels, the iron would prevent her body from going into any kind of shock by enhancing the ribozymes' activity to make up for the loss.

(Blah Blah Blah...)

I agree with the chemical theory[[the theory that the purity bond has to do with outside elements or chemicals in certain substances that could make her "trait negative"]], looking at the ribozymes thing. There could be certian chemicals in certain drugs and/or alcohol that could affect her positive trait status. The Order, however, would label it as a purity bond and give it and alternate and more plausible definition so that it will be more likely to be followed...

To add the above, when the Order was giving her shots (we saw bandages on Bree's arm in a recent episode when they took her back and brainwashed her), they most likely contained a ribozyme replenisher of some sort to replace the ribozymes bree had lost through the shots her dad had been giving her.

Now, I'm not a scientist, so alot of this is purely hypothetical besides what Bree's dad had come up with.

Also, I read in another thread about a few different ceremonies, and one in particular caught my eye. I do not remember the exact name of the ceremony or where I read about it (somewhere in this forum, so if anyone knows where I can back this from, please let me know via PM), but it involves "reanimating (bringing back to life) a statue" (they were either refering to a real statue or someone who had died). It clicked then that Jonas had mentioned in "Opening the Box" how ribozymes "basically created life". If the ceremony actually is this ceremony, that's seemingly the reason the order would need the plethora of ribozymes that Bree possesed.

*falls over*

Comments? Corrections? Additions?
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Suspiciously Absent

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked well it all makes scence now.

rawr! you people are so good at finding these things!
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Is there anyway that you could possibly prolong life? (using what the Order wants done to Bree).

This is stemming from one of the questions on the HoO Audition Survey which asked, "Do you believe that aging is a treatable disease?"

There was a theory that the Order that Bree would be used as a sort of incubator, housing something in her body, being that she was the perfect environment for whatever it is.

Blood sacrifices might be the Order taking her blood and using it, or perhaps extracting something from within it.

So, nothing could go in her to jeopardize her body. If anything got into her, it destroys everything.

*sighs, sits back and lights a cig*

Maybe if I blow this in her face I'll f**k them over for all I know.

What do you think?
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

maybe if we think age is a treatable disease
then all death is is a fun challenge!
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