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Chat log IRC with Jeromy

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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 5:51 pm    Post subject: Chat log IRC with Jeromy Reply with quote

Thanks to voodoo and Brooklynxman (that's me) for editing.

Thanks to surrealisticpill and Skunkwaffle for moderating.

And thanks to Jeromy, Faye, and the Jason's for showing up, and putting up with our persistant questioning.

<jeromy> Hey everyone
<jeromy> So. Let's get started
<jeromy> First off I'm Jeromy
<jeromy> hi
<jeromy> 2nd off - Faye - who played Maddison is here
<Faye> hi!!!!
<jeromy> Beuford played the assassin
<jeromy> his name is Jason McRoberts
<jeromy> Jason Zednick who played Adam is not here
<jeromy> He will be soon - hopefully I'm on a limited time frame here, and I
want to answer as many questions as possible
<jeromy> Thanks for everyone being here - actors and fans
<jeromy> go brooklyn
* Brooklynxman asks of the 4 characters in the series, maddy, adam, mr zipp,
and warpylol, can we expect to see a lot more of them, or will the next
chapter be moving in a direction away from them?
<jeromy> This is a great question to start with
<jeromy> Because I can't answer it
<jeromy> and I want to thoroughly explain why.
<jeromy> Sorry Brooklyn
<jeromy> but
<Brooklynxman> not even a yes or no, w/o specifics
<jeromy> Because this is an ARG.
<jeromy> I'm going to let the plot be discovered as it happens
<jeromy> I'm not going to warn you what will be coming next
<jeromy> who lives or who dies
<jeromy> I'm not even going to tell you what is next
<jeromy> Telling you who you will see in the future will give the plot away
<jeromy> and I'm fully committed to not doing that
<jeromy> Also note -
<jeromy> That none of the actors involved are privy to the future plot
<jeromy> No matter what you wean from their words tonight, they are not in
the know
<jeromy> One more thing - junkforfashion is Vicki - my girlfriend
<jeromy> any questions about that
<jeromy> not the girlfriend thing
<V9000> W/o the original characters, a lot of people aren't coming back,
<lg15panda> can we expect a timeline as to when the new chapter will start
<jeromy> If the original do not return - then that is a risk I have to take
[<Emsmu> V9, were pretty much hooked no matter what now. Rethink those
words ^_~
<Musique> I'd like to ask a question if I may. I can wait though.
<jeromy> is it along this thread of thought?
<jeromy> ok - hold on folks
<jeromy> we will field random questions at the end
<jeromy> lg15
<lg15panda> yup?
<jeromy> I'm not going to offer a timeline
<jeromy> sorry
<lg15panda> ok!
<horcruxes> just a suggestion. then why not only give voice to the asker of
the question and no one else? and keep it going like that
<lg15panda> don't worry we'll be waiting.
<surrealisticpill> it looks like lola's Q is next, since jester is not here
<jeromy> Jester is running late
<jeromy> Let's skip him for now
<jeromy> Lola?
<Dejajeva> Her.
<QtheC> Quick follow up: Is Jeromy privy to the future plot?
<jeromy> her
<jeromy> Yes I am
<jeromy> good question
<Lola12> i'm ready
<jeromy> go ahead
<Lola12> You've now been both a player and a PM. If you had the appropriate
financial backing what do you think the best way to structure a game/story
would be? Ongoing story without breaks or chapters that unfold over a series
of weeks or months with appropriate breaks in between?
<jeromy> I'd love to have funding in the bank from the getgo
<jeromy> So I don't have to worry about raising/making money throughout
<jeromy> Then - I'd like to arrange a vast structure of potential plots
<jeromy> Then I'd love to hire actor/writers to work fulltime on the
<jeromy> That way - interaction would be nuanced
<jeromy> You wouldn't be dealing with one person controlling the
interactions of multiple characters
<jeromy> I personally want the following audience to have a TON of say about
what happens
<jeromy> And then - after all that is in place
<jeromy> Develope puzzles/obstacles that require a vast network and a
diverse community to navigate and solve
<jeromy> That would be my hope
<jeromy> any followup on this topic
<Lola12> any guess at cost? High end...low end budget?
<Dejajeva> Would you prefer to do this all the time? Over all mainstream
types of genres?
<jeromy> hmm - I could probably fund it for a year for as low as $50K
<jeromy> not sure - deja - This is my first one, but other genres are
<ElizKM86> oh is that all?
<jeromy> That's cheap considering I'm budgeting for a team and production
<Dejajeva> That is a lot cheaper than I had imagined.
<Brooklynxman> You must be good at bargaining
<jeromy> cool - next question
<surrealisticpill> lg15panda
<lg15panda> i hope this all fits in one paste
<lg15panda> Regarding the drops -- obviously from day one there was a
deadline (4/25) set in the ARG. We had a few scares during the game
regarding the availability of drop retrievers and the hours that the drop
venues were open/accessible, in particular the Kansas City drop and the
Boston drop. I'm curious whether there was a fallback plan in case one of
the drops could not be retrieved by the deadline? If so, are you at liberty
to discuss what the fallback plan was?
<jeromy> sometimes - brooklyn
<jeromy> lgpanda
<jeromy> that's a cool question
<jeromy> I would ask them to stand-by if the drop couldn't be retrieved in a
few days
<Dejajeva> Meaning you'd put them in character?
<jeromy> And
<jeromy> in KC, I did that once
<lg15panda> i figured as much
<jeromy> Zakeox was the wife of Jess
<jeromy> who planted the drop
<lg15panda> the fountain town drop video was great!
<jeromy> He also did music in two of the maddison videos
<jeromy> dj Tide is Jess
<lg15panda> he did a great job
<lg15panda> he or she?
<jeromy> Yeah - he's a very talented guy
<jeromy> next
<surrealisticpill> i think you answered skunk in your vid
<surrealisticpill> but you can reiterate
<jeromy> ok
<Skunkwaffle> I actually changed my question when I saw that
<jeromy> I did pick places where friends lived, but plot was a key
<jeromy> too
<Skunkwaffle> if that's cool?
<jeromy> go head -
* Skunkwaffle asks where you came up with the name Maddison Atkins
<jeromy> Maddison is Vicki's sister
<jeromy> one of them
<jeromy> and Atkins is a family name
<jeromy> AND
<jeromy> my grandfather was called Maddy as a boy
<jeromy> but I didn't know that until after
<jeromy> It doesn't hurt that it has a nice way of rolling of the tongue
<jeromy> deja?
* Dejajeva asks if now that you guys have watched a little bit of LG15 and
been exposed to an ARG will you continue to follow LG and other ARG's that
come up here? Since it was your first experience with this type of medium,
how did you find it, and did you ever come in or see the type of reactions
that it was getting from the online community?
<Dejajeva> For Faye and Jason Mc.
<jeromy> Faye first
<Faye> umm...I think lg15 is interesting
<Faye> but i do not know if i will follow it...
<Faye> I would check the forums like 10 times a day and see what you guys
were writing about me! haha
<Faye> some things people said were really...to the point and some were
really nice...some was constructive as well
<surrealisticpill> faye, were you flattered that a lot of the boys had a
crush on you?
<Dejajeva> Had?
<Dejajeva> lol
[<Skunkwaffle> yeah what's with this had business?
<deagol> not only the boys
<jeromy> lol
<Brooklynxman> yeah, have a crush
<Faye> of course! haha..I just look at myself at a big nerd sometimes so it
makes me laugh that so many people would have crushes haha
<Dejajeva> Would you ever do anything like this again?
<Faye> definately...I have only acted on stage..not in front of the
camera...and I would love to do it again
<kellylen> you were great faye Smile
<Faye> plus, its such an interactive process...really interesting
<Brooklynxman> yeah, Faye rocked
<Emsmu> whats your number one advice to someone who likes to act?
<Sweet_Elixir> You did really well Faye!
<Dejajeva> Yes, you did. Very natural on camera. It loves you, anyways.
<Skunkwaffle> yeah we all heart you Faye
<Faye> just stay driven and believe in yourself no matter how rough things
get...passion is the most important thing..I have to remind myself of that
all the time
<Faye> I heart all of you too!!!
<jeromy> awwwwwww
<Dejajeva> You'll have to come back and hang out with us, even if you don't
follow another ARG or LG15.
<Esteed> <3
<Faye> it was from the heart Jereomy!
<Faye> lol
<kellylen> seriously
<Skunkwaffle> yeah you're always welcome in #maddison
<Dejajeva> We're your fan club.
<Brooklynxman> come back, please
<Faye> 04nice to know!
<kellylen> even though it wasn't you talking it's nice to feel a connection
with someone around your age
<Faye> Smile
<lg15panda> what about jason mc?
<deagol> faye, i really really liked when jeromy let you improvise
<Faye> me too!
<Dejajeva> Oh yeah, Jason.
<Dejajeva> I forgot about Jason, he needs to answer.
Sorry Jason!
<jeromy> Jason is having computer troubles
<jeromy> he'll be back on shortly
<Lola12> Faye you've got the start of a great reel if you want to pursue
more on screen work
<Dejajeva> Ah, well he can get back to it after.
<surrealisticpill> so moving on?
<jeromy> He's kind of hooked on the game thing through
<Faye> Thanks!
<jeromy> moving on
* surrealisticpill Over the course of the game, you used several different
mediums to communicate with players (myspace, lg15 forums, YT mail, IRC
chat, etc.) which of these did you prefer for text communication?
<surrealisticpill> /me Also, some people believe that IRC should not be
involved in ARGs, and that the work should be hashed out in forums only. As
a PM, do you think there were any aspects of the game that benefitted from
players being in IRC? Do you see any downsides to players using IRC?
<jeromy> ok
<jeromy> This is a good question
<jeromy> honestly it's kind of a hot topic
<jeromy> Notice that Mr. Zipp didn't set Maddison up an account on IRC
<jeromy> But IRC became very important after the first couple of days
<jeromy> I did a lot to try and bridge the gap between forums and chat
<jeromy> A lot of summarizing what has happened
<jeromy> I knew things would move fast, so it was necessary to drag the
audience along
<jeromy> But
<jeromy> To answer your question
<jeromy> I hated using myspace
<jeromy> But it was good to get Maddison out there initially
<jeromy> You Tube was fine
<jeromy> but after it built to a certain level of participation
<jeromy> PMs were out
<jeromy> E-mails were out
<jeromy> Myspace messaging was out
<jeromy> So it was all forum and IRC
<jeromy> it was the fastest way to communicate to a large group
<jeromy> So - A combination of the two turned out to be the quickest way to
do things
<Dejajeva> Did you feel like it was easier in IRC because most of the puzzle
people were here?
<Emsmu> were you relieved when people posted chat transcripts so nothing got
<jeromy> Which IG was very important for Maddison
<jeromy> yes - the people in chat actually got first crack at things
<jeromy> It seemed strange to me that Maddison would shoot, edit, and upload
a video with things from MrZipp in them
<jeromy> So - she'd bring it to the chat first
<jeromy> I was glad that transcripts got posted - thanks to those who took
care of that
<kellylen> no problem
<kellylen> it was the best thing to do. we wanted to encorporate everyone
<jeromy> me too
<kellylen> to bridge the forums and irc
<jeromy> yeah
<jeromy> Hey - guys
<jeromy> Jason McRoberts (the assassin) is on
<jeromy> Can he talk about his new ARG hobby?
<Dejajeva> Yes please!
<Brooklynxman> yeah
<beuford> hey, when jeromy asked me to be in afilm i did not know whot it
<jeromy> He loved it
<beuford> However he clued me into it that day and i've been lurking ever
<Emsmu> were you actually supposed to be Warpy? or were you "sent" by Warpy?
<lg15panda> did you lurk in forums or the chat or both?
<beuford> I even found myself wishing maddy well between hen we shot and
when the video was posted
<beuford> I expect to keep following the series
<lg15panda> what did you think of the reaction of the players after your
video was posted?
<Dejajeva> LG or this particular ARG?
<Emsmu> did you have fun being the "bad guy"?
<jeromy> one at a time - he's a slow typer
<beuford> I was glad to see how pissed everybody was when I did the deed,
yes it was kind of fun
<jeromy> Let's move on
* TheeBerean The inspiration for Mr. Zipp... Did you get the idea from "Mr.
Zip (AKA 'Zippy')"... the thin (sometimes stick figure), always in a hurry,
cartoon mailman created by the Postal Service back in the day... he was
developed to remind people to use those new-fangled gosh-darn Zip codes.
<TheeBerean> From an OOG stand point... did you get the idea from the
original Mr. Zip... if not, can you tell us what gave you the idea of Mr.
Zip without giving away the plot? Maybe your girlfriend wrote it for you?
<jeromy> Mr. Zipp first came from the book
<Sweet_Elixir> Dr Suess?
<lg15panda> oh say can you say?
<jeromy> yes
<jeromy> So - all other symolic references - I leave to IG
<jeromy> ok?
<glassgirl> i suppose
<jeromy> lol
<TheeBerean> Fair enough... so there are other symbolic referenceS?
* modelmotion There was a lot of discussion about the PM during the game.
This mainly stemmed from the suspicion that Glenn might be involved. Given
that this is against traditional ARG rules, how did this make you feel and
do you think the speculation was either justified or fair?
<jeromy> I was fine with all speculation
<jeromy> The more Glenn's name was thrown in the mix
<jeromy> The more attention the ARG got
<jeromy> I'm a huge fan of Glenn
<jeromy> He's a tremendous talent
<jeromy> and I hope to see a continuation to OpAphid
<jeromy> I kind of think that Glenn and I have different styles
<jeromy> so I was kind of surprised of the speculation before the WarPylol
<jeromy> Glenn is a sophisticated editor
<jeromy> and my stuff was much less so
<jeromy> editing wise
<jeromy> let's move on
* _voodoo_ Is the Maddison Atkins story going to be revealed in its
"completeness" (for lack of a better word) at a later point in time? For
example.. in a year or so, will you put up a website with how you came up
with everything, the creative process, what would have happened, what could
have happened, etc, etc
<jeromy> yes
<jeromy> but much later
<jeromy> ok moving on
<Dejajeva> Next?
<DTayl> hah i think it is me now
<lg15panda> should jason/adam be asked that question that was directed to
the actors?
* DTayl is pondering where you drew your inspiration for Maddison
(characters, plot, puzzles, presentation, kickbanning), and how much help
his old CIW & OpAphid friends were in order to network together this ARG.
<JasonZednick> Hello all.
<jeromy> the game or the character?
<jeromy> let me answer Danielle
<jeromy> Um - I loved CiW and OpAphid
<jeromy> I wanted to target those audiences
<jeromy> so I taylored my story accordingly
<jeromy> I don't follow that game - sorry
<kellylen> were some of the first people you added to the myspace involved
in CIW and OpAphis
<jeromy> Yes
<jeromy> some - but mostly they were BIG into LG15
<jeromy> Ok next
<surrealisticpill> elixir is next
* Sweet_Elixir asks: What made you decide to use a carrier pigeon in this
ARG/story, and where did you get him from? Did you have to train him? Can he
really fly? And does he prefer boxers or briefs?
<jeromy> I used the pigeon because I had access to one
<jeromy> He came pre-trained
<jeromy> except for the potty
<Sweet_Elixir> lol
<jeromy> He does fly
<jeromy> briefs
<jeromy> I'm curious
<jeromy> Faye - did you like working with pigeon
<Faye> It kind of scared me
<Faye> im not going to lie
<Sweet_Elixir> I thought it looked like sometimes Faye didn't want to touch
<Faye> it would go crazy and flap like a maniac! lol
<Skunkwaffle> were there any "incidents"
<Sweet_Elixir> I wouldn't want to either, lol
<jeromy> what about you Jay Z
[<lg15panda> yeah jason/adam did most of the handling of the pigeon -- did
it have any accidents?
<Emsmu> I thought it was going to bite Adam in the first video
<Emsmu> I was like "...who just picks up a pigeon?"
<JasonZednick> No, working with the pigeon wasn't that big a deal
<Sweet_Elixir> Does it have a real name?
<jeromy> no - the trainer has a bunch of pigeons
<JasonZednick> The only real incident was when we were filming the first
'launch' in the first video.
<Brooklynxman> so it wasnt HTMLvis?
<determination> I didn't even realize it was real
<Emsmu> did you mark it as hymlvis so you'll forever know him?
<JasonZednick> We had two birds, and we filmed the first one, but wanted to
do it differently.
<JasonZednick> We took the second bird out of the cage, and I was holding
him when he decided he wanted to get the hell out of dodge.
<JasonZednick> It lept from my hands, started to fly, I caught one leg but
couldn't hold on.
<Faye> I wish ya'll could have seen it....it was so funny
<JasonZednick> All in the space of about 3 seconds...strange.
<jeromy> Both birds made it home safe
<jeromy> next question
<surrealisticpill> deagol's next
<deagol> its me im ready
* deagol asks: You're Miles. Or Mesh, or even Amanda. What do you do about
LG15? where do you take the story?
<jeromy> I start answering old questions
<jeromy> What is the ceremony?
<jeromy> Why is it so dangerous and terrible
<jeromy> Who was Cassie
<jeromy> I finally start finishing up all the old plots
<jeromy> But - I can't imagine being them
<jeromy> they are busy
<jeromy> and they have to coordinate amongst a group
<jeromy> I'm not sure about this - but they seem threatened by the audience
<lg15panda> they really should properly finish an arc once in a while
<Emsmu> the beauties of a small team
<Dejajeva> J- because we're so picky?
<Dejajeva> Do you think?
<robtomorrow> Here here good anwser
<Emsmu> I think its because we ask questions
<deagol> will you release warpylol on someone?
<jeromy> No you arent
<TOSG> could you perhaps elaborate on them being threatened by the audience?
<Emsmu> Jeromy read the forum and "WHAT?" answered them
<jeromy> You all are VERY smart, insightful and helpful
<Emsmu> they sit with their popcorn and laugh at the screen
<jeromy> you actually have helped me
<kellylen> can I kill warpylol Smile
<jeromy> even with criticism
<DTayl> haha, are you sure you were watchingt the same chat?
<jeromy> I was fixing things as I went because of the keen eye of this
<jeromy> I loved it
<jeromy> but I also love honesty
<jeromy> however
<jeromy> I DON"T love
<jeromy> people who think they are experts but don't really pay attention to
what they are talking about
<Sweet_Elixir> It's good you were able to use any criticism to your
advantage, Jeromy.
<Dejajeva> Uh oh. That was probably me.
<Dejajeva> lol
<jeromy> thanks elizer
<KennyE> and me deja
<jeromy> discovering is ok
<kelseygirl15> nah, it was definitely me. I never pay attention.
<jeromy> being wrong about an assumption is cool too
<Brooklynxman> Me
<Emsmu> *raises hand*
<KennyE> Lets stop bickering lol
<deagol> some people are too quick to judge something after only one or two
<surrealisticpill> okay esteed is next
<jeromy> no no no -
<jeromy> thanks pill
<DTayl> fine. it was all of us.
<jeromy> oh one more thing
<jeromy> I hate it that Daniel isn't pissed all the time about being
rejected by Bree
* Esteed asks Jeromy, what are your major inspirations as a storyteller?
(Not just this story, rather your overall style and the type and tone of
stories you tell. If any of these inspirations would give away too much of
the plot, or would make it easy to figure out plot secrets, feel free to not
mention those.)
<jeromy> I like quircky day to day things
<jeromy> quirky
<lg15panda> like pigeons
<KennyE> lol
<Emsmu> and whiskey
<jeromy> lol - no
<jeromy> like road games
<jeromy> walking the dog
<jeromy> the air mattress
<Dejajeva> Like in the videos-
<jeromy> the trailor with the crap outside
<lg15panda> that was a funny scene, with the road game
<Emsmu> murder?
<jeromy> I like fighting with the girlfriend
<Dejajeva> Poor Vicki.
<jeromy> and the reaction of Maddison listening to it
<jeromy> it's more subtle story telling - but I prefer it
<jeromy> I don't like saying things so outright
<jeromy> I want you to watch, infer things
<KennyE> thats a nice change
<KennyE> lol
<jeromy> I'll probably never write for TV
<jeromy> If you look at Maddison's favorite movies
<kellylen> no wonder we never figured out the seuss thing
<jeromy> you'll see a lot of my favs
<KennyE> hahaha
<jeromy> ok
<ElizKM86> mine too!
<jeromy> Before we move on
<jeromy> I want Jason Zednick to talk about seeing criticism and compliments
in the forums
<jeromy> and deja's question
<JasonZednick> Gladly.
<Dejajeva> Do I need to retype it?
<Dejajeva> Dejajeva asks if now that you guys have watched a little bit of
LG15 and been exposed to an ARG will you continue to follow LG and other
ARG's that come up here? Since it was your first experience with this type
of medium, how did you find it, and did you ever come in or see the type of
reactions that it was getting from the online community?
<JasonZednick> Well
<JasonZednick> I probably won't be following LG15 or other ARG's
<JasonZednick> It's the kind of thing that takes a pretty big time
commitment, and I have a pretty busy schedule with school, theatre, and
family life.
<JasonZednick> I have a difficult time following shows on TV...
<JasonZednick> basically just LOST, so something that moves even rapider
would prove more difficult.
<JasonZednick> Jeromy has pointed out that rapider isn't a word.
<lg15panda> lol
<KennyE> hahaha
<KennyE> who cares?
<kellylen> haha
<JasonZednick> It sounds like raptor.
<JasonZednick> Anyway
[<JasonZednick> As far as criticsm in the forums goes
JasonZednick> When we started I was aware beforehand that there was going to
be criticism, and lots of it.
<JasonZednick> I kind of just keep the attitude that if my work satisfies
myself, then that's really all I can ask for.
<Dejajeva> Did you come in to see it?
<Dejajeva> Along with any comments about you as an actor?
<JasonZednick> All the time.
<JasonZednick> From the beginning I tried to keep up with what everyone
thought of the project as a whole, of Faye, and of myself.
[<JasonZednick> especially on YouTube the comments were quite negative, but
it never bothered me.
<Faye> some were funny lol
<JasonZednick> I was happy with it, Jeromy was happy with it, and I'm pretty
sure Faye was happy with me so...I think they matter the most.
<Emsmu> youtube brings in the freaks
<KennyE> this is true
<kelseygirl15> They're mean..but I never take it that way, its funny.
<JasonZednick> The mullet comment was hillarious, because it wasn't a
<JasonZednick> Silly.
[2007-05-06 22:30:00] <KennyE> I used to have hair like yours jason...
[2007-05-06 22:30:02] <KennyE> lol
[2007-05-06 22:30:11] <jeromy> ok - guys
[2007-05-06 22:30:16] <Dejajeva> Would you participate in a ARG-type project like this again?
[2007-05-06 22:30:17] <kellylen> they were silly. comical though
[2007-05-06 22:30:21] <Dejajeva> sorry, Jeromy.
[2007-05-06 22:30:25] <JasonZednick> 02If Jeromy fielded it
[2007-05-06 22:30:26] <JasonZednick> 02Yes.
[2007-05-06 22:30:26] <lg15panda> i vote for jason z to wear a sanjaya ponyhawk for the next vid (if there is a next one) ... j/
[2007-05-06 22:30:35] <JasonZednick> 02Also everyone should know I cut my hair.
[2007-05-06 22:30:52] <jeromy> I'm going to try and open this up for questions
[2007-05-06 22:30:55] <ElizKM86> you should post a photo
[2007-05-06 22:30:58] <JasonZednick> 02check my myspace...
[2007-05-06 22:31:02] <JasonZednick> 02okay, back to Jeromy.
[2007-05-06 22:31:02] * lg15panda raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:31:08] <jeromy> go head lg
[2007-05-06 22:31:17] <lg15panda> ok a random question for jason z
[2007-05-06 22:31:32] <Christof5> *raises hand taking applications for other film makers? Wink
[2007-05-06 22:31:38] * lg15panda asks jason z - did you have to practice/rehearse that line of the Dr. Seuss tongue twister for the "Summary" video?
[2007-05-06 22:31:45] <QtheC> I wonder if Jason(s) and Faye's classmates were aware of the ARG as it was progressing, and what their reactions have been? Do they all want to work for Jeromy now? Wink
[2007-05-06 22:31:46] * CRYISME ask: Jeromy, How will we know that its you doing the next ARG?
[2007-05-06 22:31:57] <jeromy> hold on one at a time
[2007-05-06 22:32:01] <jeromy> lg is first
[2007-05-06 22:32:03] <Faye> 04I had a guy come up to me and ask me about it
[2007-05-06 22:32:07] <Faye> 04at school
[2007-05-06 22:32:24] <kellylen> how did that go faye
[2007-05-06 22:32:27] <JasonZednick> 02Ah, the Dr. Seuss thing
[2007-05-06 22:32:49] <JasonZednick> 02The one you guys saw was the second take, I started a take and messed up right out of the gate but the second time is what you guys saw.
[2007-05-06 22:32:53] <Faye> 04it was awkward..I just smiled and was like.."yea its this project I'm helping out with..." I didn't know what to say
[2007-05-06 22:33:24] <Sweet_Elixir> was he trying to get clues from you Faye? lol
[2007-05-06 22:33:33] <KennyE> No he was prolly just hitting on her xD
[2007-05-06 22:33:39] <Faye> 04haha...i dont know..maybe?
[2007-05-06 22:33:47] <kellylen> so are you guys really communications/journalism majors or are you into drama/acting
[2007-05-06 22:33:56] <Faye> 04Theater majors Smile!
[2007-05-06 22:33:59] <KennyE> acting I hope
[2007-05-06 22:34:06] <kellylen> nice Smile
[2007-05-06 22:34:08] <JasonZednick> 02Personally i didn't tell anybody about the project except the people I lived with...I kind of wanted to keep it as unknown in Nacogdoches as possible for fear of us being outed. For me it was important that nobody know who I was during the run...
[2007-05-06 22:34:11] <KennyE> cause Faye, you are a wonderful actress
[2007-05-06 22:34:12] <Sweet_Elixir> so awesome
[2007-05-06 22:34:15] <QtheC> But, fellow actors must be thinking, hey, this Jeromy is my ticket out of East Texas.... New York, here I come!
[2007-05-06 22:34:31] <JasonZednick> 02Yeah, we're both theatre majors.
[2007-05-06 22:34:32] <kellylen> ill be glad to house anyone in ny!
[2007-05-06 22:34:38] <JasonZednick> 02I approached Faye in our acting class.
[2007-05-06 22:34:47] <Faye> 04If I ever win an Oscar..I will remember that ya'll were my first fans!!!
[2007-05-06 22:34:57] <Dejajeva> Straight dramatic theatre- or Musical theatre also?
[2007-05-06 22:34:57] <KennyE> WOOT! Give a shout out to Kenny!
[2007-05-06 22:35:02] <CRYISME> 13yah! does a happy dance!
[2007-05-06 22:35:02] <Faye> 04I
[2007-05-06 22:35:03] <QtheC> Yep, and we all want a ride in the limo.
[2007-05-06 22:35:10] <Faye> 04would like to thank Kenny!
[2007-05-06 22:35:11] <JasonZednick> 02Straight theatre...ask Jeromy about my singing.
[2007-05-06 22:35:19] <Faye> 04that would be a long limo
[2007-05-06 22:35:19] <lg15panda> i have a question for jason mc, too, if he's still around
[2007-05-06 22:35:24] <JasonZednick> 02Faye won't admit it but she's quite good.
[2007-05-06 22:35:25] <beuford> yes
[2007-05-06 22:35:27] <Faye> 04no no
[2007-05-06 22:35:34] <KennyE> She is!
[2007-05-06 22:35:38] <Skunkwaffle> definitely
[2007-05-06 22:35:41] <Traveler1> Jason, how well did you know Faye before this? Were you friends, or just classmates?
[2007-05-06 22:35:43] <lg15panda> jason mc -- what's your acting background? how did jeromy find you?
[2007-05-06 22:35:49] <KennyE> (I'm an actor as well, and I don't judge nicely LOL!)
[2007-05-06 22:35:54] <Brooklynxman> yeah, Faye should be making millions
[2007-05-06 22:36:07] <Faye> 04i would take all of ya'll out to dinner if I had millions
[2007-05-06 22:36:09] <KennyE> (So when I say I like something, it isn't usually something I just throw out there)
[2007-05-06 22:36:10] <beuford> He used to date my ex-wife
[2007-05-06 22:36:11] <Dejajeva> As you can see, Faye, we're a good fanbase to have.
[2007-05-06 22:36:24] <KennyE> Deja is right, we are
[2007-05-06 22:36:25] <Faye> 04Smile
[2007-05-06 22:36:31] <JasonZednick> 02I knew Faye sort of well, we didn't really hang out or anything but we liked each other as people
[2007-05-06 22:36:33] * Emsmu raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:36:35] <JasonZednick> 02I think...have to ask Faye.
[2007-05-06 22:36:38] <Faye> 04ehh..
[2007-05-06 22:36:41] <Faye> 04lol
[2007-05-06 22:36:46] <Dejajeva> And then we find out Faye reallly hated him.
[2007-05-06 22:36:51] <Faye> 04no no! haha
[2007-05-06 22:36:52] <Emsmu> For the actors - if/when you go professional theater, what is your dream play/role?
[2007-05-06 22:37:10] <QtheC> Okay, everyone IHOP, Nachadogches, 1 week from now, Faye's buying.
[2007-05-06 22:37:14] <kellylen> ill come see you in a broadway play!
[2007-05-06 22:37:17] <Faye> 04o gosh...probably the Lady of the LAke in Spamalot! lol
[2007-05-06 22:37:24] <JasonZednick> 02The role I've always wanted to play is Henry II in Becket
[2007-05-06 22:37:32] <glassgirl> nice choice faye
[2007-05-06 22:37:34] <Dejajeva> You guys can come to Amish Country- we have a theatre!
[2007-05-06 22:37:35] <Esteed> I would SO go see that, Faye.
[2007-05-06 22:37:35] <surrealisticpill> OK everyone needs to raise their hand if they have a Q
[2007-05-06 22:37:42] * CRYISME asks Jeromy-Will you have a signature or anything so we can tell you are the man behiend the next ARG?
[2007-05-06 22:37:44] <JasonZednick> 02a beautiful beautiful role, if I could be so lucky.
[2007-05-06 22:37:53] <jeromy> no Crisme
[2007-05-06 22:37:55] <Brooklynxman> Faye on broadway, YAY!
[2007-05-06 22:37:57] <CRYISME> damn
[2007-05-06 22:38:01] <Faye> 04haha
[2007-05-06 22:38:13] <Dejajeva> She took that hard, Jeromy.
[2007-05-06 22:38:13] <Christof5> *Christof raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:38:15] <horcruxes> she didn't like that answer
[2007-05-06 22:38:18] <kelseygirl15> clearly not
[2007-05-06 22:38:20] <jeromy> my bad guys
[2007-05-06 22:38:34] <lg15panda> hey jeromy -- what made you decide to ask jason mc to be the assassin?
[2007-05-06 22:38:44] <jeromy> He is VERY good with guns
[2007-05-06 22:38:46] <Rosieiswatching> is ok, but I relly would thing you would like to differintiate your work
[2007-05-06 22:38:51] <jeromy> I wanted to be on the safe side
[2007-05-06 22:39:00] <lg15panda> makes sense to me!
[2007-05-06 22:39:10] <jeromy> and I've worked with him before
[2007-05-06 22:39:13] <Christof5> would you consider outside directors?
[2007-05-06 22:39:23] <jeromy> He is such an average looking guy, thet I felt it would be more sinister
[2007-05-06 22:39:27] <jeromy> yes
[2007-05-06 22:39:32] <Dejajeva> lol poor jason.
[2007-05-06 22:39:33] <jeromy> Christof5
[2007-05-06 22:39:35] <Sweet_Elixir> it was!
[2007-05-06 22:39:37] <lg15panda> jason mc was definitely sinister-looking!
[2007-05-06 22:39:39] <kellylen> wow way to insult his looks jeromy
[2007-05-06 22:39:40] <Brooklynxman> you were right j
[2007-05-06 22:39:41] <jeromy> and I dated Jason's x-wife
[2007-05-06 22:39:44] <jeromy> I feel for the guy
[2007-05-06 22:40:09] * Dejajeva raises her hand too.
[2007-05-06 22:40:15] <beuford> Jeromy was the first post-divorce guy that I approved of
[2007-05-06 22:40:29] <Brooklynxman> It was his cold calculating manner that was creepy, the "you could pass himon the street and not know he's about to kill you" part that scared me
[2007-05-06 22:40:35] <jeromy> I dated Jason after his x and I broke it off
[2007-05-06 22:40:42] <beuford> bitch
[2007-05-06 22:40:49] <Faye> 04hahaha
[2007-05-06 22:40:53] <surrealisticpill> hmm very trailer park Wink
[2007-05-06 22:40:54] <Dejajeva> I like Jason Mc now.
[2007-05-06 22:41:05] <Dejajeva> Not that I didn't before!
[2007-05-06 22:41:15] <beuford> thanks but i really am a bastard
[2007-05-06 22:41:16] <Traveler> Can I raise my hand?
[2007-05-06 22:41:19] <jeromy> I know we've missed a million questions
[2007-05-06 22:41:20] <jeromy> traveler
[2007-05-06 22:41:28] <lg15panda> oh yeah that was going to be my other question -- the apartments and the house you used -- whose do they belong to?
[2007-05-06 22:41:41] <jeromy> friends
[2007-05-06 22:41:44] <Dejajeva> Kelseygirl15 is afraid to say thank you to you, Jeromy, for saying she was your favorite new girl.
[2007-05-06 22:41:54] <jeromy> she is still my favorite new girl
[2007-05-06 22:41:55] <Dejajeva> She's lurking and was afraid everyone would be mad at her.
[2007-05-06 22:41:59] <kelseygirl15> I am not afraid.
[2007-05-06 22:42:08] <Traveler> Hi, thanks, I just joined the chat. I was wondering if you had any contact from the LG15 creators about integration of this ARG.
[2007-05-06 22:42:10] <kelseygirl15> I just didn't want to look stupid and I should be studying..
[2007-05-06 22:42:20] * _voodoo_ raises her hand.
[2007-05-06 22:42:22] <jeromy> Great questio Traveler
[2007-05-06 22:42:28] <jeromy> hold on voodoo you are next
[2007-05-06 22:42:32] <_voodoo_> No prob. Smile
[2007-05-06 22:42:40] <jeromy> no - I got a note forwarded to me saying
[2007-05-06 22:42:55] <jeromy> yeah - we like Maddison Atkins - we hope he keeps doing it on the forums
[2007-05-06 22:43:01] <jeromy> so - 
[2007-05-06 22:43:05] <jeromy> Voodoo
[2007-05-06 22:43:11] * _voodoo_ Jeromy, I know you've mentioned before that you can't give much away about the gun, however.. my husband tried to help us identify it the day the last vid came out. He considered himself to be the gun equivalent of a "gearhead" or the car guys. If I give you a make, could you give a yes or no so that he can know if he was right or not?
[2007-05-06 22:43:31] <jeromy> High Standard Sentinel
[2007-05-06 22:43:40] <jeromy> 22 revolver
[2007-05-06 22:43:53] <Rosieiswatching> real gun?
[2007-05-06 22:43:57] <jeromy> yes
[2007-05-06 22:44:00] <jeromy> yes!
[2007-05-06 22:44:03] <Rosieiswatching> m'lord
[2007-05-06 22:44:05] * KennyE raises his hand.
[2007-05-06 22:44:08] <Traveler> Thanks Jeromy and Faye- we loved this!!
[2007-05-06 22:44:08] <jeromy> Kenny
[2007-05-06 22:44:12] <Sweet_Elixir> with blanks though
[2007-05-06 22:44:15] <_voodoo_> Okay.. he says he thought it was a Smith and Wesson K Frame something or other. Thank you. Smile
[2007-05-06 22:44:16] <jeromy> thanks Traveler
[2007-05-06 22:44:30] <jeromy> KennyE
[2007-05-06 22:44:31] <jeromy> ?
[2007-05-06 22:44:47] <QtheC> I have a "disembodied" question to ask ... Wink
[2007-05-06 22:45:02] * lg15panda raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:45:07] <jeromy> Q?
[2007-05-06 22:45:21] <jeromy> qtheC?
[2007-05-06 22:45:28] <jeromy> then lg
[2007-05-06 22:45:30] * lg15panda another question for the actors -- what was it like working with jeromy? how does he work as the director?
[2007-05-06 22:45:31] <Trainer1016> Question for Jeromy -
[2007-05-06 22:45:36] <jeromy> hold on
[2007-05-06 22:45:40] <jeromy> Qthe C is first
[2007-05-06 22:45:46] * QtheC says: My question is: 49 20 74 68 69 6e 6b 20 74 68 65 20 74 65 61 6d 20 6f 66 20 4a 65 72 6f 6d
[2007-05-06 22:45:50] <jeromy> shit
[2007-05-06 22:45:52] <jeromy> next
[2007-05-06 22:45:53] <KennyE> ROFLMAO
[2007-05-06 22:45:56] <horcruxes> dang
[2007-05-06 22:45:56] <Skunkwaffle> oh man
[2007-05-06 22:45:57] <_voodoo_> LOL
[2007-05-06 22:46:01] <horcruxes> taste of your own medicine
[2007-05-06 22:46:02] * QtheC says: That's for Deagol, for everyone else...
[2007-05-06 22:46:11] <QtheC> I think the team of Jeromy Barber, Jason Zednick (Adam), and Faye Austin (Maddison) has something special. I wonder if you would consider the possibility of working together to produce an independent film of some kind, either a 'short' or something feature length? How likely is that to happen?
[2007-05-06 22:46:15] * deagol doesnt do hex anymore
[2007-05-06 22:46:23] <jeromy> I'm game if they are
[2007-05-06 22:46:50] <JasonZednick> 02I'm constantly in a slow process of bringing ideas and stuff to Jeromy
[2007-05-06 22:46:53] <QtheC> (I posted the translation)
[2007-05-06 22:47:04] <JasonZednick> 02extremely slow...
[2007-05-06 22:47:05] <jeromy> He has a film to finish editing
[2007-05-06 22:47:05] <Faye> 04lol
[2007-05-06 22:47:14] <JasonZednick> 02Exactly.
[2007-05-06 22:47:14] <surrealisticpill> saltshaker, right?
[2007-05-06 22:47:15] <Dejajeva> What about you, Faye?
[2007-05-06 22:47:16] <jeromy> yep
[2007-05-06 22:47:16] * Brooklynxman raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:47:20] <jeromy> lg
[2007-05-06 22:47:22] <jeromy> traveler
[2007-05-06 22:47:23] <JasonZednick> 02And I'm still bringing other stuff...but it's really up to Jeromy.
[2007-05-06 22:47:25] <jeromy> then brooklyn
[2007-05-06 22:47:26] * lg15panda another question for the actors -- what was it like working with jeromy? how does he work as the director?
[2007-05-06 22:47:31] <Faye> 04If Jeremy ever asked me...i would be delighted!
[2007-05-06 22:47:44] <JasonZednick> 02it sucked ass, he was mean.
[2007-05-06 22:47:47] <Faye> 04amen
[2007-05-06 22:48:01] <JasonZednick> 02No, that's not true.
[2007-05-06 22:48:08] <beuford> I enjoy it, he has no problem at all telling you what he wants
[2007-05-06 22:48:15] <JasonZednick> 02Jeromy has two gifts that make him very good at what he does.
[2007-05-06 22:48:18] <Faye> 04no...It was nice working with him. He is a genius in my opinion..has a good eye and vision for what he wants
[2007-05-06 22:48:27] * calphilips raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:48:39] <Faye> 04and he is very clear as a director in what he wants..so it makes it easier for me Smile
[2007-05-06 22:48:49] <JasonZednick> 02Firstly, he is honest as to his opinion
[2007-05-06 22:48:50] <Brooklynxman> cal would be third in line
[2007-05-06 22:49:22] <JasonZednick> 02to an extreme degree. Faye and I were in a play together and I was totally able to say 'what do you think' and he gave me a long detailed honest answer, and I feel good about that.
[2007-05-06 22:49:27] <JasonZednick> 02which leads me to the second thing
[2007-05-06 22:49:32] <Faye> 04yea
[2007-05-06 22:50:06] <JasonZednick> 02Secondly, he's quite articulate in what he wants. He has a talent for verbally expressing his thoughts, and explaining them to others.
[2007-05-06 22:50:19] <JasonZednick> 02So - yeah.
[2007-05-06 22:50:24] <beuford> He is reasonably clever
[2007-05-06 22:50:29] <jeromy> ok who is next - I lost track
[2007-05-06 22:50:29] <lg15panda> that is pretty key
[2007-05-06 22:50:34] <Dejajeva> I think we could tell from the videos.
[2007-05-06 22:50:36] <Dejajeva> That he was.
[2007-05-06 22:50:42] <lg15panda> traveler was next
[2007-05-06 22:50:47] <jeromy> Traveler
[2007-05-06 22:50:49] <JasonZednick> 02also he's good in bed
[2007-05-06 22:50:49] <lg15panda> then brooklyn, then calphilips
[2007-05-06 22:50:57] <beuford> yes he is
[2007-05-06 22:50:58] <JasonZednick> 02according to Vicki
[2007-05-06 22:50:59] <NillaWafers> then me?
[2007-05-06 22:51:02] <Faye> 04uh...
[2007-05-06 22:51:14] <Dejajeva> I should probably apologize to Vicki for hitting on him.
[2007-05-06 22:51:17] <kellylen> jason dont lie you know from experience Wink
[2007-05-06 22:51:27] <jeromy> Traveler??
[2007-05-06 22:51:31] <jeromy> you there?
[2007-05-06 22:51:35] <Traveler> Oh, Jeromy already answered. Thanks again for a great ARG!!
[2007-05-06 22:51:36] <Trainer1016> I think you mean Trainer
[2007-05-06 22:51:38] <jeromy> am I good in bed?
[2007-05-06 22:51:43] <Brooklynxman> so Im next?
[2007-05-06 22:51:43] <jeromy> no worries
[2007-05-06 22:51:47] <jeromy> go
[2007-05-06 22:51:56] <Brooklynxman> for those of us who cant figuire it out, what was deagol's question, and your answer?
[2007-05-06 22:52:08] <deagol> i posted it brook
[2007-05-06 22:52:12] <ElizKM86> deagol already posted it
[2007-05-06 22:52:13] <Brooklynxman> where?
[2007-05-06 22:52:18] <jeromy> link it to save time
[2007-05-06 22:52:23] <deagol> k hang on
[2007-05-06 22:52:34] <jeromy> calphillips?
[2007-05-06 22:52:36] <calphilips> In all fairness to LG15 and it's Creators, would any of this have been possible without the medium they have created, with the Forums (necro) and Comments, and response vids? In other words, do you think this would have been possible by using only YT and myspace?
[2007-05-06 22:52:57] <jeromy> no - for the pace of my story I needed the built in audience
[2007-05-06 22:53:03] <jeromy> luckily my timing was good
[2007-05-06 22:53:06] <jeromy> and it was luck
[2007-05-06 22:53:20] <JasonZednick> 02thank you.
[2007-05-06 22:53:24] <--| Dejajeva has left #outofgame
[2007-05-06 22:53:25] <lg15panda> how did you find the lg15 audience to be as far as players go?
[2007-05-06 22:53:42] <deagol> http://www.lonelygirl15.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=341135#341135
[2007-05-06 22:53:44] <jeromy> Hey. This is a good question to end on
[2007-05-06 22:53:49] <Brooklynxman> thanks
[2007-05-06 22:53:58] <jeromy> So - sorry 
[2007-05-06 22:54:09] <jeromy> The lg15 audience
[2007-05-06 22:54:14] <jeromy> it's intereting
[2007-05-06 22:54:23] <jeromy> They are constantly asking what?
[2007-05-06 22:54:28] <jeromy> What does this mean?
[2007-05-06 22:54:34] <jeromy> What is the answer to this puzzle?
[2007-05-06 22:54:39] <jeromy> What is going to happen next?
[2007-05-06 22:54:56] <jeromy> It would have been better if they started asking why, how and who
[2007-05-06 22:55:03] <jeromy> Why is this here?
[2007-05-06 22:55:09] <jeromy> Who put it there
[2007-05-06 22:55:12] * Christof5 raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:55:17] <jeromy> and How did we end up with it
[2007-05-06 22:55:32] <jeromy> My puzzles required more of that kind of questioning
[2007-05-06 22:55:33] * deagol raises hand
[2007-05-06 22:55:39] <jeromy> especially the ones that were never solved
[2007-05-06 22:55:40] <glassgirl> sounds like hints to us...
[2007-05-06 22:55:51] <lg15panda> i like that answer a lot!
[2007-05-06 22:56:00] <jeromy> I'll hang a bit for questions 
[2007-05-06 22:56:03] <mistabroadway> Jeromy is shaping us into his little perfect ARG players Very Happy
[2007-05-06 22:56:07] <jeromy> but I want to let the actors go 
[2007-05-06 22:56:30] <Faye> 04Bye everyone and Thanks!
[2007-05-06 22:56:34] <JasonZednick> 02word.
[2007-05-06 22:56:36] <kellylen> and i hope to see you againnn
[2007-05-06 22:56:37] <Faye> 04up
[2007-05-06 22:56:40] <beuford> good night y'all
[2007-05-06 22:57:01] * jeromy applauds their work
[2007-05-06 22:57:12] <jeromy> ok - ask away
[2007-05-06 22:57:50] <Trainer1016> Here's a question for Jeromy - You were very convincing as Maddison in chat and on the forum. How how guys PM'd you thinking they were talking to Faye?
[2007-05-06 22:58:04] <jeromy> how many?
[2007-05-06 22:58:08] <jeromy> several
[2007-05-06 22:58:11] * lg15panda asks are you itching for us players to get back into IG discussion again? (coz I can't wait!)
[2007-05-06 22:58:31] <jeromy> And anytime anything inappropriate came up - I dealt with it privately
[2007-05-06 22:58:35] <jeromy> That happened a lot
[2007-05-06 22:58:53] <Trainer1016> Follow up - What was it like playing a female character in that setting?
[2007-05-06 22:58:55] <jeromy> well - to be fair - they thought it was faye
[2007-05-06 22:58:59] <Christof5> what is the best way to become...well...at least a guest director?
[2007-05-06 22:59:02] <deagol> noodz 4 kloos?
[2007-05-06 22:59:05] <jeromy> I liked it
[2007-05-06 22:59:09] <jeromy> lol
[2007-05-06 22:59:21] <Traveler> I have one more question.
[2007-05-06 22:59:22] <jeromy> Christof5 - 
[2007-05-06 22:59:24] <NillaWafers> Jeromy, I'm pretty sure I remember you from CiW Very Happy
[2007-05-06 22:59:28] <jeromy> I want to talk about it
[2007-05-06 22:59:36] <jeromy> this is important too
[2007-05-06 22:59:37] <Christof5> k
[2007-05-06 22:59:48] <jeromy> All this is to demystify the process
[2007-05-06 22:59:54] <kellylen> jeromy would you be offended if I made a video going after Zipp or Warpy?
[2007-05-06 23:00:13] <jeromy> It's to encourage others to create work and tell stories
[2007-05-06 23:00:26] <jeromy> The video q and a
[2007-05-06 23:00:33] <jeromy> many of you made your first videos
[2007-05-06 23:00:36] <jeromy> I loved that
[2007-05-06 23:00:44] <jeromy> it's easy - and practice makes perfect
[2007-05-06 23:00:51] <jeromy> There is this crazy animation film
[2007-05-06 23:00:58] <jeromy> Called We Are The Strange
[2007-05-06 23:00:59] <lg15panda> practice and a really nice video camera
[2007-05-06 23:01:03] <jeromy> by MDot Strange
[2007-05-06 23:01:07] <calphilips> Jeromy, what do you use for editing? What program?
[2007-05-06 23:01:14] <jeromy> premiere - but wait
[2007-05-06 23:01:27] <jeromy> At the beginning of his film - he was teaching himself animation
[2007-05-06 23:01:28] <calphilips> Adobe?
[2007-05-06 23:01:30] <jeromy> yes
[2007-05-06 23:01:42] <jeromy> but by the end - he was doing all this crazy 3d stuff
[2007-05-06 23:01:46] <jeromy> It was great
[2007-05-06 23:01:51] <jeromy> So - do the same
[2007-05-06 23:01:57] <Emsmu> if we watch this film, could we learn things?
[2007-05-06 23:02:01] <jeromy> start with what you have, and don't be afraid to build from there
[2007-05-06 23:02:06] <Skunkwaffle> has anyone seen "The Wizard Of Speed And Time"
[2007-05-06 23:02:07] <QtheC> Interactivity during an ARG's execution is one thing, but now that you have a 'following' have you thought about ways to leverage the committed players in the preparation of elements of the chapters to come?
[2007-05-06 23:02:14] <Emsmu> cause I really want to learn how to do flash stuff
[2007-05-06 23:02:16] <Skunkwaffle> there's some crazy animation and filmmaking tricks in the movie
[2007-05-06 23:02:20] <calphilips> Yeah, Romy, I have learned so much about filming and editing in the time I have been involved here.
[2007-05-06 23:02:24] <jeromy> yes - Q but I can't say how yet
[2007-05-06 23:02:50] <Christof5> ok, thanks, we aren't lacking in the a/v skills, just the writing is why I asked, thanjs though
[2007-05-06 23:02:59] <QtheC> cool, I have another "interactivity" question here somewhere...
[2007-05-06 23:03:05] <jeromy> Christof - in an ARG
[2007-05-06 23:03:16] <jeromy> listening is VERY important
[2007-05-06 23:03:19] <jeromy> listen to the fans
[2007-05-06 23:03:32] <jeromy> if you make something and nobody tunes in - listen to that - ask why
[2007-05-06 23:03:32] <Christof5> ok, thanks again
[2007-05-06 23:03:48] <QtheC> (I know why, it's because I cannot sing)
[2007-05-06 23:03:51] <jeromy> If you make something and everyone picks it apart - listen to that too
[2007-05-06 23:03:57] <Traveler> I might have missed this earlier, but was the ending preset, or did it depend on solving the puzzles?
[2007-05-06 23:04:13] <jeromy> the ending was preferred, but not set
[2007-05-06 23:04:22] * Skunkwaffle raises hand
[2007-05-06 23:04:30] <jeromy> Skunk
[2007-05-06 23:04:42] <ElizKM86> jeromy - will you give us any hints to help us solve the puzzles we havent solved??
[2007-05-06 23:04:50] <jeromy> no - eliz
[2007-05-06 23:04:52] <jeromy> Skunk?
[2007-05-06 23:04:59] <ElizKM86> k
[2007-05-06 23:05:01] <surrealisticpill> waffles...
[2007-05-06 23:05:11] * Skunkwaffle considering a lot of people enjoyed maddison so quickly, what advice would you offer to the creators of LG15
[2007-05-06 23:05:22] <jeromy> Fix it
[2007-05-06 23:05:31] <Emsmu> best answer yet
[2007-05-06 23:05:34] * Brooklynxman raises hand
[2007-05-06 23:05:38] <jeromy> Brooklyn
[2007-05-06 23:05:39] <Esteed> That answer is made of win.
[2007-05-06 23:05:45] <jeromy> lol
[2007-05-06 23:05:46] <lg15panda> the interactivity of this arg is what drew a lot of people in so quickly
[2007-05-06 23:05:53] * mistabroadway raises his hand
[2007-05-06 23:06:00] <Brooklynxman> would you be willing to share some fo your theories about what oyu thinka re the secrets of LG15
[2007-05-06 23:06:13] <Brooklynxman> w/ a ?
[2007-05-06 23:06:17] <jeromy> nah - i can chat about that elsewhere
[2007-05-06 23:06:45] <jeromy> Fix it by filling in the plot holes like I mentioned before
[2007-05-06 23:06:57] <jeromy> But - why let so much time pass between videos
[2007-05-06 23:07:00] <jeromy> for instance
[2007-05-06 23:07:07] <jeromy> We know they talked to Jules
[2007-05-06 23:07:12] <jeromy> We know she dropped a folder
[2007-05-06 23:07:17] <jeromy> WTF is in that folder
[2007-05-06 23:07:28] <jeromy> And how many days have to pass before we find out
[2007-05-06 23:07:33] <jeromy> I'd pick up the pace
[2007-05-06 23:07:42] <jeromy> But it's not fair to criticize
[2007-05-06 23:07:55] <jeromy> I do not know what difficulties they face on a day to day
[2007-05-06 23:07:59] <Brooklynxman> yes it is fair to criticize
[2007-05-06 23:08:06] <jeromy> Here's this too
[2007-05-06 23:08:14] <jeromy> They are steeering a MUCH larger ship
[2007-05-06 23:08:23] <jeromy> Maddison Atkins is very streamlined
[2007-05-06 23:08:37] <jeromy> I bet no more than 50 people were avidly following the story
[2007-05-06 23:08:41] <jeromy> The real players
[2007-05-06 23:09:08] <jeromy> real fast
[2007-05-06 23:09:15] <jeromy> Thanks to Pill And Skunk for moderating
[2007-05-06 23:09:29] <jeromy> Pill is about to leave - so THANKS THANKS THANKS
[2007-05-06 23:10:32] <jeromy> ok
[2007-05-06 23:10:35] <jeromy> Q
[2007-05-06 23:10:42] * QtheC Player interactivity means that the stakes are high, and good game play means decisions have meaning. Have you thought about setting up scenarios that put factions of players in competition with each other that have real consequences in terms of who they are rooting for in the story?
[2007-05-06 23:10:44] <jeromy> Yes - I've batted around a bunch of stuff
[2007-05-06 23:11:08] <jeromy> but for now - the "sides" approach is too difficult for me to do on their own
[2007-05-06 23:11:12] * lg15panda has one question for jeromy -- what was your favorite moment/part of this arg/chapter?
[2007-05-06 23:11:13] <QtheC> e.g. "race for drop A and drop B at the same time"
[2007-05-06 23:11:27] <jeromy> If I'm committed to the level of interaction I want, then I physically don't have time for two sides
[2007-05-06 23:12:12] <jeromy> I think it would be impossible but interesting
[2007-05-06 23:12:27] <jeromy> to have Two or more PMs competing in the same game
[2007-05-06 23:12:47] <jeromy> telling the opposite sides of the same story
[2007-05-06 23:12:56] <lg15panda> i'd like to see the assassin's side of the story
[2007-05-06 23:13:01] <QtheC> One problem with factions is everyone wants to see everything, so they join all factions.
[2007-05-06 23:13:02] <jeromy> me too
[2007-05-06 23:13:16] <QtheC> Secrets don't work, but polling does.
[2007-05-06 23:13:18] <jeromy> that's just one of the MANY problems
[2007-05-06 23:13:59] * lg15panda has one question for jeromy -- what was your favorite moment/part of this arg/chapter?
[2007-05-06 23:14:14] <jeromy> ok
[2007-05-06 23:14:17] <jeromy> favorite part
[2007-05-06 23:14:39] <jeromy> My favorite video
[2007-05-06 23:14:56] <jeromy> thanks
[2007-05-06 23:15:03] <jeromy> is Note #3
[2007-05-06 23:15:10] <jeromy> that's my favorit video
[2007-05-06 23:15:19] <jeromy> But my favorite moment was the WarPylol video
[2007-05-06 23:15:20] * modelmotion Do u think that LG15 TODAY helped u in any way?.......i know u choose not to participate directly
[2007-05-06 23:15:31] <jeromy> I was watching in the chat, and it was AWESOME!!!
[2007-05-06 23:15:34] <lg15panda> yeah when that came out, it went NUTS
[2007-05-06 23:15:45] <jeromy> That moment raised the stakes
[2007-05-06 23:15:52] <jeromy> Without me doing very much at all
[2007-05-06 23:16:16] <jeromy> I had my own ways to do that, but Glenn coming on was BY FAR the best approach
[2007-05-06 23:16:24] <Skunkwaffle> the most influencial 3 seconds of footage ever
[2007-05-06 23:16:25] <deagol> speaks a lot about glenn's weight
[2007-05-06 23:16:37] <jeromy> yea - and the commitment to his story and characters
[2007-05-06 23:17:16] <jeromy> I loved going to your page
[2007-05-06 23:17:24] <jeromy> It helped me keep up with things
[2007-05-06 23:17:36] <archetype1> Jeromy, have you had any contact with Linc from dehteraew?
[2007-05-06 23:17:44] <jeromy> So - don't read my lack of involvement as anything other than focusing on my own game
[2007-05-06 23:18:04] <jeromy> Archetype
[2007-05-06 23:18:18] <jeromy> I don't want to confirm or deny any involvement from other games
[2007-05-06 23:18:26] <jeromy> except WarPylol
[2007-05-06 23:18:37] <jeromy> I hope you can understand that. Sorry
[2007-05-06 23:18:40] <archetype1> oh.. sorry.. yeah.. head:wall
[2007-05-06 23:19:18] <jeromy> anyone else
[2007-05-06 23:19:39] <_voodoo_> What advice would you give to someone wanting to start up an ARG?
[2007-05-06 23:19:40] <lg15panda> what's a question you'd like to answer that no one's asked yet?
[2007-05-06 23:19:40] <Emsmu> 'cause oppy wasnt part of LG15 at first and if the creators had said "Psh we dont know them!" then they wouldnt have ever integrated
[2007-05-06 23:19:45] <modelmotion> thank....good to know!!!
[2007-05-06 23:20:09] <jeromy> umm - advice 1st then secret question
[2007-05-06 23:20:15] * Emsmu if you choose to work in small chapters, do you think we'll have another chance at an OOG experience
[2007-05-06 23:20:20] <jeromy> Work within your means
[2007-05-06 23:20:31] <jeromy> Don't chose mysterious for the sake of mysterious
[2007-05-06 23:20:36] <jeromy> I see a lot of games doing that
[2007-05-06 23:20:51] <jeromy> Sometimes people would come into maddison doing that crap
[2007-05-06 23:21:02] <jeromy> and I would immediately confront them
[2007-05-06 23:21:09] <jeromy> or Maddison rather
[2007-05-06 23:21:18] * QtheC notices modelmotion already has quotations from Jeromy on LG15 Today, the blogspot that never sleeps.
[2007-05-06 23:21:33] <jeromy> yes - and Maddison didn't have time for MORE confusion
[2007-05-06 23:21:47] <Sweet_Elixir> do you think maybe you should say when you are connected or not when it's an ARG, because if people go to drops, they are potentially putting themselves in danger, and if it's not an ARG that you are connected to and something dangerous happens, wouldn't you want to disassociate yourself from it?
[2007-05-06 23:22:17] <jeromy> I only made Maddison Atkins
[2007-05-06 23:22:54] <jeromy> here's a question I wish somebody asked
[2007-05-06 23:23:02] <jeromy> lemme get this straight in my head
[2007-05-06 23:23:23] <jeromy> hmmmm
[2007-05-06 23:23:33] <jeromy> I'll think of it in a second - it just escaped me
[2007-05-06 23:24:20] <horcruxes> did you really let the poor pigeon fly off with the note attached to his leg? :/
[2007-05-06 23:24:24] <jeromy> yes
[2007-05-06 23:24:32] <jeromy> he made it home
[2007-05-06 23:24:32] <jeromy> yay
[2007-05-06 23:24:56] <archetype1> Who's pigeon is HTMLvis, and what is his/her real name?
[2007-05-06 23:25:15] <jeromy> a friend of mine's pigeon with no name
[2007-05-06 23:25:15] <deagol> ok, do you have any question for us?
[2007-05-06 23:25:35] <jeromy> yes
[2007-05-06 23:25:39] <jeromy> I do have questions
[2007-05-06 23:25:47] <jeromy> WTF?
[2007-05-06 23:25:52] <jeromy> Why did you let maddy die
[2007-05-06 23:25:58] <deagol> lol we didnt!
[2007-05-06 23:25:59] <archetype1> Sad
[2007-05-06 23:26:00] <Christof5> lol
[2007-05-06 23:26:01] <Emsmu7> ....thats so cruel
[2007-05-06 23:26:03] <_voodoo_> Oh no.. you're gonna make people cry again. Sad
[2007-05-06 23:26:04] <Skunkwaffle> wow
[2007-05-06 23:26:05] <junkforfashion> lol
[2007-05-06 23:26:07] <Onewen> pfft!
[2007-05-06 23:26:07] <lg15panda> why did you only give us 15 days for this first chapter??
[2007-05-06 23:26:08] <deagol> we tol her to go to a PUBLIC PLACE!
[2007-05-06 23:26:13] <jeromy> just kidding
[2007-05-06 23:26:13] <Onewen> we loved her!!!
[2007-05-06 23:26:22] <Skunkwaffle> mean
[2007-05-06 23:26:23] <Sweet_Elixir> Why did you make Mr Zipp too cryptic!? lol
[2007-05-06 23:26:27] <lg15panda> we needed probably 3 weeks at LEAST
[2007-05-06 23:26:29] <jeromy> hmm
[2007-05-06 23:26:43] <jeromy> I thought and still think that Mr. Zipp is/was an easy puzzle
[2007-05-06 23:26:51] <jeromy> and like Two Bags - I was wrong[2007-05-06 23:27:04] <kellylen> how did you feel about telling us 2 bags
[2007-05-06 23:27:11] <Lola12> raising hand
[2007-05-06 23:27:27] <Sweet_Elixir> i was just kidding, but the doodles are hard...lol, no pun intended there Wink
[2007-05-06 23:27:28] <jeromy> I was fine with letting you in on TWO BAGS
[2007-05-06 23:27:35] <jeromy> it was plot critical
[2007-05-06 23:28:31] <determination0> what were some of your earlier projects, and do any of them include other M relate charactors on YT and revver
[2007-05-06 23:28:46] <jeromy> I'm not sure what that means
[2007-05-06 23:28:55] <jeromy> what M related characters are you talking about
[2007-05-06 23:28:57] <QtheC> In what sense did you think Mr. Zipp was an easy puzzle? Do you mean figuring out his identity?
[2007-05-06 23:29:05] <jeromy> can't say Q
[2007-05-06 23:29:14] <lg15panda> i guess were any of the MA characters similar/based on other characters in other projects you worked on?
[2007-05-06 23:29:26] <determination0> like afterM
[2007-05-06 23:29:27] <jeromy> It's funny actually - the things I thought would be hard. Weren't and likewise
[2007-05-06 23:29:33] <jeromy> no lg
[2007-05-06 23:29:34] <Emsmu7> Q - if he told us it was about his identity that would mean its not Jonas's dad and that would ruin our theory XD
[2007-05-06 23:29:40] <jeromy> MA characters are there own
[2007-05-06 23:30:26] <Lola12> did you have any way of testing your puzzles on friends or someone before using in game?
[2007-05-06 23:30:32] <jeromy> yes
[2007-05-06 23:30:41] <jeromy> Vicki was a reluctant test subject
[2007-05-06 23:30:48] <Skunkwaffle> how did she do?
[2007-05-06 23:30:55] <deagol> aww poor vicky!
[2007-05-06 23:30:57] <QtheC> See, we are obviously missing something about Mr. Zipp, but it is hard to solve a problem if you don't know the question, lol.
[2007-05-06 23:31:16] <jeromy> Vicki - you want to comment 
[2007-05-06 23:31:27] <junkforfashion> um, no\
[2007-05-06 23:31:32] <Lola12> do you think her knowing your mind helped her solve the puzzles?
[2007-05-06 23:31:40] <junkforfashion> lol no!
[2007-05-06 23:31:48] <Skunkwaffle> did you solve them eventually?
[2007-05-06 23:31:55] <junkforfashion> yes
[2007-05-06 23:32:07] <Skunkwaffle> did you get the ones we didn't
[2007-05-06 23:32:32] <jeromy> she has a special perspective too - you guys should probably be hitting her up for answers
[2007-05-06 23:32:33] <Emsmu7> lol, did he ever give you binary that would decode to "How about pizza tonight?"
[2007-05-06 23:32:54] <junkforfashion> i followed as they were created, so no, i didn't do any solving really
[2007-05-06 23:33:06] <jeromy> she double checked a lot
[2007-05-06 23:33:35] <jeromy> ok - anyone else
[2007-05-06 23:33:41] <Trainer1016> I've got o
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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 7:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thank you all!
"Children analyze fantasy. They know you're kidding them. There's got to be logic in the way you kid them. Their fun is pretending...making believe they believe it." Dr Seuss
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PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 2:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks for keeping this and posting it guys!

Did it get cut off though??
I know I'm an acquired taste: I'm anchovies. And not everyone wants those hairy little things. If I was potato chips, I could go more places. -Tori Amos
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