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Tachyon and Brother's latest phone number

November 16th

  • Numbers dialed* (10033)

They've had me shadowed since I got your signal two weeks ago.
I've had to stay put.
I'm pretty sure they're monitoring my lines so I cant use my phone or the computer.
I'm at a pay phone right now.
I just cant seem to shake these guys for very long.

I was able to hit up an internet cafe and go online.

Looks like you made a few friends.
I tried passing along the message to that kid.
It turns out he hasn’t shown up for his JC classes in over a week.
His mom says he’s on a camping trip.

Black Lincoln just came up the street, it might be a while

  • Numbers dialed* (411)

Hi, information?
I was wondering if you might be able to direct me to a store that sells a keyboard or computer that features an any key?
Well, I've been trying to install AOL but it keeps saying press "any" key but I don’t see an "any" key.

Oh, so you mean I can press any key.
They should really be a little more clear about this.

  • Beep*