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Brother's intermediate phone number

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November 15th
"so you've figured out my little mash-up, well done. Bad news is I can't get online still, I've spent forever on the phone with AOL tech support. she kept telling me to right click and I was like 'listen lady, I've written out the word click over 100 times now and it's still doing nothing how many more times do you want me to write it. she said maybe I don't have the right software and I was like look, I got the software brand new with double bags and everything. so she tried to redirect me to another line, what's up with that? worst of all though I think I’m going out of my mind, I’ve been to like 100 computer stores this week and none of them sell a computer or a keyboard with an any key on it. I hope you're doing well, mom and dad said if you aren't back in a couple weeks I can keep your stuff."