...World Wide Web Sensation?

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...World Wide Web Sensation?
Blogger Crystal
Date Posted January 12th, 2010
16:11 PDT
URL lg15.com
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...World Wide Web Sensation? is a text blog posted by Crystal directly after the video New Town, New Story, and directly before the video What's A 'Vlog'?.


Wowza...I've only been at this place for a day, and I'm already starting to makes waves.

What exactly can I say about having 100+ people watching my every move online? It's weird. One minute I post a quick video vlog to celebrate the opening of my new home, and the next thing I know, I have hoards of people asking me about the title of a book.

Not sure why it's important to everyone, but it's one of the story collections from the Detective Book Club. It's a memento from home, really...my brother used to read it to me when I was younger for bed time.

...And no, I'm not going to talk about my brother, because it's a sore subject, y'know?

He and I didn't really part on the best of terms, and I haven't seen him in several years. It's hard to even remember what he looks like sometimes.

Sorry if I seem uptight when talking about it...no offense, or anything...I just don't feel comfortable sharing every detail about my personal life online. Especially not with people I don't know well...there was this guy Mitchell who talked to me on Facebook yesterday...I've never even met the guy, and he suddenly starts yapping to me about this band called the 'Hymn of One' and saying I'm 'in danger'... -_-' Some people are just weird.

...like that 'Will' guy downstairs. TOTAL creep.

I'd prefer not to get dragged out to the woods and chopped up into little bits on my first week here, thanks.

The biggest point is...I don't feel like talking about my past to anyone because it's just that...MY PAST. I'm not spending any more of my time mulling over yesteryear when I have a whole new life to live.

The forcast looks grim next week, so I'm going to hit the town tomorrow and try and find some cool spots to hang out.A lot of people want to see more sketches...I'll put some up online...just give me some time....A girl cant spend ALL of her time on her laptop... right?


  • Shortly after this blog was posted, Crystal posted the following sketches on LG15.com: