A Little Help, Perhaps?

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Episode 20/1x020
A Little Help, Perhaps?

A Little Help Perhaps.jpg
Got it?

Blogger Linc
Date Posted August 16th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 0:33
Description Rachel says that she's "got a bad feeling" about things.

If you're watching this...well, I probably should've taken that into greater consideration--hindsight being 20/20 and all.

YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko sarah opaphid tachyon lofisyndicate redearth rachel maddisonatkins
Linc Logan Rapp
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A Little Help, Perhaps? is the twentieth video in the Redearth88 video series.


(Linc is in front of a brick wall looking directly into the camera)

Linc: Lofi, if you're watching this and I'm not laughing with you over a bottle of 150, chances are I haven't checked into my system and it's going through its automatic upload. After the van incident we've been laying low today. Rachel's still asleep and I'm waiting 'til it gets a little darker before we make a run for the drop point. I think that sedative from the office is still affecting her. If things get a little heavy the least I can do is have this up and let you know that I didn't just bail. If I'm really missing, you're gonna need some help.

(Morse code plays the following sequence: .---- ----- ----- ...-- ...--)

Linc: Got it?


  • The morse code message spells out the number 10033.
  • This video was uploaded using a script which automatically uploads if Linc has not logged into his account within a certain time.
  • This video was filmed after Cut To The Chase, but before Worth The Wait?.