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First Appearance Last Appearance
Daymare - My first Vlog! Listen to my story
Character information
Age 16
Date of Birth ("Pisces")
MySpace horrorlass
YouTube horrorlass
Revver horrorlass
Bebo 3940751986
Portrayed by Unknown

Horrorlass a.k.a. Alessandra is one of the potential New Girls possibly chosen to do the Ceremony in Bree's place, as well as a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Alessandra loves horror movies, and is very smart but not very motivated. It seems as though she will do something big in the future, but the question is whether her motivation will be a good influence or a bad influence.

Plot Background

In "Re: Horror Movies vs Horror Films..., her friend Cynthia invited her to a night out on the town with their other friends Paul, Holly, Dawn, and Pete. Alessandra snuck out and returned early the next morning, certain that her parents were none the wiser.

It wasn't long after that she gained an Advisor (in "My 'Advisor'") named Sophie. She describes a test Sophie made her take that told her she would grow up to become a elected official, CEO, investment banker, helper, or special effects makeup artist.

Alessandra submitted a video for Chandra and Alondra's "It" Girl Video Challenge. She did not make it in... in fact, she got the lowest score.

Alessandra she released a rather artsy video called "Listen to My Story" which contained a message for Cynthia claiming that "SOPHIE WATCHES ALL".

In the Flock 5on5 Season Finale, Paul takes Alessandra on the run with him after an attempt on Cynthia's life by the Hymn of One.


It has been alluded that Paul might have a crush on Alessandra. It seems she likes him enough to tell him something personal that she has not told Cynthia.


  • Her favorite Computer Game is "House of the Dead"


Alessandra is the Italian Feminine form of "Alexander", meaning "defender of mankind."

List of Videos

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