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Character information
Age 17
Date of Birth ("Sagittarius")
Place of Origin En CA.gif Canada
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Portrayed by Unknown
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Alondra is a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Alondra is out to use the religion’s resources and connections to obtain her ultimate goal, fame.


A Wannabee Singer-Songwriter

Alondra grew up in a normal middle-class environment in Vancouver, Canada. Her passion for music started at the age of three, where she could play by ear. Her mother believed that she was a prodigy at the piano, but the skill never materialized into more than a talent, as Alondra wasn't motivated to become a great pianist.

Alondra theorizes about the Celebrity Centre.

Alondra starting vlogging after watching the lonelygirl15 video Uncle Dan, her enthusiasm over seeing Finn, her favorite musician, belittling any threat regarding the Hymn of One. She wants to be famous more than anything, as sees the Hymn of One as an opportunity to achieve that goal. She brags that she can play five different instruments, but that her lyrics suck, pointing out that the Hymn of One helped Finn fine-tune his skills and could do the same for her. She decides to go by her middle name, Alondra, believing that it is so unusual that she'll be remembered. She ends her video asking how she can join the Hymn of One, expressing her confusion over the whole process. She later finds out that the Hymn of One has a Celebrity Centre, and speculates that Oprah, Lindsay Lohan, and Taylor Hicks are members. She calls the Centre and asks them how to join, and they point her to the Hymn of One Website.

Joining the Hymn of One

Alondra learns that she needs someone to sponsor her into the religion, and begins messaging girls who are already members. Almost immediately, a girl named Liandra offers to sponsor her, but Alondra ignores her countless messages.

Alondra accepts her place within the ranks of the Hymn of One.

She eventually accepts the sponsorship of a girl named Chandra, who brags in her videos that she had been to the Celebrity Centre countless times, and feels that Alondra could be the Nicole Ritchie to her Paris Hilton. Alondra successfully joins the Hymn of One, and she gushes over all the famous people Chandra can introduce her to. She complains that she has gotten a flood of friend requests ever since she joined the Hymn of One, and asks Chandra for advice on how to handle it.

She and Chandra set up a challenge in order to determine who would join their new clique. They recieve several responses, but Liandra and Danielle are the only ones who have been said to have gotten in. During the run of the challenge, Alondra takes a break from blogging in order to focus her attention on her new-found responsibilities that accompanied being a potential ceremony girl. Once the contest ends, Alondra defends herself against inflammatory comments, citing the difference between "being bitchy and expressing yourself with blunt honesty". She is shicked by Liandra's success with the test, and writes it off as dumb luck. She awards Danielle the highest score, but tells her not to be excited, as they graded on a curve, and the two of them have an argument in the comments of the video over Louis V versus Louboutin.

An Eternal Downfall

Alondra and Chandra begin to take advantage of Liandra's giving nature, and they have her perform the tasks that they are to lazy to do, including compiling gossip for Alondra. Alondra later reveals that she has been handing over the tasks to Liandra because she has been spending her time producing her debut CD with Finn.

Alondra is involved in a life-threatening car accident.

She has been flying down to Los Angeles to record on the weekends, and flown back to Vancouver afterwards, but soon decides that it would be easier to move down there. She raves about how "Finn's been taking me to all these awesome parties and trendy hotspots. He's introduced me to all the players. It's been a whirlwind." She expresses concern, however, over a publicity stunt that her management have advised her to take part in, but she said no after it was hinted that it was dangerous.

Shortly after her move to Los Angeles, Alondra was involved in a widely publicized car accident. She left a Hollywood night club at 1AM after a night of heavy partying, and flipped over her car 25 minutes later. She was rushed to Cedar's Sinai Hospital and was listed in critical condition. Two weeks later, she was secretly transferred to an unknown facility, and it was revealed that she had a blood-alcohol level of .07 at the time of the incident, and there was questions over whether or not she had a valid driver's license. Afterwords, her mother released a statement to the press asking them to respect Alondra's privacy. Ironically enough, the single "Eternal" off her self-titled CD topped the charts following the incident.

Alondra's condition and whereabouts continue to remain unknown. Her YouTube and MySpace accounts were accessed in early 2008, though she made no contact with anyone during that time. Her MySpace account was later taken down in August 2008.


  • Alondra is actually her middle name, her first name hasn't been revealed, though it might be Jennifer, as she used the name in an analogy regarding her name.
  • Alondra has apparently watched the lonelygirl15 videos, though this doesn't seem to deter her from joining the Hymn of One.


The Spanish word alondra also means "lark". The name itself is a short form of Alejandra.<ref></ref>



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