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HSAO Video 1-41
Apply Your Knowledge

Zeus and Hera shared a honeymoon that lasted for three hundred years...

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted February 27th, 2007
Description (Illumination by Andreas Diemann)

Learning works best when apply your knowledge in a variety of ways. The first assignments has been completed. What did you learn?

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Apply Your Knowledge is the forty-first video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


So we were discussing power. More specifically, how we interpret the ways power was used starting with Zeus. And Prometheus. Prometheus is a beautiful name, but not as beautiful or as powerful as Zeus, chief god of the Greeks. Zeus was God of the Gods. But how can we find this power- to possess Zeus?

(Overlapping dialogue quoted from HSA student assignments begins) So this is a story of freedom from the gods. but also, this is a story of paying the price for that freedom. ultimately, you are either chained to someone else's orders or you are chained to your own decisions. Either way, you can never be truly free. - Zeus did not view humans as equals; Prometheus, in giving the humans fire and teaching them how to use it, gave them the ability to grow. (Overlapping dialogue ends)

But we will always want more.

Hera was the queen of the gods, alongside Zeus. To her credit, she was everything beautiful and Zeus knew. So they shared a honeymoon that lasted for three hundred years. Each spring, Hera bathed in a scared stream to restore her virginity.

When she felt neglected by the God of the Gods, she wandered off alone, hoping Zeus would look for her. But she would turn back on her own and head home to Zeus.

Some say their enduring lust began when Zeus seduced her in the form of a plump, damp bird seeking refuge in her lap during a storm.

(Final text) It sorts up nicely.