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Awry is the fourth video in the dehteraew video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins ARG.


(Scene of clouds drifting past an oil rig. Scene of a car with a blinking tail light.)

Text: pete's apartment. pete didn't check in.

(Scene of a room with an entry. Text says: CAM 1 - ENTRY. Linc walks into the room and pulls a gun out of his back pocket. Screen fades to black.)

Text: muss es sein? 619

(Scene of Tachyon's eyes with the number 187 over them. Scene of OpAphid's eyes with the number 188 over them. Scene of car with blinking tail lights. Cuts to black.)

Text: 521 another thing: give mary all i love -- doc

(Linc walks into another room with his gun forward. Text: CAM 3. Linc gets very close to a camera in another room. Text says: BOMB CAM - HI. Cuts to OpAphid's eyes.)

OpAphid: Oh dear.

(Linc runs out of the room as the bomb explodes. Scene of the car with the blinking tail lights. Scene of tropical trees in a storm. Image of the letter D with a dot in the center.)


  • The words "muss es sein?" are German, and literally translate to "must it be?"; less literally translated, it is equivalent to "Is it necessary?".