Be Careful Daniel!

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Be Careful Daniel!

Tin foil: cheap protection from a cult.

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted October 31st, 2006
Description For whatever reason, it appears that Bree feels there's nothing to worry about regarding Daniel and the little cult that's been after him. Andrea however, is not so easily convinced
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 danielbeast Paul Andrea aluminum foil secret cult danger obesity catapult

Music Save Me by Remy Zero
Paul Unknown
Andrea Unknown
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Be Careful Daniel! is the third video in the Paul & Andrea series. It was posted in response to Bree's blog What Makes Us Sad?. In it, Andrea worries about Daniel and the cult. She protects herself by wearing alumninum foil, while Paul tries to allay her fears.


(The video opens with a montage of Andrea adjusting and fixing an aluminum foil hat she is wearing.)

Paul: Andrea, what are you doing?

Andrea: Haven't you seen, from the videos? There's a secret cult after Daniel! If they're after him, they could be after his friends too!

Paul: So?

Andrea: So?! We could be in danger!

Paul: And yet instead of actually doing something about it, you're wearing a food preservant on your head?

Andrea: What? I've got to protect myself. Here take some. (unrolls foil)

Paul: That's ok... Look Andrea, I've googled the personal histories of the top 25 secret cult leaders of the 20th century, and it doesn't look promising for people in that line of work. We don't have anything to worry about.

Andrea: Really?

Paul: Yeah, it's rather depressing actually; crime, suicides, obesity, not a pretty picture.

Andrea: Ooh... this one suffocated to death when his cat fell asleep on his face. (Paul nods at her, scene cut)

Andrea: But if they're not actually a threat, how did they get all those pictures of Daniel? And why are they following him?

Paul: Well, that's simple, I'm sure science has the answer.

(screen goes black, cuts to showing Paul looking back and forth, cuts to black, then back to Paul looking around again, and then has a short black cut once more)

Paul: OK so turns out it doesn't.. but don't worry! Daniel's in a safe place and he's pretty resourceful, too. They'll never find him.

Andrea: Yeah, I guess that's true, I mean how are they ever going to find him?

Paul: Yeah, it's not like anyone told them he's hiding out downtown at 666 Crowley Way.

Both together: It's impossible!

(They look at each other in alarm)

(Screen cuts to picture of Daniel with "Be Careful Daniel" written across it as music plays)