Bree's June 4, 2007 Chat

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On June 4, 2007, shortly after "I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe" was uploaded, Bree signed into the LG15 Chat room and had a discussion with many fans.

Below is a rough transcript of the chat. This transcript, compiled from separate records saved by fans Sunkist and Aithne, may be incomplete, but is believed to be nearly comprehensive and contains all the messages they viewed while in the chat.

As of this time, no official transcript has been released.


—Ritchie2007: ummm hi
—enginerd: why lies are they telling you?
lonelygirl15: they are not my friends
—milowent: Bree, read the comments about the injections and stuff. Your dad didn't watn you to do the ceremony.
—ittlesammy123: those liars are your friends wow hoo did a numbr on u
—iluuvme: yes they are!
—MayhemII: They are trying to help you.
lonelygirl15: my friends hear the music
—iluuvme: no
—iluuvme: those are not your friends
—iluuvme: you've been brainwashed, bree
lonelygirl15: hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
—MayhemII: Don't trust Carl.
—littlesammy123: your friends are a crazy cult
—iluuvme: the hoO has brainwashed you
—shadowofjustice: this isn't going to turn out well
—belu214: trust Jonas
lonelygirl15: <3 carl
—iluuvme: carl is not good
—milowent: lol
—iluuvme: please listen to us, bree
—MayhemII: Trust Jonas and Daniel.
—iluuvme: we only want to help you
lonelygirl15: you're not going to turn out well shadow
—littlesammy123: listen bree plz u can trust us
—BishopX: Bree. Just listen, there is no music. There are words of truth from your real friends
—belu214: whoa she dissed you!
—iluuvme: please listen to us
lonelygirl15: LISTEN??? all i can hear is the mUSic
—iluuvme: there is no music!
lonelygirl15: la la la la
—iluuvme: the HoO is full of crud!
—DoubleG: Bree, maybe it will help if you explained why you changed your mind about doing the ceremony? I think everyone's confused.
—stardust87: Bree has lost her marbles.
—belu214: you don't need that music!
—littlesammy123: wht music ?
—belu214: try to ignore it
lonelygirl15: Why?
—iluuvme: there is no music
—MayhemII: Bree, why did you join the HoO?
lonelygirl15: the music makes me feel good. the people here don't.
—belu214: becasue they want to harm you
—iluuvme: the music is bad
—iluuvme: dont listen to it
lonelygirl15: yes tehy do want to harm me
—littlesammy123: [to lonelygirl15] bree are u ok
—iluuvme: please, bree
—belu214: the music wants to harm you
lonelygirl15: they locked me in hear like an animal
—iluuvme: who wants to harm you?
lonelygirl15: like a MONKEY
—Ritchie2007: tehy locked you in there for your own good
—iluuvme: because they want to help you!!!
—MayhemII: How is P Monkey?
—belu214: what? like a monkey?
—iluuvme: go back and watch the videos with you and your friends
lonelygirl15: fine. he's typing write now.
—belu214: P Monkey is good
—luuvme: they are not liars!
—shadowofjustice: I'm going to try something
—Ritchie2007: if they left you out in the open, wouldn't you try to go back to the HoO?
—shadowofjustice: Eta Kooram Nah Smech
—milowent: bree, you like to lock people up too you know.
lonelygirl15: NAH SMECH!!!*(*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^
—belu214: you have to try and remember the good times w/ P Monkey
—highlands: What does Carl and your other friends at HoO want you to do, Bree? Did they want you to do the Ceremony?
—Ritchie2007: and that movie date
—Danielle: Hey Bree, stay calm darling
—shadowofjustice: ok, if there's a mental trigger, that isn't one
lonelygirl15: p monkey la la la la thor i love him too
—Ritchie2007: with P. Monkey
—Danielle: The Order is behind you, 100%
—MayhemII: How did Jonas lie to you?
—belu214: thor and p monkey don't want you to do the ceremony
lonelygirl15: EVIL = LIVE
—Danielle: just keep singing.
lonelygirl15: ok Danielle, do you hear the music too?
—littlesammy123: bree watch your old videos u will remember the good times
—belu214: Danielle shut up
lonelygirl15: la la la hmmmmmmmmmmmm
—QtheC: Bree, let us hear your voice, so we know you are okay... and it would be nice if we could hear P-Monkey too...
—milowent: carl met daniel once
—Danielle: The music is beautiful
—stardust87: lol No Danielle...don't shut up
—Danielle: keep singing to me Bree
—MayhemII: How does P. Monkey feel about this Bree?
lonelygirl15: FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—iluuvme: no
—Ritchie2007: damnit y'all!
—iluuvme: omg
—MayhemII: Damn
—shadowofjustice: NOOOOOO!!!!!
—stardust87: HAHAHAHA.
—iluuvme: im so sorry guys
—littlesammy123: she gone
—stardust87: She's gone.
—I Lyke Yo Face: What just happend?
—S.A.R.A.H.: WTH?
—iluuvme: omg
—iluuvme: im so sorry
—the rad sidekick: whaaat????
—niina: umm.. what's going on tonight?
—MayhemII: Hahah
—iluuvme: crap
—Ritchie2007: what luv?
—stardust87: NINAAAA
—milowent: arg!
—iluuvme: oooooo crap
—littlesammy123: shes gone nuts
—I Lyke Yo Face: i get in here and she leaves
—niina: why is everyone here?
—I Lyke Yo Face: CRAP!
—rebecky27: oh, sure...I just get in in time to see her go!
—stardust87: Cause "bree" was just here
—iluuvme: i sent her a pm
—milowent: was she on video too? i ddin't even check
—iluuvme: iluuvme: [to lonelygirl15] if you're not going to listen to us iluuvme: [to lonelygirl15] then leave
—S.A.R.A.H.: Someone tell m what happened! Why'd she leave?
—iluuvme: so she left
—iluuvme: shoot guys
—iluuvme: im so sorry
—iluuvme: *hides*
—Ritchie2007: ...see what you do!
—iluuvme: i kept pming her
—MayhemII: Oh iluuvme, how could you?!
—Ritchie2007: lol
—MayhemII: lol
—iluuvme: trying to tell her to listen
—QtheC: no, she was only on microphoe, no Bree on video
—S.A.R.A.H.: No!
—Ritchie2007: not like it's real so whatever
—iluuvme: !!!!!!!!!!!!
—iluuvme: oh im so sorry
—sam1714: what did the pm say?
—MayhemII: How do you hear mic?
—shadowofjustice: I don't know who's worst, you iluvme, or Ms. "Keep singing Bree"
—stardust87: BRIAAAAAN
—Ritchie2007: brian!
—iluuvme: she didnt send pms
—iluuvme: i sent htem to her
—Ritchie2007: get on skype!
—iluuvme: them*
—milowent: darn, they was audio? really!
—extremebassest: k
—iluuvme: and she left
—iluuvme: shoot!!!!!!!!!
—iluuvme: omg im soooo sorry
—iluuvme: crud crud CRUD
—iluuvme: omg
—MayhemII: iluuvme
—stardust87: Why in the world are you apologizing
—Ritchie2007: brian!!!
—MayhemII: Brroklyn wants to yell at you
—extremebassest: wtf
—iluuvme: because i totally made her leave!!!
—MayhemII: *brooklyn
—Ritchie2007: go on skype!
—extremebassest: who r these ppl
—sam1714: don't worry it's ok
—littlesammy123: its ok we have to find a way to help her
—stardust87: Yeeeeah
—iluuvme: oh goodness
—stardust87: I can't be in this room anymore
—iluuvme: so so so so sorry
—Ritchie2007: brian log onto skype
—Ritchie2007: we'll explain it there
—iluuvme: omg im so sorry
—iluuvme: gahhhhhhh
—sam1714: what was with danielle?
—QtheC: what did you say to make her leave iluuvme?
—Ritchie2007: sam!
—iluuvme: i kept pming her
—sam1714: hey!
—iluuvme: telling her that she should listen to jonas and daniel
—Tinny09: GAH
—Brooklynxman: ILUUVME!
—Tinny09: I missed it
—sam1714: Tinny!
—Brooklynxman: YOU SCREWED IT UP?
—MayhemII: he's pissed.
—Tinny09: And it seems like I JUST missed it
—Brooklynxman: grrrrrrrrrrrr
—sam1714: yeah she just left....singing
—iluuvme: and saying that she should watch all of their videos again and then i just got really mad
—iluuvme: and i was like
—Brooklynxman: YES I AM PISSED
—iluuvme: we're only trying to help you
—Brooklynxman: BREE!
—the rad sidekick: yay!!!
—Tinny09: Bree!
—iluuvme: and i said that if you dont want to listen to us, then leave
—MayhemII: Here she is
—S.A.R.A.H.: Hi Bree
—iluuvme: bree im so sorry
—MayhemII: Hiya, Bree.
lonelygirl15: SAY IT AGAIN AND I WILL
—Tinny09: Bree, are you okay?
—Ritchie2007: hey bree
lonelygirl15: :)
—iluuvme: but please listen to us
—TeH FreAkY:  :0
—iluuvme: im really really sorry
lonelygirl15:  :p
—Brooklynxman: So, bree, could you tell us what happened to you while you were with the HoO, maybe then we can understand where you are coming from
—iluuvme: seriously
—iluuvme: really sorry
lonelygirl15: ok thank you
—iluuvme: but please
lonelygirl15: LUV LUV LUV LUV
—iluuvme: i didnt' say that for nothing
—iluuvme: you were not listening to us!!!
lonelygirl15: i'm listening now
—Tinny09: Oh good grief
—iluuvme: you need to listen
—iluuvme: we only want to help
—milowent: we love you bree
—Ritchie2007: ok liz don't go back down that road lol
—extremebassest: who r these ppl
—iluuvme: we just need to know
lonelygirl15: milo where's you go??
—iluuvme: what did the HoO do to you?
—Brooklynxman: what happened?
—iluuvme: bree, listen!
—milowent: i'm here!
lonelygirl15: where where where
—iluuvme: what did the HoO do to you?
—squirrelgirl: How's P. Monkey doing?
—iluuvme: BREE
—iluuvme: please listen
—MayhemII: Bree, why do you feel the need to do the ceremony?
—iluuvme: are you listening to me, bree?
lonelygirl15: p monkey is good. he's my friend. i love him, he listens to me
—Tinny09: Bree, this is very crucial-
—shadowofjustice: iluvme, maybe you should be quiet for abit
—Brooklynxman: No shadow
—Danielle: Bree, the order is also your friend
—squirrelgirl: Do you have Owen and Thor on your side too?
—Brooklynxman: we need her to tell is what happened
—Danielle: we are listening to your song
—Tinny09: Those funny peopel that took you from us- those nice people like Lucy
and those watchers guys
lonelygirl15: owen is here.
—Ritchie2007: danielle...not helping!
lonelygirl15: where's thor???
—Tinny09: Did they tell you anything while you were away?
MayhemII: Bree, wht happened when you got in the car with Lucy?
lonelygirl15: i think they took him
—S.A.R.A.H.: Tell Owen hi for me
—shadowofjustice: accosting bree won't make her want to talk
—horcruxes: your eternal song. sing it sister
—squirrelgirl: Who's they?
lonelygirl15: they would take him from me
—enginerd: why did you get man at owen?
—Danielle: we are always listening
—extremebassest: asNd,msdndfhjgsdhljhljkghdfjklghsdfjklg
—Brooklynxman: they who?
lonelygirl15: i do have an eternal song
lonelygirl15: do you?
—extremebassest: ok
—Brooklynxman: we are listening as well
—horcruxes: definitely
—Tinny09: Bree please
—horcruxes: let's sing
—extremebassest: wtf
lonelygirl15: GooD
—belu214: they didn't take him from you. he is safe
—Brooklynxman: Bree, would that eternal somg happen to be Tachyon's theme song?
—extremebassest: omfg
—belu214: you are safe
—Tinny09: It's like the thing with Cassie all over again.
—shadowofjustice: Yes I do Bree, it's called "Code Monkey" by Jonathan Coulton
—Brooklynxman: Cause thats my song
—MayhemII: Bree what genre of music is "your song"?
lonelygirl15: are you from brooklyn?
—shadowofjustice: he's from texas
—MayhemII: Hah
—TeH FreAkY: I have an eternal song, but it ain't the Hymn of's more like DMF...
—squirrelgirl: If one sings eternally, then they must never run out of breath. That certainly is something.
lonelygirl15: genre? the genre of eternal happiness. hmmmmmmm
—Tinny09: Bree...
—Brooklynxman: Yes I am I have always lived here
—Imbealkariel: helloooo
—horcruxes: bree, mine is the same genre!!!
—xsighxsighx: Hello
lonelygirl15: ive never been there
lonelygirl15: sweet
—Aithne: hi bree
—shadowofjustice: I think eternal happiness falls under pop
—Brooklynxman: The city is pretty cool
—GenocideInMyMind: Silly. The Hymn is of no genre that is recognizable. Only to those of the eternal.
—MayhemII: I don't think Happiness is a genre...
—TeH FreAkY: eternal happiness falls under METAL!!
lonelygirl15: so what are you all doing here?
—Ritchie2007: hi brian
—Ritchie2007: ^_^
—S.A.R.A.H.: We want to help you Bree
—horcruxes: chilling. singing out eternal songs
—Brooklynxman: We;re chatting away, silly
—Ritchie2007: dre dre!
—Tinny09: ....oooh...what can be done...
—xsighxsighx: We want to help you.
—Aithne: I was worried about you bree
—Imbealkariel: hangin' out
—rebecky27: Happy, happy, joy, joy  :D
—MayhemII: We just love to come into the chat randomly
lonelygirl15: help me with what?
—GenocideInMyMind: The world doesn't understand.
—Ritchie2007: lol
lonelygirl15: ritchie rich $$$
—horcruxes: finding your way back to hymn of one :) of course
—Brooklynxman: We were all worried about Bree, we hadnt seen her for awhile
—S.A.R.A.H.: Well, for starters, not be so sad
lonelygirl15: jonas and daniel have betrayed me
—MayhemII: how?
—squirrelgirl: I think they feel that you betrayed them.
—Tinny09: Did your dad betray you too?
—S.A.R.A.H.: Why do you say that Bree?
—TeH FreAkY: how did they betray you, Bree
lonelygirl15: friends don't lock friends up
—milowent: bree - what shot were they giving you?
—horcruxes: [to thedeadlyleaf] they did betray you
—xsighxsighx: We want to help you get out of where jonas and daniel are keeping you
—GenocideInMyMind: No. Not them. They were told to do this to you.
—squirrelgirl: you did tie up Jonas that one time
lonelygirl15: a shot of LOVE
—Aithne: what about what you did to juli
—TeH FreAkY: you locked jonas up once...remember???
—Imbealkariel: bree don't you remember?
—Brooklynxman: No they havent Bree, you need to tell them what you did while you were with the HoO, and then listen to their side of the story
—Aithne: and jonas
—thedeadlyleaf: oh tinny.. tinny tinnny i missed you lol
—MayhemII: Bree, have oyu ever seen Jonas shirtless?
—Ritchie2007: [to thedeadlyleaf] ok this is all lagged up!
—horcruxes: i love LOVE
—squirrelgirl: and there was the time you tied up Julia
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—Tinny09: He DIED trying to stop you from doing the ceremony- why do you think he gave you those shots in the first place?and hi everyone I kno
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
lonelygirl15: rope tied up small space
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ...
—Ritchie2007: ok brian!
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ...
—extremebassest: ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—Ritchie2007: brian!
—extremebassest: ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—horcruxes: sing your song bree. sing it from the rooftops
lonelygirl15: hmmm no rope please
—Ritchie2007: stop! annoying!
—Tinny09: It's been a while, there's been some..trouble lately
—GenocideInMyMind: The walls are top protect your song from those that want to hurt you.
—extremebassest: ...
lonelygirl15: gEnoCide
—squirrelgirl: Did they at least give you some reading materials in that room?
—Brooklynxman: Bree, you have to understand, even if they do something worng, they still are your firends, and if you try talking to them, it will probably help
—xsighxsighx: they are trying to help you bree
—MayhemII: Bree why are capitalizing random letters?
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ...
—Ritchie2007: no brian!
lonelygirl15: sam i am join in the FUN
—xsighxsighx: Hymn of one is a cult!
—Aithne: bree who is it that you are online?
—extremebassest: ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ...
—Ritchie2007: so...much...lag!
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ...
—Ritchie2007: *heavy sob*
lonelygirl15: monkey
—GenocideInMyMind: The HoO is fun...your friends want to join you.
—xsighxsighx: if your tied up how is it your online?
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
—drbrenda: hey there
—rebecky27: dude, stop with the fake code!
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
lonelygirl15: i'm NOT tied up!!!
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... v ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—squirrelgirl: I do not want a fox in a box...I do not want a mouse in a house
—TeH FreAkY: anyone have the special power to kick asses off of this thing??? That .... crap is getting annoying
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...
—Ritchie2007: brian stop!
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—Brooklynxman: extreme, there are oither rooms
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...
lonelygirl15: don't tie me up please
—extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ...
—extremebassest: ... ... ...
—belu214: what else did the order teach you?
—drbrenda: who's tied up?
—S.A.R.A.H.: We don't want to tie you up Bree
—xsighxsighx: no one will tie you up
—Tinny09: Bree, I promie no one will tie you up.
—shadowofjustice: we won't tie you up bree
—Tinny09: promise*
lonelygirl15: please don't
—littlesammy123: no one wants to tie u up
—xsighxsighx: We want to help you
—Aithne: did they leave the computer in your room?
—MayhemII: Bree why don't you try talking to Jonas and Daniel?
—GenocideInMyMind: The ropes do not bind your happiness. The eternal song lives.
—rebecky27: is there an ignore button on this thing?
—Brooklynxman: We wont tie you up, but please listen to us
—heat22132: how did you get the computer
—Aithne: bree who left th computer in your room?
lonelygirl15: computer compeuter camera monkey
—Brooklynxman: Yes rebeck
—MayhemII: Are they feeding you, Bree?
—drbrenda: hey bree, do you remember P. Monkey?
—Imbealkariel: nobody is going to tie you up here Bree
—Brooklynxman: left click the username and click block
—froppo: Bree...remember the old days? When you used to go hiking n' such? You were with Daniel then and you were happy then. Try to remember!
—TeH FreAkY: Bree---what DO you remember??
lonelygirl15: let's all sing together
—drbrenda: Hiking and swimming?
—mikael: la la la!
—xsighxsighx: Sing later what do you remember?"
—horcruxes: la di da
—drbrenda: We can't sing the Hymn of One, Bree. They want to harm you.
—Rolland: califoooornia dreamin on such a winters daaaay
—mikael: I went for a waaaaaaalk!
—GenocideInMyMind: The ropes are inside of your mind. Only there, in the darkness can they find you.
—MayhemII: Duh nuh nuh nuh Batman
—Danielle: Bree, I am back. Stay calm, we will save you soon
—Aithne: Bree do you know what the ceremoney entails now?
—Danielle: just keep singing
—rebecky27: lend me your ear and I'll sing you a song...
—shadowofjustice: Bree, can I pick the song?
—Ritchie2007: that sounds fun bree
—Danielle: we shall follow your beautiful voice
—mikael: I'm henry the eighth I am!
—Rolland: kumbaya my lord...
—horcruxes: bree, i think we all want you to try and make your way back to the hymn of one. you know they love you. we want to hear your song.
—immortal1: turn off mics and cams to prevent lag please
—angelprincess6879: Hi all...
—mikael: henry the eighth I am I am! I got married ot the widow next door!
—TeH FreAkY: Danielle...come here and let me smack you, k thx.
—xsighxsighx: Don't listen to them..
—mikael: She's been married seven times before!
—Tinny09: Anyone have a flash bang?
lonelygirl15: WHAT is your favorite song??? little monkey
—shadowofjustice: I know a good song we can sing
—froppo: loved the out-doors. You loved to video blog and hang out with Daniel and Jonas. You used to prove science wrong. Remember P Monkey. That's a start! Try to remember more!!!
—Brooklynxman: Everyone, stop pming, and turn off the camara and mikes
—belu214: bree waht else did they talk to you about?
—angelprincess6879: Bree, don't you remember how much Daniel and Jonas have done for you??
lonelygirl15: i want to go hiking
—mikael: My favorite song is Terrapin Station by the Grateful Dead what is your favorite song?
—littlesammy123: ok guys i dont think she remembers anything she only knows wht the order has told her
—Brooklynxman: It is screwing with the chat room
—xsighxsighx: Daniel and Jonas love you
—mikael: me too!
—drbrenda: I really like "Delicate" by Damien Rice
lonelygirl15: n-o-w please
—GenocideInMyMind: What is you reason to exist upon this earth? To help others. Where do you feel at peace? The Sunset
—mikael: lets go hiking!
—angelprincess6879: Remember the bad feelings you had about the ceremony and the order how you wanted to save Julia??
—drbrenda: that's a nice song
—Tinny09: No- Bree
—Ritchie2007: hiking sounds fun,bree
—squirrelgirl: P. Monkey's favorite song s "Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts."
—xsighxsighx: They want to go hiking with you when your better
—Rolland: dude someone slap that girl in the face
—Tinny09: ever time you go hiking something bad ends up happening
—Tinny09: every*
—MayhemII: Think of Jonas shirtless.
—Tinny09: my I can't type.
lonelygirl15: SLAP YOU eldfkjnsdlfjsdlfjsdlkjfsfjsjkj
—Brooklynxman: Not true Tinny
lonelygirl15: 28459347543987539543530495395-439
—Danielle: Jonas and Daniel are out of tune.
—GenocideInMyMind: Love
—drbrenda: hahahaha lg15 slapped you
—Ritchie2007: bree's phone number?
—Tinny09: Okay, ALMOST every time.
—froppo: Yes thats it! You loved hiking and the outdoors. You are starting to come back! Don't you remember swimming and Skeetering?!
—Brooklynxman: when she went hiking with Db the first time nothing happened
—angelprincess6879: who did Bree salap??
—Aithne: bree did they tell you what the ceremoney entails?
—GenocideInMyMind: Free Will has failed you
lonelygirl15: they can't read the lyrics
—horcruxes: danielle would know. her song is perfect
—angelprincess6879: slAP
lonelygirl15: i hear the music do you?
—Tinny09: Swimming...
—Rolland: how the hell did you get a hold of a computer?
—littlesammy123: trying to make her remeber all at once will only confuse her more we need to do this slowly
—mikael: I hear it too....
—xsighxsighx: I here it
—Tinny09: gah this all brings me back.
—Imbealkariel: Bree... haven't you watched your old video blogs? ??? P.Monkey is in them
lonelygirl15: i like dance in the water
—mikael: hear*
—GenocideInMyMind: The music is within.
—horcruxes: i hear it. it's so beautiful
lonelygirl15: within all of us
—Ritchie2007: i like dancing in lush carpet...
—mikael: aye
—MysteriousHaze: Bree don't listen to the music, the music wants to hurt you
—GenocideInMyMind: Silence is golden. Duct Tape is SILVER
—mikael: music does not want to hurt anyone!!
—angelprincess6879: Bree, stop thinking about the music for just a minute
—Rolland: is everyone here on puffing the magic dragon or something
—angelprincess6879: please
—MayhemII: Bree, if you calm down... Jonas and Daniel will proably let you out of that room.
lonelygirl15: dance dance dance around the room
—Ritchie2007: lol gen
—mikael: puff the magic dragon, lives by the sea
—GenocideInMyMind: Do the safety dance!!!
—froppo: What music do you hear Bree!? Come on you can be yourself once again! Remember...try to remember! —angelprincess6879: Bree where are Jonas and Daniel??
—TeH FreAkY: Duct tape is also orange and blue and camo..what's ure point
—mikael: frolics in a something something in a land called hona lee!
—littlesammy123: strange
lonelygirl15: mpuff tje ,agic dragon lioved byu the seea;;;;; anmd frlocked the in the automn
—immortal1: turn off mics and cams to prevent lag please
—Ritchie2007: so...much...lagging!
—Rolland: Bree the people who got you? where are they?
—Brooklynxman: Bree, be careful with eternal happiness, it usually comes with a catch
—mikael: oh yeah the autumn mist...thats the words!
—mikael: Bree, you have good taste in music!
lonelygirl15: iluv,e seriously
—mikael: PS what drugs are you on?
—GenocideInMyMind: The autumn wind. The beautiful Sunsets They can all be yours. Sing with me darling.
lonelygirl15: seriously seriously seriously seriously
—belu214: did carl and the other girl talk to you?
—GenocideInMyMind: The autumn wind. The beautiful Sunsets They can all be yours. Sing with me darling.
lonelygirl15: seriously seriously seriously seriously
—belu214: did carl and the other girl talk to you?
—Ritchie2007: eternal happiness always come with a price
—mikael: srsly!
—Rolland: seriously what?
—drbrenda: srsly!
—littlesammy123: puff the magic dragon oh yah shes lost it
—xsighxsighx: Did they give you more shots?
—angelprincess6879: sammy stop it
—angelprincess6879: that won't help
—mikael: Puff the Magic Dragon makes me cry every time I hear it
—froppo: Bree you are an individual with the ability to make your own choices...but you can't make your own choices without having a memory! Please try to remember!
lonelygirl15: i am sing with you. i'm on the bed jumping up and down screaming teh lyrics to anyone who will listen
—squirrelgirl: How's your belly feeling, bree?
—TeH FreAkY: puff the magic dragon? u been smokin the whacky weed?
—rebecky27: nothing lasts eternally, doe ist?
—bree_is_awesome: bree whats going on wiht you?
—Rolland: someone get a hold of daniel or jonas so they can tranq the woman
—GenocideInMyMind: Sonia and Carl are bad. They don't want you to be happy
—MayhemII: Bree, how can you jump and type at the same time?
—drbrenda: lol
—xsighxsighx: Type the lyrics we want to sing with you.
—enginerd: can you tell us the lyrics??
—mikael: imagine theres no heaven
—angelprincess6879: Bree do you know where Jonas and Daniel are??
—TeH FreAkY: ahh...lagzorz
—xsighxsighx: What ever happend to that girl cassie?
—GenocideInMyMind: The eternal song screams of sadness...runs in fear...from Carl and Sonia. They are liars.
—belu214: do you remember anything else that isn't the song?
—froppo: Bree...your father was killed by the Hymn of One...Don't you remember?
—Rolland: BREE if you have a microfone turn it on so we can hear what you're singing
lonelygirl15: who's daniel?
—milowent: bree - remember jared diamond.
—angelprincess6879: great point froppo...
—Brooklynxman: If people turn of the cams and mikes, the chat wont crash
—GenocideInMyMind: Daniel loves you.
—angelprincess6879: do you remember your parents??
—mikael: wait, is the Hymn of One the same as the Order?
—horcruxes: daniel is evil bree
—Tinny09: Bree- do you like cheese?
—angelprincess6879: Daniel is your beset friend who has always put you first
—Rolland: DANIEL is the person who kindnapped you
lonelygirl15: what's a chat?
—angelprincess6879: he adores you
—TeH FreAkY: LIKES == LIES damn lag
—rebecky27: she can't tell us the lyrics, we have our own verse to add to the chorus
—mikael: chat is a verb, not a noun
—angelprincess6879: it wasn't kidnapping
—Ritchie2007: bye bree
—GenocideInMyMind: He just doesn't know how to protect you
lonelygirl15: I adore you!
—Ritchie2007: i have to go
—MysteriousHaze: Bree, it may not seem like it but Jonas and Daniel only want to help you, just like us
—froppo: Daniel is your best friend...your first kiss! Come one Bree you need to take a deep breath and listen to what we are saying!
—mikael: I love you too, Bree!
—MayhemII: Bree do you remember Jonas?
—xsighxsighx: I adore you too!
lonelygirl15: what am i doing here?
—DoubleG: We love you, Bree!
—squirrelgirl: I think someone is playing silly games with the chat people, Bree.
—sam1714: So, I wemt swimming once with my best friend, in a creek bed. We were so quiet. I trusted my best friend in those moments. And I trust My best friend now.
—angelprincess6879: Bree do you remember your father??
—asdfasdf321: bree watch all of the old videos
—belu214: you remember hiking!
lonelygirl15: squirrels munch on acorns
—sam1714: what about you bree?
—TeH FreAkY: Where the hell are Jonas and Daniel and Sarah??
—Ritchie2007: hope to see you come to your sesnes soon
—froppo: Bree you are very inteligent you can figure this out.
—DoubleG: Egg salad sandwiches, Bree!
—mikael: I agree with asdf, watch all your old videos
—MayhemII: Bree, where is Sarah?
—mikael: I love acorns!
—mikael: I mean
—squirrelgirl: Yum!
lonelygirl15: they LOCKED me in here!!!!!
—Tinny09: Bree,we love you
—mikael: Suqirrels.
lonelygirl15: jonas is evil
—horcruxes: bree, your father lost his tune. don't lose your tune like he did
—mikael: that's because you would run away if they didn;t.
—Rolland: WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE who locked you?
—momtoirishtwins: what would you do if they let you out?
—asdfasdf321: watch the videos!! bree that will help u remember them
—milowent: bree - eggsalad sandwiches, you rmember those?
—asdfasdf321: jonas is not evil
—GenocideInMyMind: You are fighting lost memoreis. Fighting the world Fighting the hymn
—MayhemII: Jonas is hot.
—froppo: They locked you in there because they love you! Why do you think you are so confused?
—immortal1: turkey jerky
—drbrenda: who locked you in there?
—mikael: Jonas is evil...he must die.
—mikael: the song is telling you to kill him...AND Daniel
—Abbx: Bree, please click this.
—xsighxsighx: Take I deep breath bree and calm down, think the Hymn is evil not jonas or daniel
—Rolland: Lurker dude
—MayhemII: They are trying to help you.
—Aithne: why is jonas eveil? he loves you
—Danielle: Bree, keep your tone pure
lonelygirl15: they've all lost the tune
—Danielle: the rest of them our destroying our choir
—MayhemII: Jonas loves you!
—sam1714: Bree THINK!!!!!! Why did they lock you in there. They must have some reason. Evil or good they must have a reason. What is it?
—Abbx: Bree
—MayhemII: They all do!
—Danielle: they have lost their vocal colours
—iluuvme: BREE
—mikael: they never had the tune they need to die.
—iluuvme: why wont you listen?
—squirrelgirl: She's not confused. I'm feeling manipulated
—drbrenda: Jonas misses you bree.
—angelprincess6879: Bree listen to me, the people who taught you that tune murdered your father!!!!
—froppo: Bree are you happy right now? NO It's because the Hymn of one messed with your brain now you can't remember anything!
—Lurker: Bree, what can you remember from before Jonas grabbed you?
—Abbx: You were all on the road and from nowhere
—Danielle: shes listening to the song
—iluuvme: please
—TeH FreAkY: haxorz...someone hack Bree's brain...
—Abbx: you go with the order which you think is the hymn of one
—lejaders: I wonder if Bree remembers her childhood..
—angelprincess6879: don't turn your back on your father's memory and join the side of the people who killed him
—asdfasdf321: this is so frustrating
—iluuvme: jonas and daniel love you
—iluuvme: so does everyone
—Abbx: They are bad people!
lonelygirl15: I AM PURE. IT is the world that is dirty
—iluuvme: not the HoO
—froppo: Maybe they implanted some device in Bree's brain.
—Danielle: smile bree, keep your tone
—MysteriousHaze: Jonas IS NOT evil Bree! If anything the Hymn of One if evil. We think the ceremony might really hurt you.
—iluuvme: the Hymn of One is bad, bree
—MayhemII: Bye Bree, good luck with you damn song.
—Abbx: Bree, what did the hymn of one do to you. Can you tell us?
lonelygirl15: &*(&(*&%$^%$^%$^*&)(*_*_
—iluuvme: please dont listen to their garbage
—squirrelgirl: That'the most absurd, self-absorbed crap
—xsighxsighx: Bree try and remember. You can be pure and and be smart and not go to the Hymn of one
—horcruxes: bree you are pure. and so is your tune. keep it that way and stay away from jonas and daniel. they want to take your purity
—iluuvme: just calm down, bree
—GenocideInMyMind: Purity is a release from karmic energies. A balance of life eternal
—belu214: you yet? or have you been alone?
—iluuvme: and try to remember anything that you can
—horcruxes: they are jealous of it
—iluuvme: please
—Abbx: Bree what did the Hymn of one do to you? Anything you can recall?
—asdfasdf321: bree the longer u are away from the hoo the more u will understand
—iluuvme: we're only trying to help you
—froppo: Bree do you have any scars on your head?
—milowent: bree - remember the winekone, he doesn't want you to do the ceremony either.
lonelygirl15: good night. i will sing for you
—sam1714: concentrate Bree. block everything out, concentrate on one thing....hiking, concentrate on hiking
—angelprincess6879: Bree don't go
—Abbx: bree dont go yet!
—iluuvme: what?!
—asdfasdf321: bye
—iluuvme: CRUD
—froppo: No Bree don't go!
—angelprincess6879: please listen to us listen to Daniel listen to Jonas
—horcruxes: keep singing bree!
—xsighxsighx: No don't go
—asdfasdf321: trust us
—GenocideInMyMind: Sing for all
—iluuvme: this freaking sucks
—asdfasdf321: trust daniel & jonas
—janejane26: does that mean she'll post a video of her singing?
—rebecky27: where is thor?
—Abbx: Bree stay a little more
—iluuvme: god
—TeH FreAkY: She's mindf***ed y'all
—iluuvme: !!!!
—angelprincess6879: Just listen to us

Capitalized letters

Bree capitalized letters at random times durring the chat. They include:


These letters retrieved many anagrams, none making much sence. The letters that were capitalized randomly (not for emphasys) were:


Which returned no anagrams, but adding in "NAHSMECH" only one out of the 2,009 anagrams mildly make sense It was "Sad wench, such gem!"