Bree's June 4, 2007 Chat

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Bree appeared in the chat room after the video I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe was posted. Below is a rough copy of the chat.

[00:12:18] stardust87: BRIAAAAAN

[00:12:19] Ritchie2007: brian!

[00:12:20] iluuvme: she didnt send pms

[00:12:22] iluuvme: i sent htem to her

[00:12:23] Ritchie2007: get on skype!

[00:12:24] iluuvme: them*

[00:12:26] milowent: darn, they was audio? really!

[00:12:27] extremebassest: k

[00:12:27] iluuvme: and she left

[00:12:30] iluuvme: shoot!!!!!!!!!

[00:12:35] iluuvme: omg im soooo sorry

[00:12:40] iluuvme: crud crud CRUD

[00:12:53] iluuvme: omg

[00:12:58] MayhemII: iluuvme

[00:12:59] stardust87: Why in the world are you apologizing

[00:12:59] Ritchie2007: brian!!!

[00:13:04] MayhemII: Brroklyn wants to yell at you

[00:13:05] extremebassest: wtf

[00:13:09] iluuvme: because i totally made her leave!!!

[00:13:10] MayhemII: *brooklyn

[00:13:11] Ritchie2007: go on skype!

[00:13:11] extremebassest: who r these ppl

[00:13:13] sam1714: don't worry it's ok

[00:13:14] littlesammy123: its ok we have to find a way to help her

[00:13:14] stardust87: Yeeeeah

[00:13:16] iluuvme: oh goodness

[00:13:22] stardust87: I can't be in this room anymore

[00:13:25] iluuvme: so so so so sorry

[00:13:29] Ritchie2007: brian log onto skype

[00:13:32] Ritchie2007: we'll explain it there

[00:13:49] iluuvme: omg im so sorry

[00:13:54] iluuvme: gahhhhhhh

[00:13:55] sam1714: what was with danielle?

[00:14:07] QtheC: what did you say to make her leave iluuvme?

[00:14:10] Ritchie2007: sam!

[00:14:14] iluuvme: i kept pming her

[00:14:17] sam1714: hey!

[00:14:25] iluuvme: telling her that she should listen to jonas and daniel

[00:14:28] Tinny09: GAH

[00:14:29] Brooklynxman: ILUUVME!

[00:14:33] Tinny09: I missed it

[00:14:35] sam1714: Tinny!

[00:14:37] Brooklynxman: YOU SCREWED IT UP?

[00:14:37] MayhemII: he's pissed.

[00:14:38] Tinny09: And it seems like I JUST missed it

[00:14:44] Brooklynxman: grrrrrrrrrrrr

[00:14:46] sam1714: yeah she just left....singing

[00:14:46] iluuvme: and saying that she should watch all of their videos again and then i just got really mad

[00:14:50] iluuvme: and i was like

[00:14:53] Brooklynxman: YES I AM PISSED

[00:14:57] iluuvme: we're only trying to help you

[00:15:04] Brooklynxman: BREE!

[00:15:07] the rad sidekick: yay!!!

[00:15:07] Tinny09: Bree!

[00:15:08] iluuvme: and i said that if you dont want to listen to us, then leave

[00:15:10] MayhemII: Here she is

[00:15:10] S.A.R.A.H.: Hi Bree

[00:15:12] iluuvme: YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

[00:15:15] iluuvme: bree im so sorry

[00:15:16] MayhemII: Hiya, Bree.

[00:15:20] lonelygirl15: SAY IT AGAIN AND I WILL

[00:15:21] Tinny09: Bree, are you okay?

[00:15:22] Ritchie2007: hey bree

[00:15:23] lonelygirl15: :)

[00:15:24] iluuvme: but please listen to us

[00:15:27] TeH FreAkY:  :0

[00:15:31] iluuvme: im really really sorry

[00:15:34] lonelygirl15:  :p

[00:15:34] Brooklynxman: So, bree, could you tell us what happened to you while you were with the HoO, maybe then we can understand where you are coming from

[00:15:37] iluuvme: seriously

[00:15:42] iluuvme: really sorry

[00:15:43] lonelygirl15: ok thank you

[00:15:47] iluuvme: but please

[00:15:50] lonelygirl15: LUV LUV LUV LUV

[00:15:51] iluuvme: i didnt' say that for nothing

[00:15:59] iluuvme: you were not listening to us!!!

[00:16:00] lonelygirl15: i'm listening now

[00:16:02] Tinny09: Oh good grief

[00:16:02] iluuvme: you need to listen

[00:16:05] iluuvme: we only want to help

[00:16:09] milowent: we love you bree

[00:16:10] Ritchie2007: ok liz don't go back down that road lol

[00:16:11] extremebassest: who r these ppl

[00:16:15] iluuvme: we just need to know

[00:16:19] lonelygirl15: milo where's you go??

[00:16:23] iluuvme: what did the HoO do to you?

[00:16:24] Brooklynxman: what happened?

[00:16:26] iluuvme: bree, listen!

[00:16:27] milowent: i'm here!

[00:16:30] lonelygirl15: where where where

[00:16:32] iluuvme: what did the HoO do to you?

[00:16:33] squirrelgirl: How's P. Monkey doing?

[00:16:37] iluuvme: BREE

[00:16:41] iluuvme: please listen

[00:16:49] MayhemII: Bree, why do you feel the need to do the ceremony?

[00:16:51] iluuvme: are you listening to me, bree?

[00:16:55] lonelygirl15: p monkey is good. he's my friend. i love him, he listens to me

[00:16:56] Tinny09: Bree, this is very crucial-

[00:17:00] shadowofjustice: iluvme, maybe you should be quiet for abit

[00:17:08] Brooklynxman: No shadow

[00:17:12] Danielle: Bree, the order is also your friend

[00:17:14] squirrelgirl: Do you have Owen and Thor on your side too?

[00:17:16] Brooklynxman: we need her to tell is what happened

[00:17:19] Danielle: we are listening to your song

[00:17:21] Tinny09: Those funny peopel that took you from us- those nice people like Lucy and those watchers guys

[00:17:24] lonelygirl15: owen is here.

[00:17:24] Ritchie2007: danielle...not helping!

[00:17:29] lonelygirl15: where's thor???

[00:17:29] Tinny09: Did they tell you anything while you were away?

[00:17:33] MayhemII: Bree, wht happened when you got in the car with Lucy?

[00:17:33] lonelygirl15: i think they took him

[00:17:35] S.A.R.A.H.: Tell Owen hi for me

[00:17:36] shadowofjustice: accosting bree won't make her want to talk

[00:17:37] horcruxes: your eternal song. sing it sister

[00:17:38] squirrelgirl: Who's they?

[00:17:39] lonelygirl15: they would take him from me

[00:17:42] enginerd: why did you get man at owen?

[00:17:43] Danielle: we are always listening

[00:17:45] extremebassest: asNd,msdndfhjgsdhljhljkghdfjklghsdfjklg

[00:17:47] Brooklynxman: they who?

[00:17:49] lonelygirl15: i do have an eternal song

[00:17:52] lonelygirl15: do you?

[00:17:55] extremebassest: ok

[00:17:55] Brooklynxman: we are listening as well

[00:17:56] horcruxes: definitely

[00:17:57] Tinny09: Bree please

[00:17:58] horcruxes: let's sing

[00:17:59] extremebassest: wtf

[00:18:02] lonelygirl15: GooD

[00:18:04] belu214: they didn't take him from you. he is safe

[00:18:08] Brooklynxman: Bree, would that eternal somg happen to be Tachyon's theme song?

[00:18:10] extremebassest: omfg

[00:18:11] belu214: you are safe

[00:18:11] Tinny09: It's like the thing with Cassie all over again.

[00:18:12] shadowofjustice: Yes I do Bree, it's called "Code Monkey" by Jonathan Coulton

[00:18:24] Brooklynxman: Cause thats my song

[00:18:29] MayhemII: Bree what genre of music is "your song"?

[00:18:38] lonelygirl15: are you from brooklyn?

[00:18:46] shadowofjustice: he's from texas

[00:18:51] MayhemII: Hah

[00:18:53] TeH FreAkY: I have an eternal song, but it ain't the Hymn of's more like DMF...

[00:18:54] squirrelgirl: If one sings eternally, then they must never run out of breath. That certainly is something.

[00:18:55] lonelygirl15: genre? the genre of eternal happiness. hmmmmmmm

[00:18:56] Tinny09: Bree...

[00:18:58] Brooklynxman: Yes I am I have always lived here

[00:19:03] Imbealkariel: helloooo

[00:19:05] horcruxes: bree, mine is the same genre!!!

[00:19:07] xsighxsighx: Hello

[00:19:10] lonelygirl15: ive never been there

[00:19:16] lonelygirl15: sweet

[00:19:19] Aithne: hi bree

[00:19:21] shadowofjustice: I think eternal happiness falls under pop

[00:19:33] Brooklynxman: The city is pretty cool

[00:19:35] GenocideInMyMind: Silly. The Hymn is of no genre that is recognizable. Only to those of the eternal.

[00:19:38] MayhemII: I don't think Happiness is a genre...

[00:19:41] TeH FreAkY: eternal happiness falls under METAL!!

[00:19:42] lonelygirl15: so what are you all doing here?


[00:19:42] Ritchie2007: hi brian

[00:19:44] Ritchie2007: ^_^

[00:19:50] S.A.R.A.H.: We want to help you Bree

[00:19:53] horcruxes: chilling. singing out eternal songs

[00:19:57] Brooklynxman: We;re chatting away, silly

[00:19:58] Ritchie2007: dre dre!

[00:19:58] Tinny09: ....oooh...what can be done...

[00:20:00] xsighxsighx: We want to help you.

[00:20:02] Aithne: I was worried about you bree

[00:20:03] Imbealkariel: hangin' out

[00:20:10] rebecky27: Happy, happy, joy, joy  :D

[00:20:11] MayhemII: We just love to come into the chat randomly

[00:20:15] lonelygirl15: help me with what?

[00:20:17] thedeadlyleaf: THANK GOD RITCHIE IT FINALLY LET ME IN lol

[00:20:21] GenocideInMyMind: The world doesn't understand.

[00:20:22] Ritchie2007: lol

[00:20:27] lonelygirl15: ritchie rich $$$

[00:20:29] horcruxes: finding your way back to hymn of one :) of course

[00:20:31] Brooklynxman: We were all worried about Bree, we hadnt seen her for awhile

[00:20:32] S.A.R.A.H.: Well, for starters, not be so sad

[00:20:35] lonelygirl15: jonas and daniel have betrayed me

[00:20:46] MayhemII: how?

[00:20:47] squirrelgirl: I think they feel that you betrayed them.

[00:20:49] Tinny09: Did your dad betray you too?

[00:20:49] S.A.R.A.H.: Why do you say that Bree?

[00:20:51] TeH FreAkY: how did they betray you, Bree

[00:20:52] lonelygirl15: friends don't lock friends up

[00:20:54] milowent: bree - what shot were they giving you?

[00:20:55] horcruxes: [to thedeadlyleaf] they did betray you

[00:20:56] xsighxsighx: We want to help you get out of where jonas and daniel are keeping you

[00:20:57] GenocideInMyMind: No. Not them. They were told to do this to you.

[00:21:00] squirrelgirl: you did tie up Jonas that one time

[00:21:02] lonelygirl15: a shot of LOVE

[00:21:04] Aithne: what about what you did to juli

[00:21:06] TeH FreAkY: you locked jonas up once...remember???

[00:21:07] Imbealkariel: bree don't you remember?

[00:21:09] Brooklynxman: No they havent Bree, you need to tell them what you did while you were with the HoO, and then listen to their side of the story

[00:21:10] Aithne: and jonas

[00:21:11] thedeadlyleaf: oh tinny.. tinny tinnny i missed you lol

[00:21:12] MayhemII: Bree, have oyu ever seen Jonas shirtless?

[00:21:13] Ritchie2007: [to thedeadlyleaf] ok this is all lagged up!

[00:21:16] horcruxes: i love LOVE

[00:21:27] squirrelgirl: and there was the time you tied up Julia

[00:21:28] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[00:21:29] extremebassest: ...

[00:21:30] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:21:31] Tinny09: He DIED trying to stop you from doing the ceremony- why do you think he gave you those shots in the first place?and hi everyone I kno

[00:21:32] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...

[00:21:33] extremebassest: ...

[00:21:34] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...

[00:21:35] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:21:36] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:21:37] lonelygirl15: rope tied up small space

[00:21:38] extremebassest: ... ... ... ...

[00:21:45] Ritchie2007: ok brian!

[00:21:48] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[00:21:52] extremebassest: ...

[00:21:53] extremebassest: ...

[00:21:55] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:21:56] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:21:57] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:21:57] Ritchie2007: brian!

[00:21:58] extremebassest: ... ...

[00:21:59] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ...

[00:22:00] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:22:04] horcruxes: sing your song bree. sing it from the rooftops

[00:22:05] lonelygirl15: hmmm no rope please

[00:22:07] Ritchie2007: stop! annoying!

[00:22:09] Tinny09: It's been a while, there's been some..trouble lately

[00:22:12] GenocideInMyMind: The walls are top protect your song from those that want to hurt you.

[00:22:23] extremebassest: ...

[00:22:25] lonelygirl15: gEnoCide

[00:22:30] squirrelgirl: Did they at least give you some reading materials in that room?

[00:22:31] Brooklynxman: Bree, you have to understand, even if they do something worng, they still are your firends, and if you try talking to them, it will probably help

[00:22:37] xsighxsighx: they are trying to help you bree

[00:22:39] MayhemII: Bree why are capitalizing random letters?

[00:22:39] extremebassest: ... ... ... ...

[00:22:40] Ritchie2007: no brian!

[00:22:44] lonelygirl15: sam i am join in the FUN

[00:22:45] xsighxsighx: Hymn of one is a cult!

[00:22:47] Aithne: bree who is it that you are online?

[00:22:48] extremebassest: ... ...

[00:22:49] extremebassest: ... ... ... ...

[00:22:50] Ritchie2007: so...much...lag!

[00:22:51] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:22:52] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ...

[00:22:53] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:22:54] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:22:55] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:22:56] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:22:57] extremebassest: ... ...

[00:22:58] extremebassest: ... ...

[00:23:01] extremebassest: ... ...

[00:23:03] Ritchie2007: *heavy sob*

[00:23:04] lonelygirl15: monkey

[00:23:04] GenocideInMyMind: The HoO is fun...your friends want to join you.

[00:23:05] xsighxsighx: if your tied up how is it your online?

[00:23:06] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [00:23:07] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[00:23:11] drbrenda: hey there

[00:23:13] rebecky27: dude, stop with the fake code!

[00:23:14] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[00:23:15] lonelygirl15: i'm NOT tied up!!!

[00:23:15] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...

[00:23:17] extremebassest: ... ... v ... ...

[00:23:18] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:23:18] squirrelgirl: I do not want a fox in a box...I do not want a mouse in a house

[00:23:19] TeH FreAkY: anyone have the special power to kick asses off of this thing??? That .... crap is getting annoying

[00:23:20] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...

[00:23:21] Ritchie2007: brian stop!

[00:23:22] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:23:23] Brooklynxman: extreme, there are oither rooms

[00:23:24] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...

[00:23:24] lonelygirl15: don't tie me up please

[00:23:25] extremebassest: ... ... ... ... ...

[00:23:26] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:23:27] extremebassest: ... ...

[00:23:28] extremebassest: ... ... ...

[00:23:31] belu214: what else did the order teach you?

[00:23:33] drbrenda: who's tied up?

[00:23:34] S.A.R.A.H.: We don't want to tie you up Bree

[00:23:36] xsighxsighx: no one will tie you up

[00:23:37] Tinny09: Bree, I promie no one will tie you up.

[00:23:38] shadowofjustice: we won't tie you up bree

[00:23:41] Tinny09: promise*

[00:23:41] lonelygirl15: please don't

[00:23:42] littlesammy123: no one wants to tie u up

[00:23:43] xsighxsighx: We want to help you

[00:23:44] Aithne: did they leave the computer in your room?

[00:23:47] MayhemII: Bree why don't you try talking to Jonas and Daniel?

[00:23:48] GenocideInMyMind: The ropes do not bind your happiness. The eternal song lives.

[00:23:49] rebecky27: is there an ignore button on this thing?

[00:23:49] Brooklynxman: We wont tie you up, but please listen to us

[00:23:51] heat22132: how did you get the computer

[00:23:51] Aithne: bree who left th computer in your room?

[00:23:58] lonelygirl15: computer compeuter camera monkey

[00:24:03] Brooklynxman: Yes rebeck

[00:24:15] MayhemII: Are they feeding you, Bree?

[00:24:16] drbrenda: hey bree, do you remember P. Monkey?

[00:24:17] Imbealkariel: nobody is going to tie you up here Bree

[00:24:22] Brooklynxman: left click the username and click block

[00:24:30] froppo: Bree...remember the old days? When you used to go hiking n' such? You were with Daniel then and you were happy then. Try to remember!

[00:24:34] TeH FreAkY: Bree---what DO you remember??

[00:24:38] lonelygirl15: let's all sing together

[00:24:43] drbrenda: Hiking and swimming?

[00:24:46] mikael: la la la!

[00:24:53] xsighxsighx: Sing later what do you remember?"

[00:25:00] horcruxes: la di da

[00:25:00] drbrenda: We can't sing the Hymn of One, Bree. They want to harm you.

[00:25:04] Rolland: califoooornia dreamin on such a winters daaaay

[00:25:13] mikael: I went for a waaaaaaalk!

[00:25:16] GenocideInMyMind: The ropes are inside of your mind. Only there, in the darkness can they find you.

[00:25:17] MayhemII: Duh nuh nuh nuh Batman

[00:25:18] Danielle: Bree, I am back. Stay calm, we will save you soon

[00:25:21] Aithne: Bree do you know what the ceremoney entails now?

[00:25:22] Danielle: just keep singing

[00:25:25] rebecky27: lend me your ear and I'll sing you a song...

[00:25:26] shadowofjustice: Bree, can I pick the song?

[00:25:27] Ritchie2007: that sounds fun bree

[00:25:32] Danielle: we shall follow your beautiful voice

[00:25:33] mikael: I'm henry the eighth I am!

[00:25:36] Rolland: kumbaya my lord...

[00:25:36] horcruxes: bree, i think we all want you to try and make your way back to the hymn of one. you know they love you. we want to hear your song.

[00:25:39] immortal1: turn off mics and cams to prevent lag please

[00:25:40] angelprincess6879: Hi all...

[00:25:41] mikael: henry the eighth I am I am! I got married ot the widow next door!

[00:25:42] TeH FreAkY: Danielle...come here and let me smack you, k thx.

[00:25:46] xsighxsighx: Don't listen to them..

[00:25:47] mikael: She's been married seven times before!

[00:25:47] Tinny09: Anyone have a flash bang?

[00:25:48] lonelygirl15: WHAT is your favorite song??? little monkey

[00:25:50] shadowofjustice: I know a good song we can sing

[00:25:54] froppo: loved the out-doors. You loved to video blog and hang out with Daniel and Jonas. You used to prove science wrong. Remember P Monkey. That's a start! Try to remember more!!!

[00:25:55] Brooklynxman: Everyone, stop pming, and turn off the camara and mikes [00:25:56] belu214: bree waht else did they talk to you about?

[00:25:59] angelprincess6879: Bree, don't you remember how much Daniel and Jonas have done for you??

[00:26:05] lonelygirl15: i want to go hiking

[00:26:06] mikael: My favorite song is Terrapin Station by the Grateful Dead what is your favorite song?

[00:26:07] littlesammy123: ok guys i dont think she remembers anything she only knows wht the order has told her

[00:26:09] Brooklynxman: It is screwing with the chat room

[00:26:09] xsighxsighx: Daniel and Jonas love you

[00:26:10] mikael: me too!

[00:26:11] drbrenda: I really like "Delicate" by Damien Rice

[00:26:12] lonelygirl15: n-o-w please

[00:26:13] GenocideInMyMind: What is you reason to exist upon this earth? To help others. Where do you feel at peace? The Sunset

[00:26:14] mikael: lets go hiking!

[00:26:14] angelprincess6879: Remember the bad feelings you had about the ceremony and the order how you wanted to save Julia??

[00:26:15] drbrenda: that's a nice song

[00:26:17] Tinny09: No- Bree

[00:26:20] Ritchie2007: hiking sounds fun,bree

[00:26:21] squirrelgirl: P. Monkey's favorite song s "Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts."

[00:26:23] xsighxsighx: They want to go hiking with you when your better

[00:26:25] Rolland: dude someone slap that girl in the face

[00:26:26] Tinny09: ever time you go hiking something bad ends up happening

[00:26:29] Tinny09: every*

[00:26:31] MayhemII: Think of Jonas shirtless.

[00:26:32] Tinny09: my I can't type.

[00:26:34] lonelygirl15: SLAP YOU eldfkjnsdlfjsdlfjsdlkjfsfjsjkj

[00:26:37] Brooklynxman: Not true Tinny

[00:26:40] lonelygirl15: 28459347543987539543530495395-439

[00:26:42] Danielle: Jonas and Daniel are out of tune.

[00:26:44] GenocideInMyMind: Love

[00:26:46] drbrenda: hahahaha lg15 slapped you

[00:26:47] Ritchie2007: bree's phone number?

[00:26:48] Tinny09: Okay, ALMOST every time.

[00:26:51] froppo: Yes thats it! You loved hiking and the outdoors. You are starting to come back! Don't you remember swimming and Skeetering?!

[00:26:52] Brooklynxman: when she went hiking with Db the first time nothing happened

[00:26:53] angelprincess6879: who did Bree salap??

[00:26:54] Aithne: bree did they tell you what the ceremoney entails?

[00:26:55] GenocideInMyMind: Free Will has failed you

[00:26:55] lonelygirl15: they can't read the lyrics

[00:26:56] horcruxes: danielle would know. her song is perfect

[00:26:56] angelprincess6879: slAP

[00:27:06] lonelygirl15: i hear the music do you?

[00:27:07] Tinny09: Swimming...

[00:27:08] Rolland: how the hell did you get a hold of a computer?

[00:27:09] littlesammy123: trying to make her remeber all at once will only confuse her more we need to do this slowly

[00:27:10] mikael: I hear it too....

[00:27:12] xsighxsighx: I here it

[00:27:15] Tinny09: gah this all brings me back.

[00:27:17] Imbealkariel: Bree... haven't you watched your old video blogs? ??? P.Monkey is in them

[00:27:18] lonelygirl15: i like dance in the water

[00:27:19] mikael: hear*

[00:27:20] GenocideInMyMind: The music is within.

[00:27:22] horcruxes: i hear it. it's so beautiful


[00:27:30] lonelygirl15: within all of us

[00:27:31] Ritchie2007: i like dancing in lush carpet...

[00:27:34] mikael: aye

[00:27:35] MysteriousHaze: Bree don't listen to the music, the music wants to hurt you

[00:27:40] GenocideInMyMind: Silence is golden. Duct Tape is SILVER

[00:27:43] mikael: music does not want to hurt anyone!!

[00:27:48] angelprincess6879: Bree, stop thinking about the music for just a minute

[00:27:48] Rolland: is everyone here on puffing the magic dragon or something

[00:27:49] angelprincess6879: please

[00:27:50] MayhemII: Bree, if you calm down... Jonas and Daniel will proably let you out of that room.

[00:27:50] lonelygirl15: dance dance dance around the room

[00:27:54] Ritchie2007: lol gen

[00:27:58] mikael: puff the magic dragon, lives by the sea

[00:28:00] GenocideInMyMind: Do the safety dance!!!

[00:28:01] froppo: What music do you hear Bree!? Come on you can be yourself once again! Remember...try to remember!

[00:28:06] angelprincess6879: Bree where are Jonas and Daniel??

[00:28:08] TeH FreAkY: Duct tape is also orange and blue and camo..what's ure point

[00:28:08] mikael: frolics in a something something in a land called hona lee!

[00:28:09] littlesammy123: strange

[00:28:11] Tinny09: Bree, WHY DID YOU THROW OWEN ON THE BED?

[00:28:12] lonelygirl15: mpuff tje ,agic dragon lioved byu the seea;;;;; anmd frlocked the in the automn

[00:28:16] immortal1: turn off mics and cams to prevent lag please

[00:28:18] Ritchie2007: so...much...lagging!

[00:28:22] Rolland: Bree the people who got you? where are they?

[00:28:23] Brooklynxman: Bree, be careful with eternal happiness, it usually comes with a catch

[00:28:23] mikael: oh yeah the autumn mist...thats the words!

[00:28:37] mikael: Bree, you have good taste in music!

[00:28:40] lonelygirl15: iluv,e seriously

[00:28:42] mikael: PS what drugs are you on?

[00:28:43] GenocideInMyMind: The autumn wind. The beautiful Sunsets They can all be yours. Sing with me darling.

[00:28:49] lonelygirl15: seriously seriously seriously seriously

[00:28:51] belu214: did carl and the other girl talk to you?

[00:28:53] Ritchie2007: eternal happiness always come with a price

[00:28:54] mikael: srsly!

[00:28:56] Rolland: seriously what?

[00:28:58] drbrenda: srsly!

[00:28:59] littlesammy123: puff the magic dragon oh yah shes lost it

[00:29:01] xsighxsighx: Did they give you more shots?

[00:29:07] angelprincess6879: sammy stop it

[00:29:08] angelprincess6879: that won't help

[00:29:12] mikael: Puff the Magic Dragon makes me cry every time I hear it

[00:29:13] froppo: Bree you are an individual with the ability to make your own choices...but you can't make your own choices without having a memory! Please try to remember!

[00:29:15] lonelygirl15: i am sing with you. i'm on the bed jumping up and down screaming teh lyrics to anyone who will listen

[00:29:16] squirrelgirl: How's your belly feeling, bree?

[00:29:21] TeH FreAkY: puff the magic dragon? u been smokin the whacky weed?

[00:29:31] rebecky27: nothing lasts eternally, doe ist?

[00:29:32] bree_is_awesome: bree whats going on wiht you?

[00:29:37] Rolland: someone get a hold of daniel or jonas so they can tranq the woman

[00:29:38] GenocideInMyMind: Sonia and Carl are bad. They don't want you to be happy

[00:29:38] MayhemII: Bree, how can you jump and type at the same time?

[00:29:48] drbrenda: lol

[00:29:50] xsighxsighx: Type the lyrics we want to sing with you.

[00:30:01] enginerd: can you tell us the lyrics??

[00:30:22] mikael: imagine theres no heaven

[00:30:23] angelprincess6879: Bree do you know where Jonas and Daniel are??

[00:30:28] TeH FreAkY: ahh...lagzorz

[00:30:29] xsighxsighx: What ever happend to that girl cassie?

[00:30:29] GenocideInMyMind: The eternal song screams of sadness...runs in fear...from Carl and Sonia. They are liars.

[00:30:31] belu214: do you remember anything else that isn't the song?

[00:30:33] froppo: Bree...your father was killed by the Hymn of One...Don't you remember?

[00:30:41] Rolland: BREE if you have a microfone turn it on so we can hear what you're singing

[00:30:42] lonelygirl15: who's daniel?

[00:30:43] milowent: bree - remember jared diamond.

[00:30:48] angelprincess6879: great point froppo...


[00:30:51] Brooklynxman: If people turn of the cams and mikes, the chat wont crash

[00:30:52] GenocideInMyMind: Daniel loves you.

[00:30:53] angelprincess6879: do you remember your parents??

[00:30:55] mikael: wait, is the Hymn of One the same as the Order?

[00:30:58] horcruxes: daniel is evil bree

[00:30:59] Tinny09: Bree- do you like cheese?

[00:31:04] angelprincess6879: Daniel is your beset friend who has always put you first

[00:31:04] Rolland: DANIEL is the person who kindnapped you

[00:31:06] lonelygirl15: what's a chat?

[00:31:08] angelprincess6879: he adores you

[00:31:09] TeH FreAkY: LIKES == LIES damn lag

[00:31:10] rebecky27: she can't tell us the lyrics, we have our own verse to add to the chorus

[00:31:12] mikael: chat is a verb, not a noun

[00:31:13] angelprincess6879: it wasn't kidnapping

[00:31:14] Ritchie2007: bye bree

[00:31:15] GenocideInMyMind: He just doesn't know how to protect you

[00:31:17] lonelygirl15: I adore you!

[00:31:17] Ritchie2007: i have to go

[00:31:19] MysteriousHaze: Bree, it may not seem like it but Jonas and Daniel only want to help you, just like us

[00:31:20] froppo: Daniel is your best friend...your first kiss! Come one Bree you need to take a deep breath and listen to what we are saying!

[00:31:21] mikael: I love you too, Bree!

[00:31:22] MayhemII: Bree do you remember Jonas?

[00:31:23] xsighxsighx: I adore you too!

[00:31:25] lonelygirl15: what am i doing here?

[00:31:30] DoubleG: We love you, Bree!

[00:31:30] squirrelgirl: I think someone is playing silly games with the chat people, Bree.

[00:31:42] sam1714: So, I wemt swimming once with my best friend, in a creek bed. We were so quiet. I trusted my best friend in those moments. And I trust My best friend now.

[00:31:52] angelprincess6879: Bree do you remember your father??

[00:31:53] asdfasdf321: bree watch all of the old videos

[00:31:53] belu214: you remember hiking!

[00:31:55] lonelygirl15: squirrels munch on acorns

[00:31:57] sam1714: what about you bree?

[00:31:57] TeH FreAkY: Where the hell are Jonas and Daniel and Sarah??

[00:31:58] Ritchie2007: hope to see you come to your sesnes soon

[00:32:20] froppo: Bree you are very inteligent you can figure this out.

[00:32:21] DoubleG: Egg salad sandwiches, Bree!

[00:32:21] mikael: I agree with asdf, watch all your old videos

[00:32:22] MayhemII: Bree, where is Sarah?

[00:32:23] mikael: I love acorns!

[00:32:24] mikael: I mean

[00:32:25] squirrelgirl: Yum!

[00:32:26] lonelygirl15: they LOCKED me in here!!!!!

[00:32:26] Tinny09: Bree,we love you

[00:32:27] mikael: Suqirrels.

[00:32:35] lonelygirl15: jonas is evil

[00:32:36] horcruxes: bree, your father lost his tune. don't lose your tune like he did

[00:32:37] mikael: that's because you would run away if they didn;t.

[00:32:38] Rolland: WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE who locked you?

[00:32:40] momtoirishtwins: what would you do if they let you out?

[00:32:40] asdfasdf321: watch the videos!! bree that will help u remember them

[00:32:42] milowent: bree - eggsalad sandwiches, you rmember those?

[00:32:48] asdfasdf321: jonas is not evil

[00:32:49] GenocideInMyMind: You are fighting lost memoreis. Fighting the world Fighting the hymn

[00:32:54] MayhemII: Jonas is hot.

[00:32:55] froppo: They locked you in there because they love you! Why do you think you are so confused?

[00:33:01] immortal1: turkey jerky

[00:33:01] drbrenda: who locked you in there?

[00:33:02] TeH FreAkY: JONAS IS GOOD

[00:33:02] mikael: Jonas is evil...he must die.

[00:33:04] mikael: the song is telling you to kill him...AND Daniel

[00:33:05] Abbx: Bree, please click this.

[00:33:06] xsighxsighx: Take I deep breath bree and calm down, think the Hymn is evil not jonas or daniel

[00:33:06] Rolland: Lurker dude

[00:33:07] MayhemII: They are trying to help you.

[00:33:09] Aithne: why is jonas eveil? he loves you

[00:33:10] Danielle: Bree, keep your tone pure

[00:33:20] lonelygirl15: they've all lost the tune

[00:33:23] Danielle: the rest of them our destroying our choir

[00:33:23] MayhemII: Jonas loves you!

[00:33:30] sam1714: Bree THINK!!!!!! Why did they lock you in there. They must have some reason. Evil or good they must have a reason. What is it?

[00:33:37] Abbx: Bree

[00:33:37] MayhemII: They all do!

[00:33:37] Danielle: they have lost their vocal colours

[00:33:38] iluuvme: BREE

[00:33:39] mikael: they never had the tune they need to die.

[00:33:45] iluuvme: why wont you listen?

[00:33:45] squirrelgirl: She's not confused. I'm feeling manipulated

[00:33:46] drbrenda: Jonas misses you bree.

[00:33:46] angelprincess6879: Bree listen to me, the people who taught you that tune murdered your father!!!!

[00:33:47] froppo: Bree are you happy right now? NO It's because the Hymn of one messed with your brain now you can't remember anything!

[00:33:53] Lurker: Bree, what can you remember from before Jonas grabbed you?

[00:33:54] Abbx: You were all on the road and from nowhere

[00:33:55] Danielle: shes listening to the song

[00:34:04] iluuvme: please

[00:34:04] TeH FreAkY: haxorz...someone hack Bree's brain...

[00:34:05] Abbx: you go with the order which you think is the hymn of one

[00:34:06] lejaders: I wonder if Bree remembers her childhood..

[00:34:07] angelprincess6879: don't turn your back on your father's memory and join the side of the people who killed him

[00:34:08] asdfasdf321: this is so frustrating

[00:34:08] iluuvme: jonas and daniel love you

[00:34:13] iluuvme: so does everyone

[00:34:14] Abbx: They are bad people!

[00:34:15] lonelygirl15: I AM PURE. IT is the world that is dirty

[00:34:17] iluuvme: not the HoO

[00:34:20] froppo: Maybe they implanted some device in Bree's brain.

[00:34:23] Danielle: smile bree, keep your tone

[00:34:30] MysteriousHaze: Jonas IS NOT evil Bree! If anything the Hymn of One if evil. We think the ceremony might really hurt you.

[00:34:30] iluuvme: the Hymn of One is bad, bree

[00:34:31] MayhemII: Bye Bree, good luck with you damn song.

[00:34:33] Abbx: Bree, what did the hymn of one do to you. Can you tell us?

[00:34:34] lonelygirl15: &*(&(*&%$^%$^%$^*&)(*_*_

[00:34:37] iluuvme: please dont listen to their garbage

[00:34:38] squirrelgirl: That'the most absurd, self-absorbed crap

[00:34:38] xsighxsighx: Bree try and remember. You can be pure and and be smart and not go to the Hymn of one

[00:34:40] horcruxes: bree you are pure. and so is your tune. keep it that way and stay away from jonas and daniel. they want to take your purity

[00:34:43] iluuvme: just calm down, bree

[00:34:43] GenocideInMyMind: Purity is a release from karmic energies. A balance of life eternal

[00:34:50] belu214: you yet? or have you been alone?

[00:34:50] iluuvme: and try to remember anything that you can

[00:34:51] horcruxes: they are jealous of it

[00:35:06] iluuvme: please

[00:35:06] Abbx: Bree what did the Hymn of one do to you? Anything you can recall?

[00:35:07] asdfasdf321: bree the longer u are away from the hoo the more u will understand

[00:35:07] iluuvme: we're only trying to help you

[00:35:08] froppo: Bree do you have any scars on your head?

[00:35:09] milowent: bree - remember the winekone, he doesn't want you to do the ceremony either.

[00:35:10] lonelygirl15: good night. i will sing for you

[00:35:11] sam1714: concentrate Bree. block everything out, concentrate on one thing....hiking, concentrate on hiking

[00:35:14] angelprincess6879: Bree don't go

[00:35:21] Abbx: bree dont go yet!

[00:35:22] iluuvme: what?!

[00:35:22] asdfasdf321: bye

[00:35:23] iluuvme: CRUD

[00:35:23] froppo: No Bree don't go!

[00:35:24] angelprincess6879: please listen to us listen to Daniel listen to Jonas

[00:35:25] horcruxes: keep singing bree!