Bree's biological parents

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Bree's biological parents
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My Dad Said... Bloodlines: Part 4
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Russia Flag Icon.gif Russia
Portrayed by Unknown

Little is known about Bree's biological parents. Bree herself only discovered that she had been adopted after her parents disappeared. At the end of Season Two, it is revealed that Bree and her older sister (Gina) were born to a young Russian woman who lived in a tiny village in Siberia near Lake Baikal. Shortly after Bree's birth, the trait-postive girls were somehow discovered by an elder. The elder, Dr. William Porter, paid Bree's mother for the girls. As is common practice in the Order, Dr. Porter placed Bree in a "protected home" (that of her adopted parents, the Averys). He then gave Gina to Dr. Hart for use in the Hart Study.

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