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Character information
Age 17
Date of Birth October 26th, 1989
MySpace lonelygurl15
YouTube lonelygirl15
Revver lonelygirl15
Portrayed by Jessica Lee Rose
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Bree, a.k.a. Lonelygirl15, is the star of the Lonelygirl15 video series, friend and love interest to Daniel (a.k.a. Danielbeast) and queen of the "Proving Science Wrong" skits. The backstory of this vivacious young homeschooler has been shrouded in much mystery, each episode revealing bits and pieces of her life and the current situations she is facing. Much speculation has been put forth in the viewing community about a religion she is reluctant to speak openly about, a mysterious ceremony in the near future she has been chosen to be a participant of, and the current conflict surrounding Daniel, her parents, and her religion.


Freeze frames of Bree from her video blogs.

It has been implied in the episodes that Bree's parents are very strict. In one episode Bree revealed that her mother and father met in London during the intermission of the play 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead'. Apparently the two got into a heated argument about the central theme in the play, and in the words of Bree, her father was "smitten like a kitten". In the same episode, How My Parents Met, Bree also divulged that her father studied medicine at Oxford.

Her parents are strictly religious. This is one reason that Bree is homeschooled. In the video, Learning To Drive, Bree tells Daniel that her parents are not Order of Denderah, presumably a reference to her religion.

In My Dad Said..., viewers learned that Bree's parents were not actually her biological parents. This was apparently revealed to Bree soon before her father was shot, and may have been what her father and she was talking about in the The Unthinkable Happened video. Because she is still mourning for the loss of the man she knew as her father, Bree wasn't very open and didn't really discuss her thoughts on the fact that the people she called her parents weren't her biological parents. However, she states that she won't be talking to her mother anytime soon - it is undetermined whether this is because she is upset her parents lied to her, or if she is unable to contact her due to safety concerns. Additionally, it is undetermined whether this has anything to do with The Order, or if Bree's parents simply wanted a child.

As of now, we do not know who Bree's biological parents are.


In the episode Mysteries of My Past... REVEALED!, Bree gave us a little rundown of all her travels. According to Bree, she was born in America, and moved to New Zealand when she was eight years old. While there, her family lived in a commune next to a small town. At age ten, Bree's family visited the Northern Territory of Australia. At the age of twelve, they moved to Nottinghamshire England, and resided there for two years. After England, they finally settled down in their home in the United States.


Bree has mentioned many times that she is homeschooled, but she has referenced in episodes that she previously attended traditional public schooling at least two times. First in New Zealand, where she was pulled from public schools after her parents witnessed the lack of discipline and again in the United States. In school she made two friends, Cassie and Daniel. Cassie was uncomfortable with Bree's religion and stopped hanging out with her after she left public school. Daniel and Bree stayed best friends.

Bree's parents pulled her out when she became the subject of ridicule, rumors, and hostilities from fellow classmates. In Poor Pluto Bree says that students made fun of her for asking too many astronomy questions in a science class. They started calling her Stargirl and when she continued asking questions they suggested she was having a relationship with the teacher. Daniel later said in I Want to Take Bree to a Party! that he did not think the teasing was that big of a deal. Bree has remarked in comments to her YouTube videos that she'd like to go back to public school.

She seems to be interested in astronomy, quantum physics, history, and evolution (another possible hint to her father's profession). Her studies are quite advanced for a secondary education level.


Not much is known for sure about Bree's religion, which was the source of a great deal of debate because of its role in Bree's ritual. Fans initially speculated that it is or is related to Thelema, but this was disavowed by Gemma in Learning Egyptian, who claimed that it is not a religion at all. Rather, Bree's "religion" is a type of secret society known as The Order.

Bree's bedroom

Probably the best view of Bree's workstation that we'll ever get.

Most of the early Lonelygirl15 videos take place in Bree's bedroom.

Other Friends

During the latest enrollment at public school, she befriended a young woman named Cassie, who was in Daniel's class (although he doesn't recognize the name). Bree says that everyone made fun of Cassie and that they used to walk around the track together. They initially spent time together, but Cassie was uncomfortable with Bree's religion. After Bree returned to homeschooling, she and Cassie stopped spending time together.

At a party, Bree met Daniel's Friends Paul and Andrea. She liked them a lot and the foursome made plans to go bowling together. It is unclear if they actually went bowling.

In preparing for her ceremony, Bree began spending time with Lucy, her "helper". Lucy is a member of her religion, like a counselor, and has helped Bree prepare for her ceremony.

While in England, she became good friends with a dog. The dog's owner, later revealed to be Gemma, has begun communicating with Bree from her home in London.

Bree's stuffed animal friends are P. Monkey, Owen, and Thor, and she utilizes them as puppets or props in various episodes. She also has a hot pink feather boa she is quite fond of.


In order to participate in The Ceremony Bree had to eat a special diet.

Bree's injections

For a discussion of Bree's injections Bree's injections go here. Bree is also taking Iron Pills which are thought to be a compliment to the injections.


  • Bree is the anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic female name Brígh, which means "power" or "high." As "Brigh" means power/high, fans speculate that Bree's name may refer to her importance to the Order. It may be that her ceremony was designed as an initiation into a high position entailing power.


In a post on, a user going by the name The Deacons referred to Bree as the Urim and Thummim. It is not known if this is in any way related to the official plot nor what it may imply about her future significance to the Order of Denderah. The legitimacy of these posts by "The Deacons" is still disputed because it has been noted that any user can post under any name whether they are part of the production or not.