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This page is dedicated to cataloging unusual Expressions, Acronyms, Terms, Phrases or Things found in the [[Breeniverse]].
This page is dedicated to cataloging unusual Expressions, Acronyms, Terms, Phrases or Things found in the [[Breeniverse]].

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This page is dedicated to cataloging unusual Expressions, Acronyms, Terms, Phrases or Things found in the Breeniverse.

Note: Please add new items in alphabetical order.

Breeniversism Meaning First Used, Links
24 videos in 24 hours™ An idea that just won't go away, as discussed here on the forum. March 2007, QtheC in Comment 230on Is He Out There?
436 something which does not exist such as the original comment by Joe "This comment is private ... Under no circumstances should you ever acknowledge that this comment even exists, because it doesn’t." March 2007, Joe's Comment 437on Vegas, Baby!
8 Minutes an anomaly in the experience of the passage of time by a number of commenters mysteriously absent from lonelygirl15.com for several days, possibly caused by Joe's Universal Time Zone experiments, held within the 436 June 2007, Brooklynxman comments, also Inside 436? on LG15 Today
BDJ or BD&J Bree, Daniel, and Jonas. For instance, Nikki Bower uses this term in School's In Session! - NBR Investigates first use, links needed
Bonas Bree + Jonas courtship June 2007, alexsfruitcakemommy on comments
Breeniverse everything associated with the Lonelygirl15 story August 2006
Breeniversisms Unusual Expressions, Acronyms, Terms, Phrases or Things found in the Breeniverse. June 2007, QtheC on LG15 Today
Breeny snack The Breeniverse equivalent of a Scooby snack, a reward for Danielbeast. April 2007, QtheC lyrics on LG15 Today
Bundt cake One of the official snacks of the LG Defense force, often served with Grape Nehi. December 2006, krig's Comment 711 to Marbella while planning for a Lonelycrack support group meeting with Dream on Homeless
cassieisdrinkingslurpees long strings of words without spaces beginning with "cassieis..." such as cassieiscommenting or cassieisdoingsomethingthatishardtoreadwithoutspaces March 2007, OpLadybug fan video on LG15 Today
CiW Cassieiswatching, a fan created ARG based on a friend Bree mentions in Swimming!. September 2006, fan video This Is My Story Now
The Creators The Creators of Lonelygirl15: Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, whose identites were secret when the series began. September 2006, Forums Profileand Member Profileon Lonelygirl15.com
Danielbeast Bree's nickname for Daniel, "kinda like an abominable snowman. He doesn't like to be on camera," first seen in The Danielbeast. June 2006
De-slurpee the process of deprogramming Bree begun in Bedside Manner after her brainwashing by the Hymn of One June 2007, GF on LG15 Today
"eye less than three female sheep" Joe's comments page parser acceptable way of typing "I <3 You" or "I heart you." April 2007, Joe in Comment 955on Confrontation.
FFFFIIIIRRRRSSSSTTTT!!!! celebration of the competition to post the first comment on each new video October 2006, General Firstsayer
Grape Ape the official mascot of the LG15 Defense force first use, links needed
Grape nehi official beverage of the LG Defense force, often served with bundt cake December 2006 (or earlier), (see Grape nehi on LGPedia)
The Great War Now largely smoothed over, some differences arose between those who prefer the more recent Forum, and those who prefer using the Comment board. first use, links needed
"HAPPY THOUGHTS" Comment board mantra to calm Defense force troops while under attack by trolls, particular favorite of rosieiswatching first use, links needed
HoO Hymn of One, Bree's Religion as revealed in Losing My Religion. April 2007, hymnofone.org
Hymn-of-One-ish The after effects of Hymn of One brainwashing, a mental state displayed by Bree - seeming to hear music and hardly hear or recognize her friends. June 2007, Jonas describing Bree in Bedside Manner
l'care/le care 1. The act of loving someone but being to afraid to tell them 2. One of the highest forms of affection a lonelycrack addict can express. Originated when Daniel tells Bree he "still l... cares" about her in Back Home. December 2006, Brought to popularity by SaraMel15 and Elphielives.
Lonelycrack the addictive quality of Lonelygirl15 as defined here. November 2006, NAXAN on comments
Lonelycracker subject addicted to lonelycrack. November 2006
"Long Live Comments!" rally cry of Comment board supporters dating from the Great War first use, links needed
The Mackerel the official hallucination of the LG15 Defense force first use, links needed
Meep non-specific word replacing anything else, expression of commenter's delight and free spirit December 2006, Rebelgoddess & WatchingOne on comments
Necro comments page term for the forums on the Lonelygirl15 website first use, links needed
New Girl After Alex told Bree that the Order "has a new girl" in The Perfect Beach, a List of New Girl Candidates emerged. April 2007
Orange slurpee tool of the forces of evil, see Orange slurpee page for more info. November 2006
Perkyocracy a strange form of government (or social experiment) of and by and for the Comment board users, wherein everyone is absolutely equal and there are no moderators and yet Perky is the supreme authority, even over the Creators. June 2007, QtheC in IRC chat
Phorum The original lonelygirl15.com forum, which lasted from July through early September 2006, and got its name from the "Phorum" software which powered it. Some old fans of the show still refer to the official forums by this spelling. July 2006, in the Phorum
Pink herring A character, word, text or graphic symbol that appears in a video and seems to have some significance to the plot, but then is never mentioned again. Examples; the Cowboy, longitude, the report found at Alex's cabin. first use, links needed
Purple Kaboom the official cleaning product of the LG15 Defense force first use, links needed
Robot Internet lingo for "awesome hot aunt" as explained by Jackson Davis (Jonas) to Bitsie Tulloch (Aunt Alex) while pursuading her to continue with Lonelygirl15 April 2007, QtheC in fan video Acting for Pesos
Scoobies Bree, Daniel, and Jonas and anyone that travels with them. first use, links needed
Songle many definitions, see links first use, links needed (to comments)
Spin art recreational activity of the Order, mentioned by Daniel in Miss Me?. February 2007
TAAG Teen Angst Adventure Gang aka Bree, Daniel, and Jonas. first use, links needed (Tachyon)
"This place is deader than Bree's Dad." Joe's way of describing slow activity on the comment's page. April 2007, Joe in Comment 518on Sloppy Drunk.
WHOA! reaction to tasting Hershey's Ice Breakers Sours Gum, Lonelygirl15's first product placement in Truckstop Reunion. March 2007