Children of Anchor Cove (listing)

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This is a Behind the Scenes page that contains real world information. It may be locked for editing due to privacy concerns.

The Children of Anchor Cove was the code name for the lonelygirl15 production used in the casting call that was posted on Craigslist. For the fansite that takes its name from the casting call, see The Children of Anchor Cove.

Leyna Noelani Raskoff was the casting agent for the Children of Anchor Cove. The project originally called for three actors:

  • Girl #1, the lead character, "naturally beautiful and attractive, in an innocent and cute way. Great sense of humor with strong improv skills (think Natalie Portman, Leelee Sobiesky, Rachel Leigh Cook)." This part went to Jessica Lee Rose and became Bree.
  • Boy #1, "Geeky but attractive. He's a film geek, intelligent, funny, uncomfortable (think Adam Brody, Colin Hanks.)" This part went to Yousef Abu-Taleb and became Daniel.
  • Girl #2, "cute, quirky, funnier than Girl #1 (think young Natasha Lyonne or Michelle Flaherty)." It is unknown if someone was cast for this role. Early speculation suggested this part was Cassie, but Cassie has yet to appear in the series. Now, after the addition of Gemma, some have inferred that she is Girl #2.

The initial casting call said the project would span approximately 6 months, which means the series would end around December 2006. The project required an initial commitment of 3-4 days and after that, a commitment of about 1 day a week.

Before describing the project to the actors, the Creators made them sign non-disclosure agreements.