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Template:Blog4 Co-Ed Foosball is the one hundred fifty-ninth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Daniel is sitting at a table and Bree and Jonas are playing foosball behind him.)

Daniel: So this is a big moment. After, uh, after long and careful consideration, Jonas and I have decided to teach Bree how to play foosball. It's a whole new year. 2007. Girls have rights.

(Shots of Bree playing foosball with Jonas)

Bree: I'm going to win.

Daniel: She kicking your butt or what? She beating you up?

Jonas: No. I think we have a spinner.

Daniel: No!

Jonas: To spin is a sin.

Daniel: That's what it is, to spin is a sin.

Jonas: And I tried to explain it to her.

Daniel: I thought we told her.

Jonas: She likes to see how cute they are. They spin around (in a high Bree voice) Look at them, look how fast they are. (back to Jonas voice) She keeps grabbing the ball too, man.

Daniel: Dude, what are you doing? You need to...

Jonas: She keeps grabbing the ball. I get it in position and she's like (Bree voice) No, I want a time out.

Daniel: Dude, you need to teach her right man, teach her right.

Jonas: There's no time out in foosball! Teach her right?

Daniel: You know what, if she doesn't do this right, she's not gonna play. That's it. The DB law will be spoken.

Jonas: Daniel, Daniel, listen to me right now. Okay, I know foosball, I know how to train foosball. You know how many people I've trained in foosball? (exasperated) She's untrainable!

(Bree and Jonas are back at the foosball table.)

Daniel: This is a sad day, we may not be able to let Bree into our foosball club. I mean, there are just some things you don't do. Superstitious, maybe? I don't know. You can't slide into first base. And you can't spin your rows in foosball. That's it. The men don't do flips. Look at 'em. And I, I think he's spinning now too, I'm not even sure. (Jonas starts to walk back to the table) Dude, um, were you spinning?

Jonas: Was I spinning?

Daniel: Yeah, I thought I saw you spinning. Is it an epidemic?

Jonas: I was trying to show her what not to do. Dude, I'm sorry man, but her spinning is like... driving me crazy. It's constantly spinning. (Daniel laughs) I mean, is it something wrong with me?

Daniel: You know, I think it might be. You're teaching her. What's going on?


Daniel: Pick up the ball.

Jonas: Why don't you go play with her for a while dude, because I really, I'm seriously at the point where...

Daniel: What, you think I can get through to her? Come on.

(Jonas and Daniel are now at the foosball table.)

Bree: Just because I've discovered a far more effective way of playing foosball, the boys went and got all bitter on me. (whispering) I was winning. (normally) You know, I think that if you were to compare my foosball techniques with theirs, you'd see that mine deliver faster and more desirable results. It's true, that's why I won almost every time. If P. Monkey was here, I'd do a Proving Science Wrong about it right now. (nods enthusiastically) I would.

(Cut to Bree in a motel room talking to Jonas)

Bree: I wanted to talk to you about something.

Jonas: Is this about spinning? (Bree laughs) I really wanted to talk to you about spinning.

Bree: No, it's not about spinning. It's kind of serious. I just, uh, I hate saying serious stuff. (Bree turns the camera toward Jonas) Just, can you look at the TV? (Jonas laughs) Please just do it.

Jonas: What?

Bree: Just do it. It makes me uncomfortable when you're looking at me. Just look at the TV.

Jonas: Okay, whatever, I'm looking at the TV.

Bree: Okay, thank you. I just, I've been really selfish, and...I...you've helped me a lot, so I just wanted to talk to you and let you know that I appreciate it and, you know, I haven't really talked to you since you found out that your parents are still alive, and I want you to know that I'm going to do everything I can to help you find them, so... There, I said it.

Jonas: Can I look back now?

Bree: Yes, you can look back now.

Jonas: Thanks, that means a lot to me, thank you.

Bree: No problem, I just wanted to, well, you know, whatever. (Bree smiles and looks down demurely)


  • We can now assume that Bree, Daniel and Jonas are staying at a hotel or motel. The room where Bree talks privately with Jonas appears to be a hotel room, and the place where they play foosball is most likely a game room. This is evident from the flat screen TV and numerous beer signs on the walls.
  • Jonas can be seen spinning in the earlier video Foosball.