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Episode 50/3x014

My wife is...

Blogger Gregory Atkins
Date Posted February 12th, 2008
Length 3:55
Description There really isn't a way to do this where I don't sound creepy. I'll be in Nacogdoches next week, so let me know if you are up to having some coffee.
YouTube Tags Greg Maddison's Dad Coffee? Marla
Gregory Atkins Brad Maule
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Coffee? is the fiftieth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the fourteenth video of chapter three.


(Gregory Atkins faces the camera, a wall of boxes behind him.)

Gregory: Marla Singer is a character from a Brad Pitt movie, so I'm not as dumb as you think I am and I'm just curious, is that your real name? Or is that your internet name? I'd like to know that. Um, also, if possible, I would like to actually meet you in person. I saw your Mohawk. (Chuckles slightly) Weird, I liked it. Um, I'm not pulling the weird card on you right now; I just would like to meet you. Um, maybe at Java Jack's, you know the coffee place on North Street, if you want. Um, that's safe, we can meet. Um… I'm actually pretty impressed with the way you've handled yourself. I mean I know you've irritated some people, and I know that you've acted a bit crazy sometimes, but I appreciate that because I've done some crazy things myself. And, we're all trying to cope right now. You know, I've got my own set of problems. I've sold my house. We're going to close next week. And, um, my wife, um, you know, she's pretty sick. (Speaks very quickly, rushing sentence together) And she's still grieving for Maddison and everything and I guess it's driven her kind of over the edge. Anyway, Evie, that's my wife and, it's just um... just, uh...

You know I sit in my house as long as I can and then, um I feel myself beginning to go crazy with my wife. So lately, what I've been doing is, I'll take her outside and I put her in the chair. Why am I telling you this stuff? Anyway, I put her in a chair outside, and, and I shoot hoops. And I'm not a basketball player, but I've got to do something to get out of the house. So, I shoot hoops (makes a "shooting hoops" motion with one hand) and she watches me. And um, the other day I saw kids riding by on their bicycles back and forth and watching us and stuff, and I was jus… it occurred to me then that they think that we're both kind of crazy. And suddenly this house that, that I loved and that, that was a… used to be a house where my family lived is now this house that I've sold and I'm leaving. And it's going to become this neighborhood legend as the house full of crazy people. Because they see my wife sitting there, and they see the sadness in my eyes, I imagine. It actually kind of made me laugh, (chuckles slightly) I was thinking well you always wanted to be a legend, and now, now I guess we will be because people will talk about this long after we're gone. And say, "Oh yeah, that's where the crazy people lived."

Anyway, wow, I understand blogging now, huh, cause you just get to spill your heart out. Anyway, I just um, there's just so much you could do. If you or Marla, or whatever your name is and if Clara would ever call me back I mean there's just a lot you could do. You could solve a lot of things for me, a lot of mysteries in my life. So, um, I would like to meet you. (Waves to the camera)