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Cynthia Frady


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Cynthia Frady
Cynthia Frady

Age: Unknown
Portrayed by: Lisa Lalumandier
Videos with Cynthia Frady

Cynthia Frady is a character in the Maddison Atkins ARG

Cynthia was introduced in the video titled Cynthia Frady. She is the ex-wife of Joel Frady. Cynthia and Joel met in 1995 and were married for 8 years, together they had one child, Bethany Frady (now 10 years old), born before the marriage. On finding out about her pregnancy, Cynthia described herself to be "pissed". After Bethany was born, Cynthia gave her to Joel and left "on the back of a Harley" for 6 months. After these 6 months, she returned whereupon Joel took her back in. It was at this stage that the couple got married. In the end, their relationship became "platonic" and was no longer enough from a relationship for Cynthia. This was the catalyst for the couple's divorce.

After the divorce, Joel got custody of Bethany. Cynthia had visitation rights, being allowed to see Bethany twice a month. She admitted that Joel could love Bethany "in a way she couldn't". Cynthia also stated that Joel took a job with fewer hours in order to spend more time with her.

Now, Cynthia has custody of Bethany. She stated that she couldn't keep up with Bethany's schedule, due to all of the various activities she undertakes and was is "getting to know her daughter again".

Cynthia believes that Joel Frady could not have committed the Murders of Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott. She mainly pointed to his relationship with his daughter, as documented above as a reason why, however, she also stated reasons such as Joel's cleanliness and his lack of connections outside of the local area for messages around the country.

The weekend of the murders of Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott, Cynthia Frady was due to pick up Bethany "that Friday in April", and as such, would have had Bethany the weekend of the murders. She explained that Joel was due to go fishing with Duke Johnson, in the process of doing so; she was the first person to introduce this individual.

Cynthia Frady was also the first individual to bring the trust fund for Bethany to light.

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