Daniel's August 7, 2016 Snapchat

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Episode Snapchat 003
Daniel's August 7, 2016 Snapchat

There goes the timer again!

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted August 7th, 2016
URL Facebook
Forum [12576 forum discussion]
Length 1:03
Description Thanks to Angelique and James for meeting up with me at Dark Delicacies to pick up the drop from M. Emma and I are going to hit the road. We'll keep you posted.
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Daniel's August 7, 2016 Snapchat was created in response to the Dark Delicacies Drop. It was subsequently posted to his Facebook account the same day.


(Daniel sits in in front of several arcade machines.)

Daniel: So, first of all, uh, I want to thank you guys for helping me figure out where the drop was gonna be. It was at, um, Dark Delicacies in Burbank, and-and, uh, we got it.

So some people came out to help with the package. I was up all night just... going over what's in it, and, uh...

(Laughing) Freaking timer always runs out! I'm trying to... Anyway, it was from M, and, uh, it's-it's a lot of the- There it goes again, there goes the time.

Anyway, it looks to be, uh, the same thing that you all got, um, except, uh, the addresses were not redacted, so...

I'll be in touch. Maybe a little sporadic, uh, but Emma and I will probably go on the road, check some of these places out. Um...

(Text saying "Thanks for the help guys!" appears as an overlay.)

So for now, uh, I guess... hang tight. If I need you, I'll-I'll call for some backup, though. That's for sure.

I guess I should also say "thank you" to M. Uh, I don't know how you got this info, but... (nods) I'm choosing to trust you for now.