Daniel's June 20, 2016 Facebook Live Chat

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Episode Facebook Live 001
Daniel's June 20, 2016 Facebook Live Chat

How does this go again?

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted June 20th, 2016
URL Facebook
Forum [12522 forum discussion]
Length 9:28
Description Not sure what to say
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Daniel's June 20, 2016 Facebook Live Chat, later preserved on his account, was created in response to the video Whatever Happened To lonelygirl15?. It serves as a follow-up to Daniel's June 19, 2016 Snapchat.


(Daniel appears conflicted.)

Daniel: Um... (Daniel rubs his beard.) I guess-I guess I'm, uh, I guess I'm live. Um... (Daniel readjusts in his seat.) Uh... What should I talk about, I have no clue...? I didn-I didn't want to talk about... that video... I didn't want to talk about that video, I just... I saw it and... it brought up so much d-... I-I guess pain from the past. I-I... She was... She was just, like, my everything, and... seeing... whatever that was... that's not... that's... (Daniel laughs.) That's just not... that's not my Bree. And I don't... I don't know what that was, but... But it's not... It's not my Bree. (Daniel shakes his head.) That's... I wish it was, but it's not.

(Daniel is clearly reading comments as he continues.)

I, um, over the years I, obviously, I haven't stopped looking for answers, um... I've been reaching out and-and-and trying to... I don't know. Kim Goodwin's been wanting to know if it's her reaching out to us. I... I don't know, wh- Personally, I-I... She would have reached out to me in a- in a different way, not that video. So, I-I personally can't... I just... I don't see how that-that's not, that's not, that's not her. It's not her. Um... So, yeah, over the past, like, ten years, I've-I've been doing my own thing, you know. I'm-I'm obsessed with everything that's happened, but I try and... I've been trying to stay low key, and then... I just figure it out on my own, I don't want anybody else to get... hurt or... (Daniel sighs.) anything. One person's still been with me. Helping me, like, look for things. I-I don't even know if I should really say... Uh, I haven't heard from Jonas. Uh, I.... Um... I assume he's gone. I mean, the last time anything happened, I walked into that apartment, and-and nobody was there, and... and... I-I just... (Daniel laughs.) I think he's gone. I, uh, Emma is the only person I really keep in touch with, and she's... (Daniel shrugs.) She's there for me. She helps me try and figure things out, but I don't know where everybody else is. I-I think Jonas is...

(Daniel takes a moment to compose himself.)

Um... When it comes to, like, what we've- what I've been trying to do... I've been, uh... I've just been trying to collect information, and... and, uh... we've just been interviewing people, and... 'Cause I don't know what else to do at this point. I- So much has happened. A-And everybody around me... gets hurt or worse. I can't have that happen any more. I don't want that. I don't want that. But for me, personally, I can't let them get away with all that. I can't. I'm not-I won't. So I'm not- I'm not ready to stop. Anyway, what I've... What I've found out is, uh, The Order's not weaker at all. They're just- they just got quieter, I guess. Um... I appreciate that- that you guys want to help. I do. I want... I- I don't know, I guess I need help. I'm just scared to ruin anybody else. To hurt anybody else. I-I know that The Hymn of One, th-that's gone- they're gone. Verdus Pharmaceuticals, that's gone. I haven't heard anything about... about The Order of Denderah or any of that. I, um... I guess, just there's been no connection made, uh, or... Um...

Uh, Jamie, whi-which clues? Jamie Paul asked this. You think the clues- If-if you're talking about the, um, the voicemail, its-yeah, I have seen it now. Um... Which... which, that freaked me out, I... I don't even know how that was possible. Um... I... I, um, I ended up changing phones. I-is that- Is that crazy? I don't even know. I got a new number and everything. I, um... You know, that hospital report, I don't- I don't even want to look at that. I don't. Jonas was, he was like a brother to me. I don't- I don't want to know how or... I don't want to know how he- That, I can't see that. I don't want to see that. I-I just can't. I don't want to see anything like that. I'm s- I just can't. He was-was my best friend, he was like...

Um... I'll probably take a little bit of time to myself. Just a few weeks, maybe. Um, if there's anything you guys want me to look at, I guess send it to me here on Facebook, but I-I probably... I just need to make sure everybody's okay and th-that they're not going to come after... Emma, or... So I'm gonna take a little time, I probably will turn into a little hermit for a few weeks. I hope you don't get mad at me for that, I just need that time.