Daniel: What are you waiting for?

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Episode 3/1x003
Daniel: What are you waiting for?

While I was gone, I did some reading up on Parallax.

Blogger M
Date Posted September 29th, 2016
URL youtube.com
Length 2:18
Description I know I've been out of pocket, but I'm sure you can take a little initiative. Or do you still not trust me?

And really, Daniel -- update your passwords. It took me five seconds to guess.

YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 danielbeast denderah
Angelique Angelique Toschi
James James Brent Isaacs
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Daniel: What are you waiting for? is the third video in the LG15: Anchor Cove video series. It contains footage taken during the retrieval of the Dark Delicacies Drop.


(M clandestinely films customers shopping inside Dark Delicacies. Cut to the Facebook stream from the Dark Delicacies Drop.)

Angelique: Hi guys, it's Angelique and James. We are here at Dark Delicacies and we're going to see... (to James) how do you pronounce it?

James: Rochambeau.

Angelique: Rochambeau, okay. Let's see what it gets us. (retrieves drop from cashier) So, we have something. Thank you so much! I think I found Daniel. Hey, Daniel!

Daniel: Hey.

Angelique: Are you talking to Emma?

Daniel: Yeah, I actually was.

Angelique: Is she okay?

Daniel: Why?

Angelique: This is what we have. We're going to have to- yeah, let's go check it out somewhere else.

(Angelique, James, and Daniel exit Dark Delicacies and walk down the street. Daniel places the box on a bench.)

Daniel: You want to do the honors?

Angelique: How about you, James?

James: (opens the box) It says "Trust me now", with the letter M.

Angelique: There we go. So, what do you guys think? Should we look at this? Do you think something bad would happen if we look at the "For your eyes only" message? Oh, gosh.

Daniel: You know what, I'm going to take this over to Emma, I think.

Angelique: Okay.

Daniel: Nice to meet you, Angelique. Thank you for (unintelligible).

Angelique: Nice to meet you.

Daniel: I'll see you guys later. Thank you!

Angelique: We got some stuff, so we will go ahead and take pictures and upload them to the Slack. We will talk to you later!