Getting Wet (LG15: The Last)

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Episode 19/1x019
Getting Wet

First Chas steals a car, then a boat... Let's collectively ignore that she is a kleptomaniac...

Blogger Chasina
Date Posted April 9th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 6:30
Description Finally a little excitement! And a little peace of mind.
Location(s) The Island Hideout
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 The Last order hymn of one trait positive bree Jayde Bray Chas Toni Mitch Leigh Getting Wet
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Director of Photography Andrew Strouthos
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Music "Far Away" by Mdeman
"Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries" by Berrycomposer
"Twilight Impression...
Antonia Samantha Carr
Jayde Emily Rose Robinson
Chasina Catherine Williams
Leigh Jessica Shipley
Bray James Olds
Mitch Tom Mesker
Driver Unknown
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Getting Wet is the nineteenth video in the LG15: The Last video series.


(Footage of everyone running on the beach. Cut to black, then fade into footage of a highway outside a car window. Cut to footage of Chas sleeping in the backseat next to the person filming, then back out the window at some power lines, then at a body of water. Cut to Mitch talking to the driver of a different car that he and someone else are riding in.)

Mitch: Alright. Thanks for the ride mate.

(Mitch gets out of the car and the person with the camera follows. A car pulls up behind them, and Bray, Chas, and Leigh get out. The two groups combine, and walk along the highway with their thumbs out. Fade to black, then Fade in to Chas running along a beach near a pier.)

Chas: How close was that? Bloody Bray, sucker-punching that bloke out, ruining my fun. It's the first bit of excitement I've had in my life for a while. Bloody Mitch, he's such a killjoy. None of them appreciate what I've done for 'em. If it wasn't for me, they wouldn't even be here. (Groans) I could kill Leigh. I've put up with them for far too long. They can go and- (Looks at something offscreen) Oh. Best I leave you out of this one.

(Chas reaches and shuts the camera off. Cut To Bray filming the others, who are walking onto the pier. Mitch is running around frantically, and turns to Bray.)

Mitch: Hey, have you seen Chas?

Bray: I dunno Mitch. She's your woman. I've got enough lady troubles as it is.

Mitch: Well, maybe they've taken her. (Turns to Leigh) Hey, have you seen Chas?

Leigh: No.

Mitch: (running up to Jayde) Hey Jayde. You seen Chas?

Jayde: No Mitch I haven't. Of course she'll turn up. (Fake gasp) But what If they've taken her.

Mitch: (In a panic) Oh my god. Toni! Toni! (Runs behind the others to talk to Toni.) Have you seen Chas?

(Bray turns the camera to Leigh and Jayde's conversation.)

Leigh: But don't you know where she is?

Jayde: Yeah, but it was fun to watch him squirm.

Leigh: Hey, look, I'm really sorry about before.

Jayde: Look, okay, it was your fault, but at least we lost their trail now.

Leigh: I'm sorry, I just don't want everyone to hate me.

Jayde: Look, it's in the past. We'll be safe now. If Chas ever hurries up.

Bray: Look Jayde, about the other day. I'm- I'm-

Jayde: (Holds up her hand.) Look, its- Can we talk about it later?

Leigh: Where are we going?

Toni: This place must be seriously remote.

Jayde: She didn't ask you. We'll be safe there.

Leigh: That's what you said about the last place.

Mitch: Well, that's your fault and now Chas is gone.

Jayde: Chas... Chas!

(Everyone looks out into the ocean, where Chas is driving a motor boat. Bray turns to Toni)

Bray: Here Toni, take this.

Toni: Alright. (Takes camera)

(Bray, Jayde, and Mitch run to meet Chas as she brings the boat to the dock. Leigh stays where she is, and Toni pauses before following the others.)

Leigh: There's no way I'm getting wet.

(Cut to more footage of Chas driving the boat, then to the others at the dock.)

Jayde: Oh my god.

Bray: (Under his breath.) What's she doing out there? (Normal voice) Come on Mitch, lets go.

Jayde: Careful guys, don't let it hit.

Bray: (Laughs) The boat's called "Get Wet".

Jayde: Bray!

Bray: Alright. (Grabs boat.) Come around Mitch.

(Camera zooms in on Chas, who is wearing a captain's hat)

Jayde: Nice choice Chas, I love it.

(Everyone begins to climb into the boat)

Bray: (Laughs) Get wet.

Toni: You're sense of humor is really, really poor.

Jayde: (Reaches out to help Leigh in) Here, come on. (Helps Leigh in) Come on Mitch, get up. (Helps Mitch in)

Bray: (Points at the boat) Alright Toni, you go.

Jayde: Told you she'd turn up.

(Toni gets on the boat, and films Chas and Mitch exchange greetings and a kiss.)

Mitch: Let's go! (Bray and Jayde push the boat away from the dock)

Jayde: Go, Go, Go. (Puts arm up in the air.)

(The boat begins to move. Shots of the ocean. Cut to Bray sitting on the boat singing, then to everyone looking mortified. Cut to closeup of Chas driving the boat, then to Chas and Jayde looking up ahead.)

Chas: (Pointing in the distance) Is this it Jayde?

Jayde: Yeah. Just up here on the left.

Mitch: Are we almost there? Toni's not feeling well.

Jayde: Yeah, not long now.

(Mitch turns the camera to Leigh, who is clutching the side of the boat.)

Leigh: Ahh! My hair is getting wet!

Bray: (Laughing) Getting Wet.

Leigh: Bray!

Jayde: Just up ahead.

(Musical montage of the boat making landfall. Bray and Jayde are posing together on the bow of the boat.)

Bray: Okay, Alright. I'll get off first. (Jumps into Water and grabs onto the bow) Okay. Oy! Princess Mitch! Get your little arms and come on and help me up here!

Jayde: Here, come on. I'm getting off. (Begins climbing off boat)

Bray: Here, Jayde. (Grabs Jayde) Here. You Alright?

Jayde: Thanks. I hope so.

Bray: You alright? Just jump down.

(Jayde screams and jumps in the water)

Toni: This is nuts.

(Jayde begins fussing in the water. Bray reaches out to Toni.)

Bray: Okay. Toni. Toni, come on. (Camera turns to show Mitch climbing off the boat behind Leigh, who is filming.) Come on Princess Mitch! Let's go mate!

(Leigh falls in the water)

Jayde: You alright?

Leigh: Mmm hmm.

(Leigh turns and shows that Mitch is in the water too, leaving Chas as the only one left on the boat.)

Jayde: Watch out. Come on Chas!

(Chas tosses her shoes onto the beach almost hitting Toni.

Bray: Get your woman Mitch

Jayde: Come on guys, we're almost there!

(Chas climbs out of the boat and onto Mitch.)

Chas: Thanks. Thank You.

(Chas falls into the water)

Bray: Hah! Chas got wet!

Toni: Ah Bray!

Jayde: Guys come on. Let's go. This way.

Chas: Which way?

Jayde: (Points) This way. (Everyone begins to walk.) Oh wait, hang on. Oh god, sorry guys, its this way. (Points in opposite direction)

(The group begins walking along the beach. Cut to footage of a rainbow.)

Mitch: Let's relax.

(Various shots of the boat and the rainbow side-by-side.)

Chas: Come on Leigh! (Leigh begins to follow the others.)

(Fade to black, then cut to everyone walking up a walkway.)

Mitch: This is cool.

Leigh: This is remote.

Jayde: Yeah, I told you. No one;s going to find us here.

Bray: It's like an old lighthouse or something.

(Everyone walks through the gate, and Toni picks a flower off of a tree. Cut to exterior shots of the house, showing a nearby storm.)