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Itscassie Video 9
got a ?


Blogger itscassie
Date Posted December 15th, 2006
URL YouTube
Description Meet me December 21st in the chat. I'll be answering some questions if I can.

Heres another hint to my screenname: show yourselves, appear

YouTube Tags itscassie
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got a ? is the ninth video in the itscassie video series. It was posted in response to Back At Bree's.


itscassie: And now I have this weird feeling that I'm being watched. I've been trying to figure out who came in my room and why. When the door opened, I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping. I don't know why I did that, that--that was stupid, I was just...I was scared. I don't want to get caught. And they left my door wide open, so I don't even know when they left. Anyway, I know there's more people than just Bree watching my videos, so I thought I'd give all of you a chance to talk to me. I'm going to be in the chat on The Order has planned a meeting on the 22nd, so I know it will be safe to do it the night before then. I've decided to use a less obvious name, here's a little hint: (a word in Enochian appears on the screen.) Bree if you're up that late, I'd love to talk to you, too. We'll talk on December 21st.

The Event

itscassie showed up in the LG15 chatroom with the username ODZAMRAN. --The article on the whole event.


  • The Enochian word that appears in the video is:


  • ODZAMRAN means "and show yourselves" or "and appear" in Enochian, which are both clues in the description.