Groping (Alone) in the Dark

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Episode 25/1x025
Groping (Alone) in the Dark

Nikki B, world class "flute" player.

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted November 17th, 2007
Length 5:09
Description It's a little more crowded in here than I'd expected... but I'm on a mission to save Jonas and Sarah.
Location(s) A white truck, Koreatown
YouTube Tags nikki nikkibowerreport danielbeast jonas lonelygirl15 truck flute banana
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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Groping (Alone) in the Dark is the twenty-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


Nikki: Hey guys, it's Nikki B! How YOU doin'? So, I've been doing some investigating. Sarah and Jonas stowed away in a Lullaby Project truck and turned up somewhere in the desert. According to Jonas's cell phone signal, he and Sarah have crossed international borders. And although there's a lot of flat land in Canada, there doesn't seem to be too much desert. So I'm thinking they're in Mexico. So my investigating has led me to this, a white truck. Very similar, if not the same truck that Jonas, Daniel, and Sarah saw in the parking lot. It has the same shape, break lights, running board. We're gonna go in it and find out what this Lullaby Project is all about. We are going to Mexico. We, and when I saw we, I mean me with you watching, are gonna save Jonas and Sarah.

(Cuts to Nikki inside of the truck with the night vision on.)

Nikki: Okay, so, I'm here in the truck. I made it inside. Um, I told my mom that this was a one person job, I didn't want her to come with me, so she's flying to Mexico. And we're gonna hopefully meet up. It's a little more crowded than I had anticipated, but lots of boxes everywhere. Alright, I'm going to look through some of these boxes here, see if I can see anything. (She opens a box and pushes aside the packing material to reveal a People magazine with Owen Wilson on the cover.) People... huh, that's Owen Wilson! A familiar face... People magazine... okay, reading material. Score! Luckily I found a flashlight, lucky me. And I have my People magazine. And I'm also working on this crossword puzzle. Let's see. Nightwear for short-three letters. Hm. I sleep in the nude, and that would be four letters. So that doesn't work. (Cuts to Nikki eating a banana.) Luckily, I found some nourishment. I found a banana. I'm so hungry. I've been in here for quite some time. We're going on fifteen minutes. And it's cold in here. This is hard work in the darkness. I miss the light. (Cuts back to Nikki doing her crossword puzzle.) A small amount of whiskey-four letters. I usually don't drink in small amounts, so I'm not familiar with the small amount term. I usually drink in more moderate to large amounts. (Cuts to Nikki with her head against some boxes.) We're a minute twenty-two here in the truck, and I found some Fritos and a string cheese. I'm like in my own vending machine. Is there an end in sight? How far away is Mexico? (Cuts to Nikki with her head near a bottle of alcohol.) We're a minute fifty-two. And I still have to pee. I'd better finish this bottle. Might have two purposes. (Cut to Nikki sleeping with her head against a box. The lid of the box falls in. Cuts to Nikki sitting.) Okay, so one thing that is a plus right now is that I have my trusty flute. (She plays it. Cuts to her shaking her head back and forth.) I can't do this... I can't do this... I can't do this. (She looks at the camera desperately.) Jonas, this would be so much more enjoyable if you were here with me. I would totally grope you in the dark. Or in the light, I'm not that picky. I'm glad I did this. It made me a stronger person. I am going to make Nancy Drew proud! I'm ready for my mission! (Quietly) Let me out.

(Cuts to Nikki getting out of the truck.)

Nikki: Ugh. Oh my God, it is so bright out here. Oh wow, where are we? (Camera pans to a sign which is written in Korean.) Huh, well, I can't read that sign. I don't think we're in Mexico.

(Nikki walks into a restaurant.)

Nikki: Do you know if there's a Verdus Pharmaceuticals around here?

Woman behind counter: Verdus?

Nikki: Pharmaceuticals.

Woman behind counter: Verdus Pharmaceuticals... I don't know... yeah, yeah! Korean Pharmacy? (She leads Nikki to the back of the restaurant.) In the back here.

(Nikki follows the woman's directions into what appears to be a supermarket of sorts. She finds a woman who is bottling water.)

Nikki: Is there a Lullaby Project?

Woman in market: Lullaby?

Nikki: Yeah... Lullaby...

Woman in market: What's that?

Nikki: Have you heard of it? No? Have you heard of Verdus...

Woman in market: Verdiet?

Nikki: It could be Verdiet...

(Cuts to Nikki outside.)

Nikki: So, no one here seems to know anything about the Lullaby Project or Verdus Pharmaceuticals. Maybe I got in the wrong truck. (Cuts to Nikki standing in front of a sign written in Korean.) Alright guys, so clearly not in Mexico, but somewhere driving distance away. Can you drive to Korea? So, I'm kind of stranded now. Um mom, I have a really low wi-fi signal, but I'm going to try to post this. This is Nikki B, signing off.


  • Although Nikki does appear to be in a different location when she exits the truck, the sound of the truck moving is never heard while she's inside it.
  • What Nikki calls her "trusty flute" is actually a soprano recorder, last seen in My Eternal Song.
  • When Nikki first exits the truck, the sign behind her reads: "황금이발관" which, in Korean, means "Yellow Gold Barber Shop".
  • The Market that Nikki enters appears to be a Zion Market. However, because the video never clearly showed the sign, this cannot be confirmed. The aisle signs that are visible show the green and orange color scheme that Zion Markets usually use.
  • When Nikki states that the bottle has two uses, she clearly implies that she could urinate in it, which is probably what Jonas and Sarah did.
  • In this video, Nikki makes a reference to binge drinking.