Hello Greggerz!

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LonelyJew15 Video 0036
Hello Greggerz!


Blogger Anne
Date Posted January 23rd, 2008
URL youtube.com
Description Just wanted to say hello to an old friend.
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 greggerz19 jerry attic anne frank diary bathroom hello
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jenni Powell and Adam Daroff
Director(s) Adam Daroff
Vidplay PJ Scott-Blankenship
Story Jenni Powell and PJ Scott-Blankenship
Editor(s) Adam Daroff
Anne Jenni Powell
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Hello Greggerz! is the thirty-sixth video in the LonelyJew15 video series. It is also the eleventh video of season two.


Anne: In the bathroom again. So, some of you might have noticed this guy on here. Greggerz19? Well, in case you were wondering, it just so happens that Greggerz father owns an international shipping company that used to do business with my father. Um, and even though that didn't turn out so well, I'm glad that Greggerz remembers me. Its kind of weird that I know somebody else who vlogs on here. It's especially strange because I have a feeling that computers and cameras aren't exactly commonplace. Anyway, I decided to make this video as kind of a Hello (Hello is stretched out) Greggerz. Hello Greggerz. Your life in England sounds really fascinating. I mean, besides all the bombs and the fact that you have to live way out in the countryside. I've been watching some of the videos that you recommended. Margot actually has some of them subscribed on her account, which doesn't really surprise me considering how... art-y, she is. And the videos themselves - Pretty art-y, and I don't really get them that much. But you know, I don't have to. That's what art is right? One of the videos actually reminded me of an old saying that your father taught us, about how to deal with strangers. OPADOLF. Operation Awkwardly Defend Ourselves and Leave Frantically. Which now that I think about it, was probably a joke. 'Cause that's not the best advice. I may not seem it, but I'm actually in quite a bit of a funk. And, understandably so. Some things didn't quite work out the way that I had planned. But, what can you do right? I am really glad that you made that video, and I'm sorry that its taken me this long to respond, but I certainly hope that you'll make some more. Bye! (Waves. Cut to black, then back to Anne.) Bye Greggerz, bye bye Greggerz. Bye. See ya later. I hope your dog is doing well. (Barks.)