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The Iris Network was made to declare war. Years ago, an elder of The Order of Denderah became sickened and appalled by the actions of the secret society. At the slight hint of disgust; The Order assassinated him.

The man’s nephew watched terrified. This nephew, whose name remains anonymous, saw the world from his uncle’s eyes. This was the boy’s only source of hope.

Without his uncle, the boy grew bitter, and swore vengeance to those that destroyed both his and his uncle’s lives.

With a new hope, the boy declared open war with The Order of Denderah. He sold his belongings, and took the family fortune that was set aside by his uncle. With this wealth, The Iris Network was born.

“The darkened center of an otherwise ‘colorful’ eye,” is the cry shuttered from within these walls. Out of mere struggle, the boy recruited many and assigned each a different task. Specialty forces were brought in, and eventually the boy himself took part in the killing spree. The Order took a slight drawback. Many Watchers and Shadows were assassinated as well.

Unfortunately, one of the Shadows endured. The boy was shot down unexpectedly. His voice still resonates within The Network. The boy’s associates, still, persevere and have developed a new profound family. Resistance of The Order of Denderah is visibly seen within The Network and with this, all members work together to provide money, shelter, food, and ammunition as a whole.


As of the current year, The Iris Network is being run by a man that goes by the name of Agent Rockabilly. He, too, is extremely wealthy. It is unclear if he is related to the boy, or his uncle, yet this has been suspected. Rockabilly has a grudge against The Order which is extremely apparent. Through the use of extremely violent and chaotic videos; it has became clear that Agent Rockabilly believes in ‘acceptable losses’ and does not care to whether the innocent are injured during crossfire.

The Iris Network worked in secrecy until Rockabilly’s decision to make a public appearance. The organization made their debut during The Hymn of One seminar claiming that they had it infiltrated. This was verified by Agent Genocide.

Recently, members have begun to specialize in guerilla warfare. Certain members have also been planted within The Hymn of One. The Iris Network has also released a set of videos in which are puzzles, messages, attacks, and one drop location. An associate organization has also been developed. This organization known as, The Osiris Agency, is used as a protection agency and has become very helpful in the advancement of the Network itself.

The Iris Network has very high standards for their members, and do not tolerate betrayal. A reminder of this is the discharge of Agent Damieneyes. Remember: “We’re always watching.” Many suggest that the name of the organization was influenced by the game: Beyond Good and Evil.

Currently members of the Iris Network seem to be on a hiatus with the exception of several attempted rallying cries by Riverstyxshow, which seem to have been altogether ignored, this was confirmed with riverstyxshow saying "I resign indefinitely" on the iris network's myspace account.


B1^CKMATHSK is the code used by the members of both The Iris Network and The Osiris Agency. All of these codes are interchangeable using the / symbol. It was once provided upon its own website, and can now only be found in this location:

B1^CKMATHSK will begin with a math problem that will then lead to the number of the code being used. For example: 163x2=326.

  1. 26= using the alphanumerical code
  2. 326= using the command script
  3. 323= using number code to give a meeting time
  4. 320= using the warning system
  5. /= changing codes

Alpha/numerical code command script Numbers
A space is represented by an underscore_ (only in the alpha numerical code) Example of use of alphanumerical code:

  1. 26 9_3a6a4b5_7b6a3b=e lufi yuo= I love you

Command Script:

Cr0w=I'm on my way
dr0wn=need help
St. Bernard=sending help
b^d63r=I feel strongly about this
m1nk=I can't help you right now
3y3=I need you to gather information
w217=we need to wait and watch before we act
R37URN=come back

Example of using the command script:
A. dr0wn= I need help
B. Cr0w or m1nk= I'm on my way or I can't help you right now
A. B^63R
B. w217
The pure number code would be used only for meeting times.
The code #323= I'm sending you a time to meet.
The symbol / means switching between codes.
Example of a code switch:
4a552b_4a5_a2b/(00))=meet me at 9:00

In B1^CKMATHSK there will also be several warning messages that will be depicted by one or two characters

Symbols for the warning system:
-;= something very bad is about to happen (this symbol will warn everyone you send it to that something horrible is about to happen)

<->= need directions (this symbol will tell everyone you send it to that you are lost)

<_>= kidnapped (this symbol will tell everyone you send it to that you've been abducted) there will be symbols to use along with this one

o+o (this symbol will tell people that you're in a car.)

oo0oo (this symbol will tell people that you're on a train)

^/..^ (this symbol will tell people that you're on a boat)

->-> (this symbol tells people you're on a plane)
Symbols after this are not kidnapped symbols. The symbols above may be used when not kidnapped to relay a message as well

$*= I have arrived at my destination and await further instruction

%%= I don't know what to do next

Operation Juggernaut

It was recently revealed in a series of videos entitled "Operation Juggernaut" that the Iris Network is targeting the Order of Denderah once again.

Phase I:

Phase I of Operation Juggernaut was purely and simply an attack on Victor from the acrowleyorder series. Since this attack, Erica, of the acrowleyorder series, has claimed that the attack was ‘Iris Network’ propaganda, while Jdolorous claimes that Erica is just trying to cover up their defeat, this was accredited by the fact that Victor did not respond to the video, and further accredited when the acrowley order series announced that they were making their last video. The helicopter provided is that of the leader of the Network, Agent Rockabilly.

Phase II:

Phase II of Operation Juggernaut was a chaotic video showing several attacks on the Order of Denderah. Most notably of which was the attack on two rescue choppers that were heading toward Bree, and an attack on a ground vehicle which was presumably inhabited by someone prominent from the Order of Denderah.

Phase III:

Phase III of Operation Juggernaut has been slowly developing over the past few weeks. It appears to be some sort of political strategy targeted toward The Order of Denderah. Not much is known about it at this time. However, an interception has occured between the two organizations at this time. A video was released stating, A Proposal. This video was released under Agent Genocide's account directly from The Order. There appeared to be a hex ciphered message that has been translated by Sexhexy.

The ciphered message is:
4e 7a 55 31 59 54 5a 68 4d 7a 6b 30 4e 56 38 32 4d 32 45 32 59 54 56 69 4d 57 4a 66 4e 44 55 31 4e 32 46 66 4d 6a 45 7a 4d 6d 45 31 59 6a 45 35 59 54 51 78 59 6c 38 78 4e 57 45 30 58 7a 4e 69 4e 32 45 78 59 6a 6b 30 4e 56 38 30 4e 6d 45 31 59 6a 56 68 58 7a 4a 69 4f 44 56 66 4f 54 56 68 4e 44 4e 69 4d 57 49 79 59 6a 6c 68 4f 54 45 7a 59 56 38 7a 4d 54 52 69 4e 56 38 7a 4f 57 45 31 4e 54 4a 68.

This transfers to base64:

This further translates to B1^CKMATHSK:

This message is translated to a riddle;
"Genocide flows deep backwards and upside down the industrial cave creek."

This appears to be a location. It has been assumed that the location will be in Southern California due to the location of the facility, but has yet to be solved completely.

The video also states:

Iris Network:
Your eyes are closed.
Genocide has been lost.
Phase Three will be ours.

This message appears to have released a date and time. 14:23 is military time for 2:23 A.M. It appears that The meeting day is between August 18th and August 25th.

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