Is He Out There?

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Template:Blog4 Is He Out There? is the one hundred forty-fourth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Daniel is sitting alone outside at night.)

Daniel: Well, it's my turn to watch and... I don't even know what to think. Jonas isn't even here now. He left with the keys, but he didn't leave with the car. I mean, the thing is, I guess the reason I don't know what to think is because I feel that everything was just too crazy. Like why, why didn't we just talk to him normally. I mean granted, what if he was part of something... I don't know, he could have maybe... I don't know, I think, I think Bree just... I think she took it too far, and now... if he was here right now I'd apologize and try and make everything right. I don't know what I can do. You know, he's not even here... he's out there. After our little argument and I left, and then I felt so terrible I went back in, I just loosened his binds a little bit, but I made him promise that he wasn't going to do anything. The next thing I knew... I... Bree's yelling at me to come downstairs. I run down... I thought I was doing him a favor, but... He's not here now and I don't know if he left because he's scared of us, or if he left and we should be scared of him. I think we should give him 'til the morning. If he doesn't come back and we don't figure it out we're leaving... we're walking. That's it.


  • Again, Daniel has posted another video. This is the first time he has posted four consecutive videos.
  • Though it is probably just because he is outside, Daniel is wearing a cap.