It's On, Gemma!

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LonesomeOctober Video 8
It's On, Gemma!

This is how P. Monkey rolls.

Blogger LonesomeOctober
Date Posted November 16th, 2006
Description I gave Gemma a chance to resolve this peacefully. This is on her head!
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 gemma purple monkey wanker revenge
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It's On, Gemma! is the eighth fan-fic video by LonesomeOctober. P. Monkey is still outraged by Gemma's insult to him in her video Don't Trust The Authorities.


(Purple Monkey is standing behind his "Lonelygirl Inc." podium.)

P. Monkey: I warned you, and you didn't listen. So now you see how I roll.

(fade to black, and fade up to P. Monkey standing in front of telephone/fax machine. We hear ringing.)

Man: (on speaker) You have reached the offices of the Association for Americans with Disabilities. (P. Monkey turns and gives a sly look to the camera) If you know the extension of the party you are trying to reach, you may dial it now. Please listen carefully; our options have changed. For a listing or local ADA wellness centers, please press 1. To get in touch with an ADA case worker, please press 2. To report defamatory comments made in the media, (P. Monkey nods) please press 3.

(P. Monkey reaches up and presses that number.)

Nancy: Thank you for holding, this is Nancy. How can I help you?

P. Monkey: Oh. Yeah, hi, my name is Paul Monkuppet... I'm calling about some comments made on a website called, are you familiar with it?

Nancy: I'm not, can you tell me more?

P. Monkey: Yeah, it's a site where people post videos, uh, relating to this girl, in California... Anyway, there's a woman named Gemma from Great Britain, and um... well, she made some personal comments about me. I should be upfront about the fact that I have no legs; I was born without lower extremities... And she made some comments about me being a "wanker" for not being able to do well in swimming competitions.

Nancy: I see.

P. Monkey: Yeah, of, of even more concern than that to me was a comment she made about imagining paraplegics in the pool. She said something to the effect of...

(cut to a screen shot of Gemma from the video)

Gemma: (on the screen) I have this visual in my head of these logs just bobbing about like bumper cars.

(cut back to P. Monkey on the phone)

Nancy: I'm very glad you brought this to our attention. Would you be able to give me some more information about that website?

P. Monkey: Absolutely. (turns to the camera again) In fact, it'd be my pleasure.

(fade to black, and back up to P. Monkey behind his podium)

P. Monkey: So now you see what's happenin'. One more video, one more chance. In your next video, just apologize. Just take it back, and this can all stop. 'Cause next time, it's gonna get personal. P. Monkey out.


  • The organization that P. Monkey calls doesn't seem to know what it wants to be called. Its full title is the "Association for Americans with Disabilities," for which the acronym would be AAD. However, it is later referred to as the ADA. This, coincidentally, is the acronym for the actual American Disability Association.