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On the night of December 21st, 2006, a mysterious YouTuber known as an unofficial ARG player named itscassie, joined the official Lonelygirl15 chatroom to answer questions. She went under an alias so she wouldn't be too obvious, and the clue she gave us was the following:

Odzamran.JPG (additional clue: show yourselves, appear)

The clue she gave us was written in Enochian language, and what was decoded was ODZAMRAN, which means both "and show yourselves" and "and appear."

Not everyone took her seriously and a lot of mean and useless comments were given to her in the chat (most of the comments were about her wig, which she made official in the chat that it is, in fact, a wig). She ignored those comments and answered the meaningful questions. It turns out all of the questions she was able to answer were only about her, and she said herself that she couldn't help us with anything that was about Bree.

Questions Answered

Q: OhEmGeeItsLily: Have you thought about a better wig?

A: ODZAMRAN: I like my wig.

Q: Echo: What do you know of the meeting tomorrow?

A: ODZAMRAN: The order doesn't give me details on their meetings.

Q: lets_steal_everythin: are you in the order, cassie?

A: ODZAMRAN: Unofficially, I am "in" the order, I guess

Q: krgardel: who else is there with you cassie? bree's parents?

A: ODZAMRAN: Bree's parents left here about a week ago. I think there being held somewhere else now.

ODZAMRAN: I didn't get to talk to her parents, but it was surely them.

Q: Garfwog: did they have watcher symbols on their forehead?

A: ODZAMRAN: Watcher symbols belong on the hand.

Q: Iconologia: why are you going to eat daniels parents?

A: ODZAMRAN: Daniel is in denial.

PinkoLady: I liked that pictures of Bree in your yearbook

Q: noelle: Is there one of you in the yearbook?

A: ODZAMRAN: I don't like my yearbook photo. It's ugly.

Q: immortal1: Cassie why did the Order take you?

A: ODZAMRAN: The order took me because I knew too much, and was far too curious.


[22:11:35]ODZAMRAN has joined the room `General`.

[22:11:37] jc_gypsy7: meanie...:`o

[22:11:41] OhEmGeeItsLily: itscassie!!!

[22:11:42] lets_steal_everythin: ack!

[22:11:42] twjaniak: No way... the best fan fic is Nikki B!

[22:11:42] ...samantha...: yes watch DRIMMANT and subscribe its sooooo GOOD

[22:11:45] PinkoLady: Oh sweet

[22:11:46] lets_steal_everythin: cassie darling

[22:11:47] krgardel: she's finally here!!!

[22:11:49] iamcool: omg!

[22:11:49] PinkoLady: JACKIE, come back

[22:11:50] Tinny09: Hahaha

[22:11:51] gogo: hey immortal, check your lg15 pms

[22:11:52] ageofaquarius: love the hair...

[22:11:54] immortal1: Josh I'm not a fan of you either

[22:11:54] PinkoLady: our lovetoy is here

[22:11:56] Echo: I'm half here so give a shout if she comes in...

[22:11:59] iamcool: i care?

[22:12:02] twjaniak: Yay... she is here

[22:12:05] ...samantha...: no

[22:12:07] Perky: Miles admit it, you all get off watching us squirm, plot, scheme, and overanalyze

[22:12:07] krgardel: echo she IS here

[22:12:08] Perky: haha

[22:12:08] lets_steal_everythin: cassie talk to ussss

[22:12:08] B-as-in-B: Echo, she is

[22:12:11] iamcool: every1 sshhhh ;) haha

[22:12:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: She's here@

[22:12:11] ...samantha...: ahaha

[22:12:14] OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA

[22:12:15] Tinny09: Cassie tells lies

[22:12:17] ageofaquarius: waht kind of hair products do you use

[22:12:19] ...samantha...: echo is that her

[22:12:19] krgardel: ok, let her talk!

[22:12:19] OhEmGeeItsLily: Cassie!

[22:12:21] ageofaquarius: i was here

[22:12:21] PinkoLady: whisper to us, if it makes you more comfortable

[22:12:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hey Cassie!

[22:12:28] PinkoLady: whisper sweet nothings

[22:12:28] OhEmGeeItsLily: Have you thought about a better wig?

[22:12:31] ...samantha...: echooooooo

[22:12:33] OhEmGeeItsLily: A sweater maybe?

[22:12:34] ageofaquarius: it's not a wig

[22:12:36] PinkoLady: or threats about eating our parents

[22:12:38] ageofaquarius: tell them itscassie

[22:12:38] ODZAMRAN: I like my wig.

[22:12:39] Tinny09: The only thing she's watching is a blank ceiling

[22:12:40] PinkoLady: whatever gets you off

[22:12:42] Echo: Oh! I totally didn't see her!

[22:12:44] lets_steal_everythin: she speaks!

[22:12:44] ageofaquarius: it's not a wig

[22:12:46] noelle: CASSIE!

[22:12:48] lets_steal_everythin: oh speak again bright angel!

[22:12:51] iamcool: why do u wear a wig? lol

[22:12:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: She just said it was, aquarius!

[22:12:54] ...samantha...: hey don't steal my color

[22:12:56] Iris2009 has left the room `General`.

[22:12:58] ageofaquarius: it isn't

[22:13:05] ...samantha...: odza thats my COLOR

[22:13:06] ageofaquarius: she's lying, itscassie tells lies

[22:13:10] ...samantha...: GET YOUR OWN

[22:13:20] OhEmGeeItsLily: Is your wig like a disguise or something, Cassie?

[22:13:20] ...samantha...: COPYCAT

[22:13:21] gogo: so what's the deal?

[22:13:22] Echo: I'll share my colour with you, cassie.

[22:13:23] ...samantha...: haha

[22:13:24] noelle: hey Cassie?

[22:13:25] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] odzamran is here

[22:13:26] lets_steal_everythin: no srsly, guys, lets be serrrrious

[22:13:30] livelongandprosper77: very demanding samantha lol

[22:13:31] PinkoLady: its cassie tells hot, sexy lies

[22:13:33] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] hey cassie

[22:13:36] noelle: whats with the fuzzy tv?

[22:13:39] ageofaquarius: have you seen itskassie?

[22:13:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: yeah, you should get that fixed.

[22:13:47] PinkoLady: damn, talk already

[22:13:49] ODZAMRAN: Bree doesn't like me anymore.

[22:13:49] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] cassiecassiecassie

[22:13:50] Iris2009 has joined the room `General`.

[22:13:50] B-as-in-B: Full Capital name : is it the real one?

[22:13:52] ageofaquarius: haha lilly

[22:13:52] immortal1: so like cassie, how you doin?

[22:13:54] noelle: odzamran?

[22:13:55] Tinny09: Can you blame her?

[22:13:57] AmandaZTA: okay..

[22:13:59] Garfwog: yes

[22:14:03] lets_steal_everythin: yeah maybe cos you're creepy

[22:14:04] breeislonely: why doesn't she like you?

[22:14:06] ageofaquarius: thsi isn't really her

[22:14:10] gogo: tell us a tale, cassie

[22:14:11] Garfwog: yeah it is

[22:14:14] ageofaquarius: prove your the real itscassie

[22:14:15] Garfwog: it has to be

[22:14:15] krgardel: maybe because you ate daniel's parents!

[22:14:18] ...samantha...: musiqeue is this the real cassie

[22:14:20] lets_steal_everythin: yummy

[22:14:21] PinkoLady: It's because you wouldn't make out with her that one time when you guys were drunk, am I right?

[22:14:23] ...samantha...: *musique

[22:14:29] ageofaquarius: put that groovy music on in the background

[22:14:29] ...samantha...: no is this the real cassie

[22:14:34] iamcool: ye

[22:14:35] Echo: What do you know of the meeting tomorrow?

[22:14:36] ageofaquarius: no it's not her

[22:14:36] ...samantha...: the one that stole my color

[22:14:37] Musique36: I'm not going to whisper Garf

[22:14:40] ...samantha...: is that her

[22:14:40] noelle: why doesnt bree like you anymore?

[22:14:46] Echo: Oh, and happy witer solstice!

[22:14:46] iamcool: yes its her

[22:14:48] ...samantha...: oh god

[22:14:49] PinkoLady: she's a lot more boring than her videos

[22:14:50] Echo: winter*

[22:14:53] ...samantha...: no i didn't say you were her

[22:14:55] lets_steal_everythin: HA pinko!

[22:14:56] ODZAMRAN: The order doesn't give me details on their meetings.

[22:15:07] jc_gypsy7: Creators.. a question a few of us have asked... Daniel watches the tach vids.. and knows about Oppy.. how come he didn't see the vids w/ the cameras in the rooms?

[22:15:09] Tinny09: Dear sweet Cassie, what happened to your bright blue eyes? and that pink hat you used to like so much.

[22:15:09] ...samantha...: i asked if this odzamran is the real cassie

[22:15:11] Jackie: Oh no, I missed her entrance.

[22:15:11] ItsKassie has joined the room `General`.

[22:15:12] PinkoLady: I thought she'd be exciting in bed, I'm not sure now

[22:15:12] iamcool: well then why are u here?

[22:15:12] noelle: Why would they?

[22:15:14] Garfwog: yes its cassie

[22:15:15] noelle: Did they before?

[22:15:16] ...samantha...: yyayayayay

[22:15:16] gnome: I wonder if she is intimidated because the Creators are here.

[22:15:18] Echo: Yet, you say you know what they're going to say?

[22:15:18] ...samantha...: ITSKASSIE

[22:15:18] B-as-in-B: Odz? Are you trying to make a point?

[22:15:20] OhEmGeeItsLily: Have you ever used the "Is your refridgerator running?" line in your prank calls?

[22:15:21] PinkoLady: Voyboy! Is that you? or a faker?

[22:15:21] Garfwog: yay more cassies

[22:15:23] ...samantha...: ITSKASSIE

[22:15:26] ...samantha...: ITSKASSIE

[22:15:30] Tinny09: I apologise "Cassandra" but I can't believe you.

[22:15:30] Musique36: *cheers voy on*

[22:15:31] Jackie: Cassie, how can we help you?

[22:15:33] Tinny09: You

[22:15:33] ...samantha...: YAY

[22:15:36] Tinny09: tell

[22:15:37] ...samantha...: GO VOYYYYYYYYY

[22:15:38] lets_steal_everythin: yeah cassssssssie

[22:15:38] Tinny09: lies

[22:15:39] krgardel: cassie, what do you think of itskassie?

[22:15:41] ItsKassie: Just here for the show

[22:15:42] PinkoLady: Cassie, how can we service syou?

[22:15:43] ageofaquarius: oh this better be the real voyboy

[22:15:46] ageofaquarius: please.....

[22:15:47] noelle: Did they give you the details before?

[22:15:51] ...samantha...: OK DO IT MUSIIQUE

[22:15:52] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kassie!

[22:15:56] Jackie: Cassie, what's your cup size?

[22:15:57] ODZAMRAN: I'm not sure of our exact location, I haven't been allowed outside yet, and there are very few windows here.

[22:15:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: I love you, Kassie!

[22:15:59] ...samantha...: KASSIE WE LOVE YOU

[22:16:00] OhEmGeeItsLily: You're tres hot!

[22:16:07] lets_steal_everythin: are you in the order, cassie?

[22:16:09] ...samantha...: YES...UBBER HOT

[22:16:10] noelle: Cassie, I'd like to help you in any way I can.

[22:16:16] B-as-in-B: Odz is trying to tell a creepy story: do we want to listen?

[22:16:16] PinkoLady: voyboy, you're stealing Cassie's thunder

[22:16:20] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kassie, will you marry me? Kassie?!

[22:16:21] krgardel: well, then how are you going to eat daniel's parents if you can't go outside?

[22:16:24] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] cassssiieee

[22:16:27] ...samantha...: MUSIQUE DO IT

[22:16:28] AmandaZTA: i think it is really her

[22:16:29] ODZAMRAN: Unofficially, I am "in" the order, I guess

[22:16:30] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] say some stuff

[22:16:30] Echo: Cassie, I demand a shout out in your next video.

[22:16:32] Tinny09: At which point did they find you? Was it before or after you stole their photos of the manson murder?

[22:16:32] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] i was here

[22:16:33] B-as-in-B: Lily, you asked me that yeesterday

[22:16:35] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] im still here

[22:16:38] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] i have a wig

[22:16:41] Garfwog: [to ODZAMRAN] im weird

[22:16:42] ...samantha...: HAHA

[22:16:43] Iris2009: Cassie stay safe im watching for you

[22:16:46] Jackie: cassie, can you explain anything you know about Bree? (and your cup size)

[22:16:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: No, B.

[22:16:49] OhEmGeeItsLily: I didn't

[22:16:50] krgardel: who else is there with you cassie? bree's parents?

[22:16:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: You weren't here yesterday.

[22:16:57] freedomishere has left the room `General`.

[22:16:57] gogo: Let itscassie respond

[22:16:58] PinkoLady: haha, nice, jackie

[22:16:58] B-as-in-B: It wasnt you? Who was it then. . .

[22:17:03] noelle: yeah.

[22:17:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: Unless that yesterday is your yesterday...

[22:17:04] gogo: come on, respond

[22:17:10] PinkoLady: creators, talk to the fool

[22:17:12] B-as-in-B: That's why: the day before.

[22:17:12] AmandaZTA: "in"

[22:17:16] ODZAMRAN: Bree's parents left here about a week ago. I think there being held somewhere else now.

[22:17:20] AmandaZTA: is anyone else lagging?

[22:17:21] ageofaquarius: he rhair gets in teh way of her fingers on teh keyboard

[22:17:21] noelle: do you know anything about cassieiswatching?

[22:17:23] lets_steal_everythin: at the dry cleaners :(

[22:17:23] OhEmGeeItsLily: I still didn't ask you to marry me...

[22:17:24] immortal1: if cassie lies are you telling the truth now or lying?

[22:17:25] ...samantha...: SO CASSIE, UM YOUR WIG IS SO PRETTY...UM NOT

[22:17:28] PinkoLady: be like "shaniqua don't lie here no more"

[22:17:30] PinkoLady: *live

[22:17:33] B-as-in-B: How can she weree a wig if she is kept in a secret place by the ORder?

[22:17:34] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] have you heard the msg Brees Dad left for her?

[22:17:35] Tinny09: Somewhere with phones apparently

[22:17:35] ageofaquarius: haha pink

[22:17:36] Jackie: Cassie: TELL US ABOUT BREE, YOU'RE DOOMED, BREE ISN'T :) kthx

[22:17:38] ...samantha...: HAHAA

[22:17:38] ODZAMRAN: I like my wig.

[22:17:39] OhEmGeeItsLily: Oohh! WIG-OFF!

[22:17:43] OhEmGeeItsLily: DO A WIG OFF!

[22:17:43] gnome has left the room `General`.

[22:17:44] krgardel: are lucy or gemma there with you cassie?

[22:17:45] Tinny09: And why didn't you say anything about Gemma?

[22:17:45] lets_steal_everythin: cassie tell us secrets

[22:17:47] Caleb has joined the room `General`.

[22:17:49] ageofaquarius: it' snot a wig, quit lying, itscassie tells lies

[22:17:49] PinkoLady: CLOTHES OFF

[22:17:49] ...samantha...: CASSIE U STEALER

[22:17:53] ...samantha...: YOU STOLD MY COLOR

[22:17:57] Garfwog: hey cassie

[22:17:57] Caleb: Hey everyone

[22:17:58] noelle: Your wig is very nice indeed.

[22:18:00] ...samantha...: OH YEAH YOU WANT TO BE LIKE ME

[22:18:01] Garfwog: what do you know

[22:18:02] Garfwog: about

[22:18:02] ageofaquarius: it' snot a wig

[22:18:03] Garfwog: everything

[22:18:04] Caleb: This is me

[22:18:05]ODZAMRAN: I didn't get to talk to her parents, but it was surely them.

[22:18:10] Tinny09: it's snot?

[22:18:12] robtomorrow: Why do you wear a wig cassie?

[22:18:13] Echo: CASSIE! I want a shout out!

[22:18:17] Musique36: Cassie? micaoli gosaa gmicalzoma comobliort.

[22:18:18] Garfwog: did they have watcher symbols on their forehead?

[22:18:18] Echo: In your next video!

[22:18:19] lets_steal_everythin: yeah i want a shout out too

[22:18:21] Caleb: I like... pie

[22:18:26] B-as-in-B: Odz: how can you tell Bre's Dad from his twin brother?

[22:18:27] Caleb: I like... corn

[22:18:28] lets_steal_everythin: i wanna see you.. sans wig

[22:18:30] OhEmGeeItsLily: Ooh! Cassie, you should mention us in one of your videos!

[22:18:30] AmandaZTA: why where they there?

[22:18:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: That would be nice.

[22:18:34] Tinny09: Because of the hair they chopped off her head

[22:18:34] Caleb: I like... taters

[22:18:35] ageofaquarius: who waxes your eyebrows?

[22:18:36] immortal1: I don't get it what's the Order want with you Cassie??

[22:18:36] Garfwog: cassie

[22:18:38] Jackie: Cassie, I wanna see you... sans clothing

[22:18:39] ODZAMRAN: Watcher symbols belong on the hand.

[22:18:40] gogo: Cassie, where is your family?

[22:18:41] Tinny09: Opanus likes hair..

[22:18:43] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] why are you going to eat daniels parents?

[22:18:44] Garfwog: write all of our names in your video

[22:18:46] Caleb: I like... tater salad

[22:18:49] Garfwog: and make itlike a credits thing

[22:18:50] Caleb: me 2

[22:18:52] PinkoLady: haha, iconologia

[22:18:52] OhEmGeeItsLily: You're going to eat Daniels parents?!

[22:18:54] Garfwog: with you in the background

[22:18:55] OhEmGeeItsLily: Like...really?!

[22:18:57] Garfwog: whispering stuff

[22:18:57] Jackie: Cassie: Will you eat me instead of his parents?

[22:19:01] lets_steal_everythin: cassie, callm e baby

[22:19:02] noelle: did you really call those people?

[22:19:06] PinkoLady: you know what she means by "eat" don't you, icon?

[22:19:06] ageofaquarius: why are you eating people?

[22:19:08] ODZAMRAN: Daniel is in denial.

[22:19:10] B-as-in-B: Lily: it's a metaphor ; she is only going to eat

[22:19:10] Jackie: ^_^

[22:19:12] noelle: is that why there havent been any videos by them recently?

[22:19:13] B-as-in-B: the meat parrts.

[22:19:14] Garfwog: haha i know theyre on the hand

[22:19:19] noelle: I agree.

[22:19:21] Tinny09: Cassie is in ..isseac

[22:19:21] ageofaquarius: do you take the longevity supplements like bree?

[22:19:23] noelle: Daniel is in denial.

[22:19:26] ...samantha...: THIS IS NOT CASSIE

[22:19:27] ItsKassie: She isnt going to answer questions flat out

[22:19:31] robtomorrow: cassie since the creators won't tell us why the Order wants Bree can you tell us?

[22:19:33] PinkoLady: I liked that pictures of Bree in your yearbook

[22:19:38] Echo: Yes it is, Samantha


[22:19:39] OhEmGeeItsLily: I heard sweatbreads were good, B.

[22:19:39] ageofaquarius: doens't do as you will under the law reallymean man, you shall not die in hermetic interpretations

[22:19:40] PinkoLady: wank to it much?

[22:19:45] noelle: Yeah, thats a pretty picture

[22:19:46] ...samantha...: ok

[22:19:46] Jackie: Pinko! ahahahg

[22:19:47] ...samantha...: hshs

[22:19:50] PinkoLady: oh snap, I got to use the word wank

[22:19:51] Jackie: ::dying::

[22:19:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: Who's on audio?

[22:19:54] noelle: Is there one of you in the yearbook?

[22:19:56] OhEmGeeItsLily: I would like to know.

[22:19:58] lets_steal_everythin: guysssssss lets be SERIOUS

[22:19:59] Musique36: I am Lily

[22:19:59] lets_steal_everythin: ;)

[22:19:59] Garfwog: oooh ooohh cassie!

[22:20:01] Tinny09: [to The Creators] Psst, what's the deal on Nikki?

[22:20:04] ageofaquarius: do you take the longevity supplements too?

[22:20:04] noelle: If so can we see it?

[22:20:04] Jackie: I think cassie and MoFun should date.

[22:20:05] Garfwog: whats the signifcance of orange!!!

[22:20:06] OhEmGeeItsLily: Okay, Musique is on.

[22:20:08] ODZAMRAN: I don't like my yearbook photo. It's ugly.

[22:20:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: Who else?

[22:20:10] immortal1: Cassie why did the Order take you?

[22:20:11] The Creators: pinko, calm down

[22:20:12] Garfwog: and orange slurpees!

[22:20:14] Musique36: Cassie...

[22:20:14] ageofaquarius: it looks photoshopped

[22:20:14] Joe has joined the room `General`.

[22:20:14] PinkoLady: HAHAHA, Jackie

[22:20:17] Caleb: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I LIKE TATER SALAD :) :) :) :) :) :)

[22:20:20] iamcool: kick pinko and jackie

[22:20:20] noelle: No one likes their yearbook photo.

[22:20:21] Musique36: ... micaoli gosaa gmicalzoma comobliort

[22:20:21] ItsKassie: like your wig?

[22:20:22] ageofaquarius: why would someone photoshop their own yearbook picutre

[22:20:23] iamcool: they are being pricks

[22:20:24] PinkoLady: oh, they would be perfect for each other

[22:20:24] Echo: Do you like orange slurpees, Cassie?

[22:20:24] ...samantha...: SO CASSIE WHAT GRADE ARE YOU IN?

[22:20:34] PinkoLady: iamcool: how can you be serious about itscassie?

[22:20:35] Caleb: I LIKE TATER SALAD

[22:20:36] Jackie: Pinko: Everyone's going to hate us when they see this transcript. You realize this, right?

[22:20:36] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kassie...your hair is soo much better...

[22:20:36] immortal1: Josh they'd have to ban you then

[22:20:38] louann has joined the room `General`.

[22:20:41] ItsKassie has left the room `General`.

[22:20:42] Garfwog: cassie whats with orange?

[22:20:42] Iconologia: what was with the clown painting?

[22:20:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: What conditioner do you use, Kassie?!

[22:20:45] Garfwog: why is it so evil?

[22:20:45] OhEmGeeItsLily: No!

[22:20:46] ODZAMRAN: The order took me because I knew too much, and was far too curious.

[22:20:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kassie left!

[22:20:50] OhEmGeeItsLily: Whyy?!

[22:20:53] Garfwog: and stuff

[22:20:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: :`o

[22:20:54] PinkoLady: Her videos are jokes, obnoxious, moronic jokes, with not nearly enough nudity

[22:20:54] gogo: Cassie, where is your family?

[22:20:55] ...samantha...: AWW KASSIE LEFT

[22:20:56] B-as-in-B: Conditionner? To eat people with?

[22:20:58] Jackie: Cassie, can I take you?

[22:21:00] ageofaquarius: oh, voyboy left?

[22:21:00] lets_steal_everythin: HA

[22:21:01] noelle: Why did Bree stop talking to you?

[22:21:02] Echo: Everyone needs to give an Echo shout out in their videos...

[22:21:03] OhEmGeeItsLily: No, B...KASSIE.

[22:21:03] Garfwog: the order took you?

[22:21:04] lets_steal_everythin: jackie you beat me to it

[22:21:07] OhEmGeeItsLily: Not Cassie.

[22:21:10] B-as-in-B: It could teh same forr her hair. iguess

[22:21:13] ODZAMRAN: Me and my parents don't get along.

[22:21:15] lets_steal_everythin: what is the ceremony bree had to do??

[22:21:15] ageofaquarius: waht conditioner do you use?

[22:21:18] Caleb: This is Not Bree

[22:21:19] breeislonely: did bree or daniel do something that they would want to forgot, why is daniel in denial???

[22:21:22] Echo: My parents and I, Cassie.

[22:21:22] ageofaquarius: do you take the longevity supplements?

[22:21:23] Caleb: I want pie

[22:21:26] Echo: Use proper grammar.

[22:21:38] gogo: Do they know what happened to you?

[22:21:42] Caleb: This is like, gonna be impossible to copy+paste Yeah

[22:21:46] ODZAMRAN: They do give me experimental medications from time to time.

[22:21:49] ItsKassie has joined the room `General`.

[22:21:49] ageofaquarius: does the order think they have the answer to immortality

[22:21:50] Garfwog: why doyou have to whisper?

[22:21:52] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kassie!

[22:21:53] ...samantha...: CASSIE TELLS LIES!

[22:21:54] Garfwog: whats unsafe?

[22:21:54] lets_steal_everythin: how can you have access to the internet/phone/cam corder and you dont know where you are??

[22:21:55] noelle: Like what they gave Bree?

[22:21:56] B-as-in-B: I guess making black and white goes with proper grammar, too.

[22:21:57] krgardel: like what? gene therapy?

[22:22:00] noelle: Medicines like that>

[22:22:03] noelle: **?

[22:22:04] ItsKassie: Yes

[22:22:07] Joe: Hello all

[22:22:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: I want to know what kind of conditioner you use for your hair?!

[22:22:13] PinkoLady: because she being kept in captivity, in AFI's dressing room

[22:22:14] ...samantha...: MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ARE MENTAL.

[22:22:16] Iris2009: CASSIE IS WORKING FOR THE ORDER!!

[22:22:16] lets_steal_everythin: HA

[22:22:16] PinkoLady: full of wigs and eyeliner

[22:22:19] Caleb: 20 years experimental medication sometimes johnny because she's insane

[22:22:21] ItsKassie: Garnier Fructis

[22:22:22] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] Why the wig?

[22:22:24] ODZAMRAN: I have to whisper so the elders can't hear me...and it's kinda creepy

[22:22:26] Jackie: ROFL pinko

[22:22:26] OhEmGeeItsLily: Ooh!

[22:22:27] ageofaquarius: yeah but y'all like aliester crowley because of his hermetic view, "man ye shall not die", that's why y'all take longevity supplements

[22:22:27] Caleb: Hi joe *giggles*

[22:22:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: My hair does NOT look like that...

[22:22:32] immortal1: Cassie if the Order has you, how do you make vids???

[22:22:33] angelle has left the room `General`.

[22:22:35] lets_steal_everythin: cassie, did the ceremony happen already

[22:22:35] B-as-in-B: Gene therapy ? xxxxxxxxxx

[22:22:36] ...samantha...: YOU ARE CREEPY!

[22:22:37] breeislonely: what are the meds for?

[22:22:38] Garfwog: elders

[22:22:42] Garfwog: who are the elders??

[22:22:43] ageofaquarius: no they're longevity supplements

[22:22:50] gogo: Cassie, what do you do during the day to pass the time?

[22:22:51] ageofaquarius: crowley would sell them before he died

[22:22:52] krgardel: so is lucy there? how about gemma?

[22:22:53] noelle: Does the TV have anything to do with making sure the elders dont hear you or is that having to do with something else?

[22:22:55] Joe has left the room `General`.

[22:22:55] immortal1: is there a wireless hot spot at Order headquarters?

[22:22:55] Echo: Cassie, will you have my lesbian love child?

[22:22:58] Jackie: Cassie, why do you wear a wig?

[22:22:59] Garfwog: she makes videos

[22:23:00] OhEmGeeItsLily: You know what's really good? L'Oreal's Pro Vive.

[22:23:02] breeislonely: what are the meds for?

[22:23:03] Iris2009: THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME..............

[22:23:06] OhEmGeeItsLily: It made my hair ten times better.

[22:23:10] ODZAMRAN: I don't know what the shots are for, I just do what they tell me to do.

[22:23:11] B-as-in-B: The elders are the elders people. That's why they are called elders.

[22:23:11] Caleb: :) :) :) :) :)

[22:23:13] PinkoLady: of course it's a waste of time, Iris

[22:23:13] Musique36: They can hear you regardless of what you do Cassie. Do you even think they don't watch your videos? You think that they are so technologically backwards that they wouldn't even dream of watching your youtube videos?

[22:23:15] ageofaquarius: haha lilly


[22:23:20] Garfwog: youre getting shots too?

[22:23:21] Musique36: My dear, I think you've misjudged what they can do.

[22:23:22] Tinny09: Cassie, why haven't you mentioned Terry, Buddy, or O in your videos?

[22:23:26] Caleb: :) :) :) :) :) Ooh REye on my hand i'm watching you :) :) :) :) :)

[22:23:27] B-as-in-B: Lily, I see you don't only enjoy French Chocolate

[22:23:27] PinkoLady: cassie is clearly a waste of time

[22:23:29] Garfwog: why are YOU getting shots?

[22:23:30] Buggar has left the room `General`.

[22:23:31] ageofaquarius: how old are you cassie

[22:23:31] immortal1: How are you chatting here without the Order knowing it?

[22:23:32] lets_steal_everythin: when will we hear from gemma

[22:23:33] PinkoLady: I mean, itscassie is

[22:23:34] OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA

[22:23:35] OhEmGeeItsLily: B!

[22:23:35] krgardel: again, is gemma there with you?

[22:23:36] Echo: I actually use Citre Shine... it's like liquid gold for my hair.

[22:23:39] OhEmGeeItsLily: Stop...goodness.

[22:23:43] gogo: Cassie, what do you do to pass the time during the day?

[22:23:43] Jackie: Cassie. You're here to answer our questions. How is this supposed to help when you don't know anything.

[22:23:43] ageofaquarius: are you 200 years old like bree is?

[22:23:45] ...samantha...: YES I AGREE PINKO

[22:23:46] robtomorrow: Why don't you rebel and get the hell out of there Cassie?

[22:23:47] noelle: What is the significance of the TV?

[22:23:48] Caleb: :) :) :) :) :) My name is CAYLUB:) :) :) :) :)

[22:23:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hey Caleb.

[22:24:00] Caleb: :) :) :) :) :) Yeah :) :) :) :) :)

[22:24:01] ODZAMRAN: The rest of the elders here should be sleeping in preparation.

[22:24:01] ...samantha...: HI CALEB

[22:24:02] OhEmGeeItsLily: You should know, spamming is bad.

[22:24:02] ageofaquarius: where have all the cowboys gone?

[22:24:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: No faces.

[22:24:11] ODZAMRAN: I'm 18.

[22:24:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: Well you can.

[22:24:14] OhEmGeeItsLily: But that's a lot of faces!

[22:24:16] ItsKassie: Liar

[22:24:17] lets_steal_everythin: so sneak out, run to jonas's, have a party and learn to skateboard

[22:24:18] Iris2009: Im going to Find you Cassie....Just wait!

[22:24:19] OhEmGeeItsLily: ARe you happy?

[22:24:19] PinkoLady: You know how parasites are generally detrimental to the health of the host?

[22:24:20] B-as-in-B: Am I the only one to think Caleb is doing too much? Far too much?

[22:24:20] ...samantha...: WELL YOU ACT LIKE YOUR 5

[22:24:23] Echo: I love you for that, Aquarius!

[22:24:28] PinkoLady: That's what itscassie is to LG15

[22:24:28] ItsKassie: you were in brees grade and she is only 16

[22:24:29] Garfwog: you look 14 from your eyes and stuff

[22:24:34] ageofaquarius: haha i love me some echo too:)

[22:24:38] lets_steal_everythin: no bree said cassie was in daniel's grade

[22:24:39] Tinny09: T snook out...I'm sure you can too

[22:24:40] noelle: So, the TV is to make sure they do not notice you talking to yourself?

[22:24:43] gogo: Cassie, what do you suspect the elders are up to?

[22:24:43] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] do you think daniel tried to hurt you?

[22:24:45] ...samantha...: DUHH, CASSIE YOU DON'T MAKE SENSE

[22:24:47] Echo: I actually think cassie looks in her 20s.

[22:24:49] ODZAMRAN: I was in Daniel's grade.

[22:24:50] PinkoLady: haha, nice noelle

[22:24:52] krgardel: [to ODZAMRAN] is lucy there? how about gemma? can you tell us anything about OpAphid?

[22:24:57] robtomorrow: samantha we get that you don't like cassie,give it a break

[22:24:58] lets_steal_everythin: why does daniel pretend not to remember you, cassie?

[22:24:59] Musique36: Cassie, tell me... are you living in a commune with these elders... is this why you whisper so much?

[22:25:01] OhEmGeeItsLily: She WAS in Daniels grade...

[22:25:02] breeislonely: [to ODZAMRAN] why do you say daniel is in denial??

[22:25:03] Garfwog: that means youre 17

[22:25:03] noelle: Thats what my parents always think when I make my videos

[22:25:05] PinkoLady: gemma, now there's the one I want to get in bed

[22:25:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: No..Daniel is 18..

[22:25:11] ageofaquarius: does daniel have a hairy back? is that why he won't take off his shirt to go swimming?

[22:25:12] ODZAMRAN: I have never met Lucy or Gemma. They don't live here.

[22:25:13] OhEmGeeItsLily: Might have just turned 19...

[22:25:20] noelle: theyre like...why...are you talking to yourself?

[22:25:21] livelongandprosper77 has left the room `General`.

[22:25:25] Echo: Cassie is 18 too acording to her youtube.

[22:25:26] B-as-in-B: Maybe Daniel is late

[22:25:27] Iconologia: why does daniel pretent to not know who you are?

[22:25:29] Iris2009: IM watching you cassie...

[22:25:29] Jackie: Gemma has DSL.

[22:25:30] ItsKassie has left the room `General`.

[22:25:36] OhEmGeeItsLily: No...Daniel is definitely 18.

[22:25:39] PinkoLady: Creators: are you not interested...?

[22:25:39] noelle: Have you ever met a Dr. Immant?

[22:25:40] Jackie: ... you know, the um... internet service.

[22:25:41] breeislonely: why do you say daniel is in denial??

[22:25:45] Caleb: Is ItsKassie real or fake?

[22:25:46] Tinny09: Well actually Bree is 17

[22:25:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kassie is real, honey.

[22:25:56] ODZAMRAN: I guess I scared Daniel away.

[22:25:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: Better believe she is.

[22:25:57] B-as-in-B: Teh Creators just died of information overload

[22:25:57] Garfwog: hey cassie do you own a canon?

[22:25:58] ...samantha...: ITSKASSIE IS REAL

[22:26:00] PinkoLady: I bet she's sooo flattered you're here. Unless she's canon, in which case, I lost a good deal of respect for you

[22:26:03] Echo: I thought Bree was 16...

[22:26:04] noelle: He was on?

[22:26:05] Garfwog: a really big canon to shoot people

[22:26:05] Caleb: Says who?

[22:26:06] lets_steal_everythin: becasue you threatened to ate his parents

[22:26:09] PinkoLady: unless you get her naked

[22:26:09] krgardel: [to ODZAMRAN] are you the one sending the refusetobelievelies messages?

[22:26:13] PinkoLady: then I approve

[22:26:14] Caleb: Teh Creators?

[22:26:15] B-as-in-B: No sleep, fame, too much money. . .

[22:26:16] ...samantha...: HAHA

[22:26:16] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] what did you do to scare him away?

[22:26:22] ODZAMRAN: I don't send messages.

[22:26:25] noelle: But, really, do you know of a Dr. Immant?

[22:26:27] jc_gypsy7: ahem.. sorry to bother, but I was dead serious bout your P. Monkey in charge.. lmao, got 3 friends addicted to LG15 by introducing your vid first.. after they got done laughing, they'd crossed the line and were believing in the unbelievable.. hehe.. they now subscribe daily.

[22:26:32] ageofaquarius: is the real reason why daniel won't take of his shirt is because yousef has a tattoo?

[22:26:34] krgardel: [to ODZAMRAN] thanks, i thought it was you

[22:26:38] Tinny09: Canon and itscassie don't really belong in the same sentence

[22:26:42] iamcool: dr. immant is this complete fool

[22:26:43] Echo: Is your wig lined with Aluminum Foil?

[22:26:44] Jackie: Cassie, email me some pics, you hot piece of synthetic fiber

[22:26:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA, TINNY.

[22:26:49] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] what happened to frank?

[22:26:50] The Creators: thank you jc_gypsy :)

[22:26:50] Caleb: LOL

[22:26:51] ...samantha...: HAHA

[22:26:52] lets_steal_everythin: email them to me as well

[22:26:53] B-as-in-B: Tatoo can be hided withmakeup

[22:26:57] PinkoLady: Tinny, what if I was going to aim my canon at itscassie?

[22:26:59] ...samantha...: LOL

[22:27:02] The Creators: the more addicts, the more likely we can continue to feed the addiction

[22:27:02] B-as-in-B: not dead. yet

[22:27:06] lets_steal_everythin: yessssss

[22:27:17] noelle: Did we scare cassie away?

[22:27:20] B-as-in-B: Keep on making addicts.

[22:27:21] PinkoLady: true, creators, you have a cartel here

[22:27:21] noelle: I hope not.

[22:27:23] OhEmGeeItsLily: Cassie, your hair is FRIED. I heard mayonnaise was good for your hair...

[22:27:26] lets_steal_everythin: cassie, what are you wearing?

[22:27:31] ...samantha...: AHAH LILY

[22:27:31] B-as-in-B: You all pushers!

[22:27:32] iamcool: i think its a bit of a coincidence that a new vid comes on as this is happening....

[22:27:35] Iris2009: [to Jackie] Im addicted to all of them but more chatting with Cassie the more im not digging this cassie thing.

[22:27:38] krgardel: new vid loading (breaking and entering)...i think i have to go watch that instead

[22:27:38] Tinny09: As lung as there is fire involved

[22:27:39] lets_steal_everythin: a new video!?!?!?

[22:27:42] Iris2009: [to Jackie] woops soory jackie

[22:27:42] iamcool: yeh

[22:27:43] Tinny09: loung*

[22:27:48] iamcool: called breaking and entering

[22:27:49] Iris2009:

[22:27:49] Caleb: I want to meet Bree, and then touch her Badonkydonk

[22:27:49] gogo: Cassie what do you suspect the elders are up to?

[22:27:50] ageofaquarius: yeah i'm 50 years old, wearing my lonelygirl15 t-shirt eating ravioli out of a can, it's dripping down my shirt

[22:27:55] ODZAMRAN: ...I have to go.

[22:27:56] Tinny09: Creators! why didn't you tell us!

[22:27:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: Caleb...

[22:28:02] The Creators: hold your horses, the video is still processing

[22:28:03] Tinny09: for shame...*wags fingers*

[22:28:04] lets_steal_everythin: cassie you didnt tell us anything important

[22:28:04] Caleb: JK

[22:28:05] Jackie: Iris: People get me confused with The creators allll the time.

[22:28:06] iamcool: well that was worth it

[22:28:08] The Creators: i will tell you

[22:28:08] B-as-in-B: Age: do we want to know?

[22:28:10] lets_steal_everythin: you're a jerk

[22:28:10] Musique36: Take care Cass

[22:28:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: That's not very appropriate...

[22:28:12] Garfwog: bye cassie

[22:28:15] krgardel: yeah, cassie wants to watch the new vid too!

[22:28:15] noelle: goodbye cassie

[22:28:17] OhEmGeeItsLily: Bye Cassie.

[22:28:18] Jackie: Lates, Cass. Call me!

[22:28:18] Iconologia: [to ODZAMRAN] but you have barely told us anything

[22:28:20] Garfwog: thanks for being kindaq useless and kinda useful

[22:28:21] Echo: Don't forget to make a shout out to Echo!

[22:28:22] ...samantha...: BYE CASSIE

[22:28:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: I hope everything goes well for you.

[22:28:22] Tinny09: Bye Cassie

[22:28:24] noelle: what new vid?!?!

[22:28:25] ItsKassie has joined the room `General`.

[22:28:27] Iris2009: Bye Cassie

[22:28:27] iamcool: that sucked so bad

[22:28:29] noelle: i dont see one.

[22:28:29] ageofaquarius: wash your hair, cassie

[22:28:29] Tinny09: Call me when you get the canon

[22:28:30] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kassie!

[22:28:30] gogo: bye cassie. By all.

[22:28:32] ...samantha...: I HOPE YOU SURVIVE

[22:28:36] ODZAMRAN: I can't tell you things about Bree, only about me.

[22:28:39] iamcool: i hope u get eaten

[22:28:40] lets_steal_everythin: how do you know a vnew video is uploading

[22:28:42] PinkoLady: creators, had you planned on incorporating an ARG?

[22:28:43] Jackie: We don't care about you, though

[22:28:43] Echo: Echo shout out!

[22:28:45] Garfwog: wtf

[22:28:46] noelle: Good.

[22:28:47] Echo: I demand it!

[22:28:47] Garfwog: we need BREE

[22:28:48] PinkoLady: (I'm being serious for now)

[22:28:49] lets_steal_everythin: yeah do a shoutout

[22:28:49] ItsKassie: Lily!

[22:28:49] Garfwog: stuff

[22:28:50] Tinny09: Like you're real hair color?

[22:28:52] ODZAMRAN: I'm sorry if I dissapointed you.

[22:28:53] robtomorrow: Cassie I like your videos, don't mind the childness of the others in here

[22:28:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: Make sure to cooke Daniel's parents real good, Cassie!

[22:28:59] Garfwog: well ask questions abotu you when youre canoned

[22:28:59] ODZAMRAN: I feel dizzy.

[22:28:59] Musique36: Cassie... hold on a second, please?

[22:29:00] Jackie: Disappointed*

[22:29:00] Caleb: Cassie, I need your Pi

[22:29:02] noelle: Because I only want to know about you.

[22:29:04] lets_steal_everythin: its the medicine

[22:29:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: You don't want to get sick...

[22:29:05] ageofaquarius: does the order do checks for lice and scoliosis at school?

[22:29:05] noelle: Are you alright?

[22:29:05] The Creators: pinko... yeah it's opaphid

[22:29:06] Tinny09: See, creators this is something that makes me love you and want to throw cheese and the same time

[22:29:07] PinkoLady: Or did that just happen as you saw the success of CIW andOpaphid?

[22:29:08] iamcool: shes going to die!

[22:29:09] ageofaquarius: do you have lice?

[22:29:09] Jackie: Did they shoot you with a tranq gun?

[22:29:10] PinkoLady: no, I know

[22:29:10] noelle: Drink some water

[22:29:13] Musique36: Cassie, how fare are you away from these elders?

[22:29:15] The Creators: oh lol isee

[22:29:15] Musique36: *far

[22:29:19] iamcool: have a kit-kat

[22:29:20] PinkoLady: but had you planned on incorporating one?

[22:29:31] Tinny09: Maybe you'll land on the wig?

[22:29:32] The Creators: no, we started to think about it before CIW

[22:29:33] Iris2009: brb

[22:29:34] lets_steal_everythin: wheres the new videooooo

[22:29:37] ...samantha...: HAHA TINNY

[22:29:40] Iris2009 has left the room `General`.

[22:29:42] Caleb: Like 'Can i have your pi???'

[22:29:46] The Creators: because all the people who hunted us down were ARG fanatics

[22:29:48] Echo: You should put your wig on Ebay!

[22:29:52] breeislonely: what did you do to scare daniel?

[22:29:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: Get a new wig and say you got your hair did, Cassie.

[22:29:54] ...samantha...: YEAH

[22:29:55] PinkoLady: ingenious

[22:29:55] Echo: I'd bid!

[22:29:55] Tinny09: What I meant is

[22:29:58] ...samantha...: SELL IT THERE

[22:29:58] ageofaquarius: peopel hunted you down?

[22:29:58] Garfwog: id buy that wig!

[22:30:00] Caleb: or 'CAN I EAT YOUR PLACENTA????'

[22:30:03] ODZAMRAN: Maybe I'll come here again sometimes, but its not safe now.

[22:30:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: EWW!

[22:30:05] Iris2009 has joined the room `General`.

[22:30:05] iamcool: tell us something about u cassie...

[22:30:06] OhEmGeeItsLily: CALEB!

[22:30:08] Tinny09: Bree said she couldn't remember what Cassie looked like

[22:30:08] The Creators: and then CIW, OpAphid, and a variety of other factors convinced us (plus I think they are cool)

[22:30:09] noelle: Okay

[22:30:14] noelle: Feel better Cassie

22:30:15] Jackie: Don't bother, cassie

[22:30:15] ODZAMRAN: I need to lay down.

[22:30:19] Tinny09: So that leaves room for fan fiction cassies

[22:30:20] noelle: Good idea

[22:30:21] Caleb: The creators, you are cool

[22:30:21] ODZAMRAN: Bye.

[22:30:21] AmandaZTA has left the room `General`.

[22:30:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: Aww...

[22:30:23] ODZAMRAN has left the room `General`.