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*[[Sarah]] — {{lg15user|10006}}
*[[Sarah]] — {{lg15user|10006}}
*[[Reed]] — {{lg15user|10007}}
*[[Reed]] — {{lg15user|10007}}
*[[Daniel]] — {{lg15user|12580}}
==Cast and Crew Accounts==
==Cast and Crew Accounts==

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This is a wiki article about the lg15.com Web site. To visit the Web site, see http://www.lg15.com/.
URL http://www.lg15.com
Affiliation lonelygirl15, KateModern, LG15: The Resistance
Type Series site
Launched July 22nd, 2007

www.lg15.com is the website which hosts both Lonelygirl15.com and KateModern.tv. It acts as a main page for the LG15 Universe, containing portals to each of the individual series, Lonelygirl15, KateModern, and LG15: The Resistance


The site has four boxes with two links, one which goes to KateModern.tv (www.lg15.com/katemodern), the other to lonelygirl15.com (www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15).

Site features

  • LGPedia — The LGPedia is the wikipedia-style encyclopedia that you are reading right now. It is edited by lonelygirl15 fans and contains information on almost all aspects of the series.
  • Chat room — The site has typically hosted some form of chat room, where fans can discuss the series.
  • LG15 Store — The site hosts a store where t-shirts and sweatshirts are for sale.
  • Inside LG15 — Inside LG15 is the official blog of the Creators.


  • On July 22nd, 2007, LG15.com the site was updated to include the new KateModern.tv website and to upgrade some existing features.
  • On December 17 2007, an official blog was created. Named "Inside LG15"

Character Accounts

Official LG15: The Resistance Accounts

Cast and Crew Accounts


Lonelygirl15 Cast

KateModern Cast

LG15: The Resistance Cast



Lonelygirl15 Crew

KateModern Crew

LG15: The Resistance Crew