LG15: The Order Files

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LG15: The Order Files
Created by Chris Stretch
Jordyn Jana K.
Mike Joe G.
Production Crew
Director Chris Stretch
Executive Producer Chris Stretch
Producer Chris Stretch
Editor Chris Stretch
Writer Chris Stretch

LG15: The Order Files (also known simply as The Order Files) is a mini-series that is based off of the entry of the same name for the first and second seasons of LG15: The Show Is Yours. The series focuses on the life of a trait positive girl named Jordyn Marie Johnson, who through a series of bad choices becomes an agent working for The Order. The original proposed series was also set to have guest appearances by popular YouTube personalities Lizzy Ashley, Michael Buckley, and Jill Hanner.

List of Episodes

Episode 01: No Longer a Lonely Girl! -- Jordyn begins video blogging on YouTube again after her old account was banned for violating the site's Terms of Service. Resuming from where she supposedly left off, she reveals that her crush, Mike, finally asked her out. However, she still hasn't found an outfit to wear to dinner with him, and she shows viewers an variety of outfits she has to choose from, and asks them to help her decide.

Cast of Characters

  • Jana K. as Jordyn Johnson, a trait positive girl with a possible dark side.
  • Joe G. as Mike, Jordyn's crush who is described as incredibly attractive.

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