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This page attempts to record the entire LG15: The Resistance story so far in a clean, text-based format.

Season One


Citizens of the world have become lost. Families torn. Lives lost to the darkness of the Order forever. Following the events of The Hymn of One's Cruise to the Eclipse, an incompetent attempt to bring a new leader upon the throne through a much feared ceremonial ascension, The Resistance once again realizes their fate at humanities hands and vows to rise upon power from the death they once nearly faced in order to take control and restore peace to the natural Earth.

After the events of The Ascension, Sarah Genatiempo goes into hiding from the Order. During this time, she gets bored and makes a mini-series of videos entitled "Fun Things To Do In Hiding." Reed Barnes also makes videos for LG15 Community Week and Dr. Alderman introduces us to LifesBlood Labs. After Sarah's goofy videos, she makes a video saying that she should've explained herself, and that she's sorry. She laments that if she hadn't betrayed TAAG, her father would have killed her mother and her little sister, Taylor.

A Call to Arms

A mysterious Resistance movement called the Hymn of None tries to convince Jonas Wharton, a former member of TAAG, to be their leader. Sarah also tries to contact him, but Jonas ignores everyone, saying that he isn't a leader and that they don't know what he's been through - referring to the loss of Bree Avery and probably others. Soon after this, the HoN reveals Dr. Alderman's true colors - extra footage from the most recent LBL video. Sarah makes a video and says that she could just as well be the leader of the HoN. She also tells the community to harass Jonas until he changes his mind. The next day, a member of the HoN calls Jonas's cell phone as he is filming a video. They tell him that the FBI are outside of his apartment because he killed people on S.S. Hathor's Song. Jonas doesn't believe this until Agent Whitcomb and Agent Aliziano knock on his door. Jonas narrowly escapes, and the HoN member follows the FBI agents into Jonas's apartment, finding a text message that says "Leave me alone." At the end of the week, the Hymn of None posts a compilation of the week's events with old LBL security footage of a trait positive girl named Maggie Schaeffer. She is trapped at Old LifesBlood Labs, and an orderly named Beaumont Charles gives her hope.

Bad Decision?

Trust Fall

Growth Spurt

On the Road

Hacked and Tracked

Tricks and Treats


New England Ho!

Splitting Up

We All Fall Down

Journey's End

Day of Atonement