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Main Characters
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These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.


Portrayed by: Jessica Lee Rose

A lonely girl whose blood makes her desirable to the Order.


Portrayed by: Yousef Abu-Taleb

Bree's loyal best friend with a big heart.


Portrayed by: Jackson Davis

Passionate. Follows his instincts, which often leads to trouble.

0436-Sarah1 20c-icon.jpg

Portrayed by: Alexandra Dreyfus

An edgy girl who may also have a soft side.

Behind the Curtain - Taylor Smiling-icon.jpg

Portrayed by: Becki Kregoski

A soccer player with exceptional computer hacking skills.


Portrayed by: Katherine Pawlak

Jonas's trait positive little sister who's wanted by the Order.


Portrayed by: Melanie Merkosky

An intelligent girl who wants to make a difference in the world.


Portrayed by: Crystal Young

Bree's older sister with problems opening up to others.