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This is an index of all the puzzles that have taken place in the LG15: The Resistance web series.

One Evil with Many Faces

The puzzle included with the "One Evil with Many Faces" video was the first of The Resistance series. The puzzle consisted of a Sendspace file which, when opened, contained binary code. Decoded, the file read as following:

[alwkcvNskwlsAalxdMflbscEeelc][DslwlOsxlaBsxlle][dldlPwwdftHsskskAskldfvkSwdxaaEasdew][sslslSsclpTsaAswa aTrjdkdU salkaSad kvgkf]//...

Those working on the puzzle soon found that each capitalized letter lent to the code's result. The ones within the puzzle, for example, spell out "NAME DOB PHASE STATUS."

The final result of this file is contained in the following image.


As a result of this image, members of the LG15 community believe that Margaret Ann Schaeffer, the escaped, perhaps trait positive girl will become an integral part of the series.

Book of...Poems?

The puzzle included in Jonas's text blog "Book of...Poems?" consisted of two phrases he found on the back of a Crowley Collection flyer:

For those who would endeavor
to acquire that which was His:
Respects must be paid, to those
who embody what He believed.

The daughter who lived for 6 years, then died.
The bride who died, then lived for 6 years.
Yet neither has left us.
Kneel at their feet and find answers.

The first section was found to be hinting that, in order to find the Samsaran Doctrine, further clues would be left in cemeteries in Chicago.

Reed hinted that clues would be left at statues, as hinted by "kneel at their feet and find answers". "Yet neither has left us" was found to be referring to ghosts or hauntings, narrowing the search further.

"The daughter who lived for 6 years, then died" was reference to the statue for Inez Clarke (who died at the age of six) in Graceland Cemetery.

"The bride who died, then lived for 6 years" was initially thought to reference the monument of Frances M. Pearce and Frances Pearce in Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum, but was found to be a dead end. The real answer to this clue was reference to the "Italian Bride" statue, created for a woman whose remains were discovered to be free of decay after six years.

Both statues held clues which Jonas found and used to phone Willow Wood Auctioneers.


The cryptic photo included in the blog "RESPONSE REQUESTED" led to many dead-ends, regarding what the possible solution may be. The image included the text "wewillnotbestopped" and "Egan Togs".

The solution to the puzzle was to find an anagram of "Egan Togs", "SteganoG", which is also the name of an image encryption program. When the image is attempted to be decrypted, the program will prompt for a password, which was the other piece of the puzzle - "wewillnotbestopped". Once decrypted, the program returns a map, depicting the location of the Samsaran Doctrine.


The puzzle posted with the video "1-800-I-CAN-REED" was supposedly supplied to Sarah by the Hymn of One to aide in translation of the Samsaran Doctrine. Sarah posted a passage from the book, as well as the key she was given, asking for the community's help.

ICANREED passage.jpgICANREED key.jpg

Through a simple substitution using the key, the solution was found to be "Hathor gave this mighty object to the village elder". Thanks to the solution, Sarah and Jonas were able to translate the whole of the Samsaran Doctrine.

Mystery Box

The video "Mystery Box" held a hidden puzzle, which was not confirmed until the following chat with the Hymn of None. It was discovered that the video itself held numbers, which led to a GPS location in Boston. The video "Battleground" revealed the community's discovery.

Just So We're Clear

Reed's blog Just So We're Clear held a note-so-hidden puzzle, as well. This puzzle can be casually spotted by the casual observer by locating all of the "typo" double-letters in the blog, forming the words "Help me". The words were meant to be easily found, to indicate that, despite the text of the blog, Reed was still being held by LifesBlood Labs.

1:00 PM

The 1:00 PM video of Day of Atonement mentioned a puzzle, which was available for download on lg15.com. The downloaded file was an Excel spreadsheet, seemingly covered in gibberish combination of "error" and "doc".

In order to solve the puzzle, the instances of "error" had to be replaced with the number 0 and "doc" with 1, revealing binary. The binary statements then had to be translated into text. Each letter in the text translation was separated by a character. Once the extraneous characters were removed, the following table was revealed:

Customer Log for Daily Service: 11/3/07
Client Vehicle Start Mileage End Mileage Departure Time Return Time
Willhall, S. Sedan (Green) 55235 55491 06:54:00 AM 05:00:00 PM
Masters, A. Sedan (Blue) 14675 14745 06:57:00 AM 12:00:00 PM
Samuelson, T. Sedan (Aqua) 2094 2198 06:58:00 AM 03:14:00 PM
Ryder, N. Sedan (Two-Door, Blue) 9934 9984 07:01:00 AM 03:47:00 PM
Refroe, J. SUV (Black) 34098 34248 07:23:00 AM 04:19:00 PM (Next Day)*
McKee, D. Minivan (Blue) 21603 21754 07:30:00 AM 09:00:00 PM
Loman, J. Sedan (White) 64732 64845 07:42:00 AM 02:10:00 PM
Green, M. SUV (Blue) 6743 6899 07:51:00 AM 03:32:00 PM
Genatiempo, S. SUV (Black) 23034 23302 08:00:00 AM 06:43:00 PM (Next Day)*
Fried, C. Sedan (Red) 71003 71156 08:02:00 AM 04:56:00 PM
Hayden, C. Sedan (Blue) 15014 15234 12:45:00 PM 07:08:00 PM
Wayne, L. Sedan (Two-Door, White) 3023 3141 01:03:00 PM 05:04:00 PM
Li, S. SUV (White) 102559 102768 01:06:00 PM 06:15:00 PM
Fitzgerald, M. Minivan (Red) 34902 35054 02:34:00 PM 09:02:00 PM
Sears, A. Sedan (Green) 29238 29432 03:08:00 PM 07:15:00 PM
Phan, S. Sedan (Two-Door, Blue) 9986 10134 04:30:00 PM 11:05:00 AM (Next Day)*
Hansen, F. Sedan (Two-Door, Red) 7793 7921 04:35:00 PM 10:00:00 PM
Womack, A. Sedan (Convertible, Black) 114004 114202 05:00:00 PM 10:00:00 PM
Buchman, N. Minivan (White) 11303 11354 05:04:00 PM 09:44:00 PM
Cooper, M. SUV (Blue) 6982 7065 05:07:00 PM 09:17:00 AM (Next Day)*
Beltran, D. Sedan (White) 64293 64313 05:08:00 PM 11:05:00 PM
Lima, R. Sedan (Black) 124003 124079 05:08:00 PM 10:39:00 PM
Piper, A. Sedan (Convertible, Red) 34267 34280 06:10:00 PM 11:01:00 PM
*Delinquent Fee Applicable

Thanks to Sarah's recently discovered surname of "Genatiempo", this spreadsheet warned Maggie that Sarah was working for the Order.