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This page is an attempt to track the relationships, crushes, and feelings of sexual tension between the characters of the LG15: The Resistance series. For information on a specific relationship, click the navigation below.


Beaumont and Maggie

Maggie and Beaumont

When Beaumont is first seen with Maggie, he is described as having shown her kindness. It is later clarified that he helped her to escape LifesBlood Labs. Later on, during one of her blood transfusions, Maggie asks where Beaumont was and is told he was been transferred and that she won't "have to worry about him touching [her] again". This did not minor inconvenience did not stop him though, he began posing as a janitor and helped intiate in two escape attempts. During the second attempt, in Chapter 11: We All Fall Down there relationship is especially evident when he tells her that if she won't leave then he won't leave either, trying desperately to keep her from killing herself.

Beaumont successfully rescues her from LifesBlood Labs, only to unknowingly hand her over to The Order, believing that they truely wanted to help Maggie. He realizes his mistake, and tries to get away from them. In the process he is shot, but Maggie is able to escape in the confusion.


Daniel and Sarah

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Daniel paints Sarah's toenails.
Crazy prom night.

Sarah often used strange flirting tactics with Daniel. She first held a tube of lipstick up to Daniel's back, pretending that it was a gun. She then pantsed Daniel. Later, she bragged that she could tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. While these are not "conventional" ways of flirting, it was clear that Sarah was attempting to get attention from Daniel.

Sarah continued to try to get Daniel's attention, pulling her shirt down for him, suggesting that he use a stethoscope to "listen to [her] heart." He rejected her advances, telling her to "calm down, tiger." However, Daniel began to warm towards Sarah as she expressed a common interest in chocolate frosted doughnuts.

After Sarah traveled to LA to be with Jonas and Daniel, they went to the site of the camp play to help look for a package left by Bree's dad. However, she got distracted by her desire to shower. Daniel promised Sarah the best shower she'd ever had in return for her help looking for the package. Sarah smiled and whispered something in Daniel's ear, presumably in regards to him joining her in the shower. This caused Daniel to laugh and shake his head.

After they returned to Jonas's house, Sarah surprised Daniel while he was taking the trash out. She pretended to be the Order, saying that she had plans for Daniel to be her personal slave. He laughed and called her a freak, but remained quiet when she responded with, "But I'm your freak." Later, while pretending that P. Monkey was Daniel, Sarah mimed kissing him and holding the puppet up to her chest. She said that that was Daniel's "favorite part."

A few days later, while spying on the Hymn of One seminar, Daniel's cap from a previous video was on Sarah's head; later in the video, it was back on Daniel's head. When the trio went to rescue Bree, Sarah continuously made moves on Daniel in the car, telling him that there were better ways to relieve stress than tapping his hands incessantly. When Sarah got wrestled and chased by the Order guards, Daniel ran after her and refused to leave until he knew she'd escaped the guard.

While staying in the cabin, Sarah and Daniel continued to bond. Daniel even painted Sarah's toenails. They later shared a laugh over Daniel's impersonation of P. Monkey.

When Bree went missing again, Daniel and Sarah flirted while searching for her; Daniel complimented Sarah on her nice derrière, while Sarah called Daniel a naughty park ranger. Jonas later found the two of them giggling and goofing around on a sofa, which caused him to leave the house and stay with Taylor. After Jonas was gone, Daniel and Sarah enjoyed some R&R time, leading many to believe that the two had sex. However, soon after this, Sarah posted a MySpace entry referring to Daniel as clingy. She then posted a video blog saying that she's no Mrs. Cleaver and that Daniel needed to "chill." She continued her negative attitude as she and Daniel visited the yacht club, accusing him of being "snippy." Later, when Spencer asked Daniel if he still had feelings for Sarah, Daniel replied with a very emphatic "no!"

Right before they were about to rescue Bree, Sarah stole the car keys to prevent Daniel from going. She asserted that Bree would never love him and begged him not to go. However, Daniel accused Sarah of being manipulative and went anyway. After Bree's death though, Daniel admitted that he didn't mean what he said. Sarah also admitted that she loved Daniel, but decided that she could never compete with his love for Bree and claimed that she was giving up trying.

Daniel and Sarah were then separated for some time. In that time Sarah went back to her old ways and Daniel entered into a relationship with a new girl, Mallory. However, Sarah was forced to leave her home in order to transport the Serum, which she still had possession of, for Jonas to give his sister, Emma. After some time on the run, Daniel, Sarah, and Jonas rented a house and began to live together. While moving in, Sarah criticized Mallory's choice of leaving her hair products in the bathroom. Daniel yelled at her for this.

Almost a week later, Daniel began to film a project for one of his classes. In it, the script called for a kiss to be shared between his character and Sarah's. Privately, she questioned why he would choose to kiss her instead of his girlfriend along with questioning why he hadn't told Mallory the truth of their fight against the Order. Sarah took it upon herself to tell Mallory this, possibly hoping she would leave Daniel. Surprisingly, he had already told her.

Sarah soon became fed up with Daniel and Jonas's distrust of Sonia and has decided to go out on her own to save Emma. She followed a lead about Chris, asking Mallory to join her at Chris's favorite bar. However, she did not tell Mallory her true intentions, which were to have Mallory flirt with a drunken Chris to get information on Emma's whereabouts. When Mallory realized that that's what Sarah intended, she stormed out, accusing Sarah of setting it up to break up her and Daniel's relationship. However, Sarah claimed that this was nonsense, and insisted that if Mallory went through with it, "Daniel would return to normal."

After Daniel caught Mallory cheating with DelMundo, Daniel decided to make Sarah his romantic focus once again. However, Sarah was busy being brainwashed by the Hymn of One at the Lullaby Project. Daniel saw her video and became enraged and became fully committed to saving her, just as Sarah was becoming fully committed to the Hymn of One. After a rather unusual chat with fans in which she declared "on Friday my lyrics will formalized and i will sing my song," the gang rushed to Sarah's rescue. Sarah was less than enthusiastic to leave and she made a very strange video.

After rescuing Emma and Gina from the Order, Sarah, Daniel, and the others took up residence in a cabin in the woods. Daniel and Sarah apparently shared a bed one night because both talked about the others' snoring one morning. Sarah then got mad at Jennie because she thought Jennie was interested in Daniel, not Jonas, as Jennie had said. When Sarah exposed Gina's drawings to the world, Daniel was very upset and told her she had violated Gina's privacy.


Jonas and Counter Girl

Jonas has a thing for "Lunch Ladies."

On their way to Pittsburgh, Jonas, Sarah, and Reed make a pit stop. Jonas was shown chatting with the counter girl and laughing, and Sarah accuses him of flirting with her, which Jonas denies, though he does admit that he thinks she is nice.

Jonas and Maggie

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Jonas is Maggie's Knight in shining armor.

Early on, Maggie had made several references on how much she would like to one day meet Jonas. While staying at Estelle's apartment, Jonas is surprised by Maggie's arrival, considering she had previously declined Reed's invitation to meet up with them. Later in the week, Jonas convinced Maggie to try video blogging "as herself". Advising her to be honest and act like he is not in the room. She admits she is frustrated that Sarah and Reed aren't getting along even though they like each other, and that she would really like to have a relationship, and sites Jonas as an example of someone she would be interested in. Jonas is embarrassed and cuts her off. The next day, it is revealed that Jonas and Maggie had gone to a movie together, which Sarah labels a date, even though they claim they are just friends.
Then later on, after Jonas says to not post any videos, Sarah makes a video showing Jonas and Maggie up in a room, making out. Then when Maggie pulled up Jonas' shirt, he protested saying,"Not now, we'll get through today then we'll see."

Jonas and Sarah

Jonas and Sarah try to get along...

In Let's Play Doctor, Jonas jokingly flirted with Sarah, asking her what she was doing later. Sarah responded with "It involves D batteries and makes a lot of noise". Also, in Sarah's Myspace blog, she hinted at a possible attraction to Jonas. In CAMP PLAY, Jonas complimented Sarah on looking great after a long bus ride. However, Sarah rejected his advances, telling him that if he got any closer, she would breathe on him. Later on, he commented sarcastically on her choice of killer hiking shoes without much success.

Months later, in Carving Pumpkins, Mallory noticed a very good picture of Jonas and Sarah in the rented house and asked Sarah if there was anything going on between the two of them. Sarah was disgusted by the suggestion, and said she "threw up in her mouth a little bit" at the thought. When Sarah has a panic attack whilst she and Jonas are trapped in the back of a truck in Groping in the Dark, Jonas comforts her by saying "You're okay! I'm right here with you".

Over the course of the next few months, Sarah's relationship with everyone. including Jonas, becomes strained, and reaches a breaking point when it is revealed that Sarah has been working as a mole for the Order. After the revelations and the events that followed caused TAAG to break up, Sarah pestered Jonas with phone calls, which he ignored in frustration. When they finally reunited face-to-face, Jonas was initially frightened, believing that Sarah was going to cause him harm.

Later on, when it appears that Maggie has developed an interest in Jonas, Sarah revealed that she will "DEFINITELY not" have "a relationship with Jonas". She seemingly contradicts herself on the Day of Atonement, where she Kisses Jonas after he saves her from getting stabbed by Dr. Alderman, but it later becomes apparent that Sarah had been working for the Order the entire time she has known him, and was luring him into a false sense of security. She hands him over to the Order, and later beats him with a metal pipe.


Maggie and Beaumont

See Beaumont and Maggie

Maggie and Jonas

See Jonas and Maggie


Reed and Estelle

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Estelle thinks that Reed is so cute!

During the group's trip to Boston, Reed suggests that they stay at the apartment of his ex-girlfriend, Estelle. The relationship is very apparent during Boo! when Estelle comments on how cute Reed is, this interaction obviously gets to Sarah, who claims to not be jealous. In the video Rabbit Hole Sarah finds the two of them in bed together, it is unclear what actually happened but it is assumed they had spent the night together.

Reed and Sarah

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Sarah thinks Reed looks normal... and cool... and cute...

Sarah first mentions Reed in 1-800-I-CAN-REED, where she has doubts on whether he can be trusted, though she'd "like to think so." The next day, Sarah makes a video while drunk, where she reveals that she thinks Reed should join the team because she thinks "Reed looks normal... and cool... (giggles) and cute..." Once Reed joins the team, Sarah notes that he's really bad at flirting with girls, leaving Reed tongue-tied. When Jonas arrives, they both call shotgun, but Reed lets Sarah have it.

The next week, Sarah complains that Reed "wouldn't stop bitching" about the absence of a car mix CD, but admits that he is kind of funny. Reed arrives with Shirley Temples and the two begin to talk. Reed ends up spilling his drink all over himself and Sarah, but she laughs it off.


Sarah and Daniel

See Daniel and Sarah

Sarah and Jonas

See Jonas and Sarah

Sarah and Manny

Sarah's appreciates Manny's concern that her chest might escape.

During her time in hiding, Sarah makes a "New friend" in Manny, the 65 year old man who runs the newspaper stand near her bulding. Sarah sarcastically thanks him for his actions in the video Sexy Librarian Strikes Again! stating, "He runs the newspaper stand downstairs, and he makes sure to check out my boobs and butt every time I go in there for supplies. So very thoughtful of him. Without him watching them, they might - my God, they might run off and join the circus!" His interest in her "parts" is off putting to Sarah because he is the only person who is showing any interest in her at all.

Sarah and Reed

See Reed and Sarah