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Warning! This page contains humor. If it's hard for you to deal with that, please move along.

This is the official ranking of the 50 hottest girls of lonelygirl15. Similar to the Hot 100 lists compiled every year by Maxim magazine. This list is not the opinion of its author; rather it is objective fact.

  1. Bree before the video Zodiac of Denderah — Before Bree went nuts she was heaven.
  2. Random Girl — Hot, and the fact that she was willing to go home with a drunk guy is a positive.
  3. Alexandra Dreyfus — This girl is fabulously attractive. Too bad Sarah isn't a better character.
  4. Dead Bree — once Bree died it was easier to remember mostly the good times, and forget the months between October and August when she went completely bonkers.
  5. Bitsie Tulloch — Harvard education is hot.
  6. Jessica Lee Rose — Beautiful girl, but poor performance in too many interviews. Verdict is still out on her character in Greek. But both of them need more college.
  7. Jackie Jandrell — Had the good sense to get on a lifeboat before the whole ship sunk. Kudos for that.
  8. Katharine McPhee — That album cover? Yowza!
  9. Becki Kregoski — Bonus points for staying in school.
  10. Carla — hottest of the party guests because of the way she bites her fingers.
  11. Carl — surprisingly attractive woman.
  12. Taylor — cute, smart, but not as cute as Carl.
  13. Swallow — bonus points for inappropriate name.
  14. Mallory — Tell her a sob story and get her in bed, Daniel, you wuss!
  15. Nikki Bower — Fun, quirky character. Presumably hooked up with VoyBoy.
  16. Isaac Gilman's mistress — Good for Isaac Gilman, I guess.
  17. Claudia — Hot accent compensates for otherwise forgettable appearance.
  18. Aunt Alex — points lost for being a psycho cult member. Oh yeah, and lay off the SPF 95. You need a tan.
  19. Sarah — points lost for chlamydia and being emo.
  20. Jonas's mom — She's got money. Sorta like Stifler's mom.
  21. Gemma — "Uh, nut, uh squirrel, uh—" OMG shut up and get a better writer.
  22. Spencer — bonus points for good skin. Thanks Neutrogena!
  23. Taylor Treadwell — Appeared on soap operas in real life. Pretty cool.
  24. Alli Danziger — points deducted for having breathed the same air as Jimmy Kimmel.
  25. Katherine Pawlak — Hard to judge. Not really her fault that she's being forced to play a character a decade younger than she actually is.
  26. Jennifer — bonus points for showing up.
  27. Sonia — Brainwashed and thus vulnerable?
  28. Bree between Your Decision and How Dumb Am I? — Pretty dumb, actually.
  29. Staley Prom — Who even knows what character this is?
  30. Lucy — Take off the sunglasses, Corey Hart.
  31. Beth — After a bunch of drinks at a house party, Beth would do.
  32. Maddison Atkins — For being a better ARG, but being completely ignored by the C's, I salute you!
  33. Cristy Coors Beasley — Last name sounds like beer.
  34. Bree between Zodiac of Denderah and Your Decision — Actually one of the worst periods of Bree. Eating out of dumpsters. Being crazy all the time. "Let's go live with an Internet stranger, shall we, Daniel?" "Yeah, that makes sense."
  35. Angela Harp — Dumb name.
  36. Tammy Klein — Related to Calvin Klein?
  37. Carly Jones — Nothing to judge really. 5 points awarded for blond hair.
  38. Emma — Touch of death not conducive to snuggling. Age of consent issues here.
  39. Barb — Hymn of One! Is so dumb! Say it out loud!
  40. Daniel's grandma — Good cooking compensates for being post-menopausal.
  41. Batshit insane Bree (How Dumb Am I? to death) — By the time Bree died, everyone except Jonas and Daniel were happy because she had become such an incoherent, babbling maniac.
  42. The Army of 1,000 Sockpuppets — More manicuring, grooming and airbrushing to an image than all the women on this list combined.
  43. Reagan Payne — I don't want to crawl in bed with somebody who makes me think of Ronald Reagan.
  44. Jessi Williams — Must have done something pretty messed up to get fired from a non-speaking role.
  45. Bree's mom — Let her husband and daughter get murdered. Um. Fail.
  46. Allison Probert — Lame cameo. Nepotism.
  47. Rebecca — Owns real estate.
  48. Amanda Goodfried — major points deducted for sending e-mails traceable to CAA computers instead of spending 2 minutes on Google to learn about proxy servers.
  49. Tachyon — Just please go back to Fiji. WTF do you own a helicopter? And if The Order controls all the police stations then how on earth did you get the okay to fly a helicopter over the city of Los Angeles and... oh nevermind.
  50. Cassie — For creating the worst ARG in the history of of ARGs.