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This page lists user generated, LG15 or KM-related content that, for one reason or another, exceeds the mass in notability. These are usually high-profile videos that entertained a large part of the community, or videos that have specifically been endorsed by the Creators.

If you would like to know why a particular video is on this list or contest its listing, please pay the talk page a visit. Should you wish to suggest a new listing, please have a look at LGPedia:UGC desk#Notable non-series UGC before doing so.

This page only lists singular videos. For additional series not covered on LGPedia, click here. For a list of user generated series covered on LGPedia, click here.


Name User Description
(Gutter Grillz) Danielbeast's "MMYB Request" GregGallows A re-shoot of Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey, and O'n., as requested by Daniel in The Beast's Turn - "MMYB".
Acting For Pesos QtheC
Tired of Pl*tholes betz28 Community Appreciation Week winner: Best Music Video. Song about the numerous plot holes we "enjoy".
Re: Grand Canyon bubbleteamaylee aka. bubbleteagirl Community Appreciation Week winner: Best Advice to a Character. Please expand this description.
I can work with ninjas adamdaroff Community Appreciation Week winner: Best Comedy Video. Re-cut of Daniel's Ninja Film as a response to Please Help.
The LG Terryfic Community Appreciation Week winner: Second-Best Comedy Video. Please expand this description.
The #1 Eternal Songs Of the Hymn Of One micfranxon Community Appreciation Week winner: Third-Best Comedy Video. CD collection commercial, featuring several community members singing.
lonelygirl15 Song Deemontreal Song by singer Deemontreal about lonelygirl15, available on iTunes; the video has 940,000+ views and features a very detailed rebuild of Bree's bedroom as well as numerous references to the series.