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These are the people that make up the Breeniverse.

Main characters

These people have appeared on screen as video bloggers giving a major contribution to the plot.

ARG characters

These characters have their own blogs that crossover between the official story.

Supporting characters

There have been a handful of characters that have been seen in the videos, but do not post their own blogs, nor do they have speaking parts in general.

The stuffed characters

Bree has several stuffed animals that she considers to be her friends.

Unseen characters

A number of characters have been mentioned in the videos, but never seen onscreen. Due to the mysterious nature of the story, some of these people may not actually exist.

Guest Characters

Ambiguous Mystery People

Initially created to run the forum and website, this person was never really a "character" in the series, but merely a fan played by LG15 staff member.

  • Bukanator - Various (Admin of the Tribute to Lonelygirl15 fansite)