Lost and Found (LG15: The Last)

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Episode 39/1x039
Lost and Found

Sydney's built on a harbor. Water's kind of a given Bray.

Blogger Xavier
Date Posted July 13th, 2009
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 9:22
Description We spend our lives searching...
Location(s) Downtown Sydney,Darling Harbour
YouTube Tags LG15 The Last lonelygirl15 Toni Bray Chas Leigh Sibylla Jayde Mitch Lost and Found bree danielbeast jonas lg15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Director of Photography Andrew Strouthos
Visual Effects by Andrew Strouthos
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Music "Aftermath" by mdeman
"Bedroom" by Ryan Leach
"A Day in the Life" by tsugi
"Night Song" by sampleconstruct
Jayde Emily Rose Robinson
Mrs. Cooper Vincenza Robinson
Chasina Catherine Williams
Mitch Tom Mesker
Bray James Olds
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Lost and Found is the thirty-ninth video in the LG15: The Last video series. It is also the sixth video of Quietus.


(Jayde is sitting alone on a park bench with her camera watching parents playing with their children on the park swings. Jayde's mother, Mrs. Cooper, is seen walking hurriedly through the park. She comes to sit down next to Jayde and motions for her to put the camera away.)

Mrs. Cooper: What happened?

Jayde: It's nothing.

(Mrs. Cooper gets out a magazine and pretends to start reading it.)

Mrs. Cooper: We shouldn't be doing this. It isn't safe. Not here, not now.

Jayde: I know mum. I had to see you.

Mrs. Cooper: This is very dangerous Jayde. Ever since you ran away, the Order high on my tail.

Jayde: I'm sorry. I didn't mean...

Mrs. Cooper: If they catch us here all these years of careful planning and separation from my only daughter, will all have gone to waste.

Jayde: I know

Mrs. Cooper: So close to the end of it all

Jayde: Mum. Listen, please.

Mrs. Cooper: You're too foolish to be meeting here but this might be our last chance.

Jayde: No it won't. I've had a chance to think, about this and having a normal life.

Mrs. Cooper: A normal life? Jayde, you're not a normal girl. There's never going to be a normal life for you darling.

Jayde: I mean for us. As a family.

(Mrs. Cooper puts down her magazine and turns to face Jayde.)

Mrs. Cooper: Is there a way?

Jayde: I'll make sure of it. (Jayde picks up her bag) Just hold tight, you'll see me again soon enough.

(Mrs. Cooper grabs Jayde's hand before she leaves. Jayde walks through the park alone, someone filming her from afar. Change scene to Chas. She is playing with a leaf floating in a pool of water. Change scene again to Mitch and Bray walking along Darling Habour. Bray motions for Mitch to follow him.)

Mitch: Oi, oi, do you even know where you're going?

Bray: Com'n, com'n

Mitch: (Muttering) Bloody hell. Oi! Do you even know where we're going?

Bray: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Bray stops and looks around before turning the other way.)

Bray: Com'n it's this way. We haven't tried this way.

Mitch: Clearly not.

(Change scene to Chas who is walking through Hyde Park alone. Return to Mitch and Bray who are walking around the harbour confused.)

Bray: Haven't we been here already?

Mitch: Yes, we have, six times.

Bray: Oh my god. Bloody city. We haven't tried that way I think.

Mitch: Oi!

Bray: What?

Mitch: We're looking for an island. Water. I think we should just ask someone.

Bray: We're not lost alright.

(Bray storms off in the other direction.)

Mitch: We don't even know what we're looking for.

(Change scene back to Chas. She is sitting alone playing with some twigs. she looks at the camera sadly before getting up and leaving. Return the the boys at the harbour.)

Bray: I hate airports and I hate cities. Ridiculous.

Mitch: Aw whatever Bray. Oh hang on a sec.

( Mitch puts down the camera and goes to Bray's backpack)

Mitch: I'm so stupid.

(He pulls out the blueprints.)

Mitch: Chas's blueprints.

Bray: You've got to be kidding me.

(Mitch gets some tourist maps of the habour and Bray and him compare them to the blueprints.)

Bray: Wait, give me that one. (He matches the map of the harbour to the blueprints.) That's the water. That's it.

Mitch: So, Sydney is built on a harbour.

(Change scene to Chas in the park alone watching a fountain. Return the Bray and Mitch arguing.)

Bray: I don't care. We have to find them.

Mitch: We still have to agree on a plan of attack.

Bray: If we ever get there.

(Bray swears to himself and Mitch motions to pat him on the back. Bray shrugs him off and Mitch pats him on the shoulder. Change back to Chas in the park.)

Chas: He said he loved me. He can't stand to be away from me. He left me. No. I left him. I love you? I love you. I love you! Mitch, what if you've got plans. You can't do this alone. I won't let you do this alone.

(Chas grabs the camera and runs off.)