Marsh Chapel, Boston U

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The message on the door knob lead to this drop. It recovered at Marsh Chapel at Boston University on Monday 4/23/07 by Honeybee with help from Marla, Panda, and Kellylen (and the rest of the chat!). It was found under a pew in the center of the balcony with no envelope.

Drop Contents

Page from Dr. Seuss "Oh Say Can You Say"



The storm starts
when the drops start dropping.
When the drops stop dropping
then the storm starts stopping.


The binary at the top of the page translates to hex:

65 6d 70 74 79 20 42 6f 78 20 53 65 61 74 73

which translates to:

empty Box Seats

Guitar tabs

The numbers across the rest of the page are once again guitar tabs: MarshChapelTabs.jpg

which translates to:


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