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[17:23] * MessyNessy89 has joined #HymnOfOne

[17:23] <greggers> :D

[17:23] <greggers> nessy!!!

[17:23] <greggers> ZOMFG

[17:23] <greggers> HI D00D

[17:23] <MessyNessy89> Hi! I finally figured this out!

[17:24] <modelmotion> nessy

[17:24] <greggers> wooot!

[17:24] <MessyNessy89> hey modelmotion

[17:24] * romanceismusic rolls her eyes.

[17:24] <modelmotion> hi

[17:24] <romanceismusic> i think i need to go to bed

[17:24] <romanceismusic> >_<

[17:24] <modelmotion> how is cassie

[17:25] <greggers> hows it going nessy?

[17:25] * caravelle has joined #hymnofone

[17:25] <maddemp> hey nessy

[17:25] <MessyNessy89> i'm goo�d...i guess..being off from school rocks

[17:25] <MessyNessy89> cassie is..the same

[17:25] <caravelle> heyas

[17:25] <MessyNessy89> hey maddemp

[17:26] <modelmotion> we were a bit worried after the last video

[17:26] <MessyNessy89> i am too

[17:26] <greggers> yeah, cassie seemed a bit worried

[17:26] <greggers> PJ PJ PJ

[17:26] <greggers> PJ PJ PJ

[17:26] <greggers> PJ PJ PJ

[17:26] <greggers> ;)

[17:26] <maddemp> yeah, that one kinda freaked me out

[17:26] <greggers> yes jenni

[17:26] <greggers> oops

[17:26] <greggers> wrong channel

[17:26] <greggers> :D

[17:26] <maddemp> haha!

[17:27] <caravelle> lol

[17:27] <MessyNessy89> she was acting crazy...why would she die?

[17:27] <modelmotion> :)

[17:27] <modelmotion> i dont know

[17:27] <maddemp> brb

[17:27] <maddemp> gotta get foo

[17:27] <maddemp> food*

[17:27] <greggers> yeah, that seems a little weird

[17:27] <modelmotion> i cant figure it out

[17:28] <modelmotion> figured u might know something

[17:28] <greggers> is she sick?

[17:28] <MessyNessy89> she's been healthy since we came to new york except a small cough but i figured it was just the winter season here

[17:28] * greggers nods

[17:28] <greggers> maybe she doesnt mean physically dying but spiritually

[17:28] <greggers> maybe cassie needs to get out and go dancing :)

[17:29] * hopefulsemblance has joined #hymnofone

[17:29] <MessyNessy89> haha she'd like that...she dances a lot

[17:29] <modelmotion> the music in your videos is always good

[17:29] * greggers agrees

[17:30] <MessyNessy89> thanks! the most recent one was from the donnie darko soundtrack :)

[17:30] <greggers> that movie is so amazing

[17:30] <modelmotion> oh really

[17:30] <caravelle> i never saw it

[17:30] <MessyNessy89> it is very good, but confusing

[17:31] <greggers> it confused me too

[17:31] <modelmotion> what sort of music to you like Nessy?

[17:31] * RoyTheBoy has joined #hymnofone

[17:31] <hopefulsemblance> time travel in ANYTHING is confusing

[17:31] <greggers> most definitely hopeful

[17:31] <MessyNessy89> all kinds..depending on my mood... mostly rock music

[17:31] <MessyNessy89> our dad was into classic rock

[17:32] <modelmotion> time travel is quite normal where i come from.......the chronosynclasticinfundibulum

[17:32] <greggers> classic rock is the best :)

[17:32] <modelmotion> was?

[17:33] <greggers> he's dead mm :(

[17:33] <modelmotion> sigh

[17:33] <MessyNessy89> yes.... our parents were killed in a car crash just before we left

[17:33] <hopefulsemblance> i love the term "classic rock"... i wonder in 30 years if there'll be "classic rap"

[17:33] <modelmotion> thats the problem with being human

[17:33] <modelmotion> oh right

[17:33] <MessyNessy89> i just don't want to lose my sister too :(

[17:33] <modelmotion> i forgot u mentioned that....thats so sad

[17:33] <hopefulsemblance> that's sad to hear ness

[17:34] <MessyNessy89> thanks everyone

[17:34] <modelmotion> anything we can do to help

[17:34] <MessyNessy89> i know you're all doing everything you's very difficult

[17:34] <modelmotion> yea

[17:34] <MessyNessy89> especially being so far from home and everyone i know

[17:34] <caravelle> nods

[17:34] * virginian9000 has joined #hymnofone

[17:35] <virginian9000> messy is here?

[17:35] <greggers> yessir

[17:35] <maddemp> yup

[17:35] <hopefulsemblance> lol

[17:35] * virginian9000 hides

[17:35] <MessyNessy89> yes i am!

[17:35] <hopefulsemblance> lmao

[17:35] <MessyNessy89> aw he doesn't like me?

[17:35] <virginian9000> I gave her crap about her picture. She will now shoot me

[17:35] * MicFranXon has joined #HymnOfOne

[17:35] <hopefulsemblance> picture?

[17:35] <virginian9000> I like messy!

[17:35] <MessyNessy89> no! i changed it you didn't see?

[17:35] <caravelle> lol

[17:35] <virginian9000> yes, I did

[17:35] <modelmotion> :)

[17:36] <MessyNessy89> i'm sorry about it. it was careless of me i guess. :)

[17:36] <greggers> Nessys not scary, Cassie is the one who made the scary video

[17:36] <MicFranXon> ok, I was a bit skeptical at first, but...I like Messy

[17:36] <greggers> but scary is cool sometimes

[17:36] <virginian9000> Yeah, how is Cassie doing now, messy

[17:36] <MicFranXon> scary is cool

[17:36] <MessyNessy89> not much better.. she's still not talking much

[17:36] <MicFranXon> even though I have to sleep withth blankets over my head

[17:36] <virginian9000> "help me, I'm daying" doesn't sound like the picture of help

[17:37] <virginian9000> health

[17:37] <MessyNessy89> i know...but physically, she seems fine

[17:37] <maddemp> i really hope that gets better

[17:37] <romanceismusic> brb

[17:37] <maddemp> she*

[17:37] <modelmotion> is she autisic?

[17:37] <greggers> does Cassie talk much?

[17:37] <MessyNessy89> except, like i mentioned, a slight cough...but it's colder here in ny and we're not used to it

[17:37] <MessyNessy89> autistic? no, she isn't

[17:38] <MessyNessy89> and she used to be very talkitive, but not since we came here

[17:38] <virginian9000> messy, when did this start happening, your sister like this? I was not here for earlier conversation

[17:38] <modelmotion> just she rocks a lot...made me wonder

[17:38] <virginian9000> ah

[17:39] <MessyNessy89> i know she's terrifying when she gets like that

[17:39] <MessyNessy89> do you mean when did she stop talking virginian?

[17:39] <virginian9000> how old is she again?

[17:40] <virginian9000> you answered, used to be talkative, but not since you came here

[17:40] <virginian9000> Did anyone see the tin man on sci fi? Cassie reminds me of the sister. Maybe that happened

[17:40] <MessyNessy89> oh alright lol but no i didn't see that

[17:41] <greggers> never seen it virginian

[17:41] <virginian9000> well, an evil force took over a girl, but the girl was still her own mind, but influenced by the evil

[17:41] <MessyNessy89> cassie is 22 by the way :)

[17:41] <virginian9000> "help me, I'm dying" could have been her in a strong moment, trying to get help

[17:42] <virginian9000> you would have to see the movie to know what I mean

[17:42] <MessyNessy89> maybe.. but she hasn't been mean or anything... just quiet

[17:43] <modelmotion> yea

[17:43] <virginian9000> well, its a mystery to me too

[17:44] * RoyTheBoy has left #hymnofone

[17:44] <MessyNessy89> :/

[17:44] <modelmotion>

[17:44] * BS|Bot is retrieving video info...

[17:44] <BS|Bot> Video Title: Sister = Psycho??

[17:45] <modelmotion> where did the mask come from

[17:46] <greggers> I was wondering that too modelmotion

[17:46] <modelmotion> :)

[17:46] <MessyNessy89> i haven't the slightest idea

[17:47] <MessyNessy89> i don't even recognize the room she's in

[17:47] <modelmotion> really

[17:47] <modelmotion> hummmm

[17:47] <maddemp> i think the mask is awesome!

[17:47] <maddemp> lol

[17:47] <modelmotion> :)

[17:48] <modelmotion> what is on her left arm

[17:49] <MessyNessy89> the mask looks pretty hehe

[17:49] <MessyNessy89> it looks like a bandage or something

[17:49] <virginian9000> does she like to dance? She seems to want to be on camera dancing

[17:50] <MessyNessy89> yes, she loves to dance.

[17:50] <maddemp> it looks like she dos

[17:50] <maddemp> does*

[17:51] <MessyNessy89> she used to perform dances a few times a year for our community

[17:51] <MessyNessy89> some of what is in the videos looks like old dance routines, but she has them all confused and mixed up

[17:51] <greggers> a bandage? has she been taking shots or anything lately neszsy?

[17:51] <virginian9000> so, she doesn't tell you anything. Do you have any quesses?

[17:51] <modelmotion> what was the community like

[17:52] <hopefulsemblance> why does she like to put her eye right up in the camera

[17:52] <hopefulsemblance> because that scares me

[17:52] <hopefulsemblance> to death

[17:52] * MicFranXon is now known as ^Christ^

[17:52] <MessyNessy89> nope, no shots since we moved

[17:52] <MessyNessy89> guesses regarding what?

[17:52] <MessyNessy89> the community was amazing... peaceful and loving.. very warm and close-knit

[17:53] <MessyNessy89> and i don't know why hopeful...i'll relay the message though and see what she says haha

[17:53] <modelmotion> how many people were there

[17:53] * Evergreen has joined #hymnofone

[17:53] <hopefulsemblance> please do... please relay that hopeful is scared of the "eye shots"

[17:53] * cheddarcheese has joined #hymnofone

[17:53] <modelmotion> :)

[17:53] <maddemp> and that maddemp is scared of them too

[17:53] <modelmotion> :)

[17:53] * Shiori has joined #HymnOfOne

[17:54] <virginian9000> everyone is scared of the eye shots

[17:54] <MessyNessy89> LOL i definitely will when she wakes up!

[17:54] <maddemp> thank you!

[17:54] <maddemp> lol

[17:54] * window7 has joined #HymnOfOne

[17:54] <MessyNessy89> i'm not sure how many people were there exactly... i think there were about 20 families

[17:54] <virginian9000> wakes up? its 9pm in NY!

[17:54] * ^Christ^ is now known as MicFranXon

[17:54] <modelmotion> 20 is a lot

[17:55] <MessyNessy89> yes i know, she has irregular sleeping patterns

[17:55] <greggers> when you say the community do you mean The Order nessy?

[17:55] <greggers> did they have an official name?

[17:55] <MessyNessy89> the order?

[17:55] <virginian9000> could she simply be lonely? That might be too simple

[17:55] <MessyNessy89> well the community was made up of members of my religion

[17:55] <MessyNessy89> the same religion as bree's

[17:55] <virginian9000> The Hymn of One

[17:56] <cheddarcheese> Hey everybody, what's ur eternal song????

[17:56] <virginian9000> What is her eternal song?

[17:56] <romanceismusic> slide

[17:56] <MessyNessy89> yes. but i hope you won't hate me. i know you have bad impressions of my religion.

[17:56] <romanceismusic> by the goo goo dolls

[17:56] <romanceismusic> because i'll slide into johnnys room any day

[17:56] <romanceismusic> >.>

[17:56] <virginian9000> my eternal song gets played on The Human Ransom video

[17:56] <greggers> well Nessy, they are not what they appear to be.

[17:57] <maddemp> virginian! you stole my eternal song!

[17:57] <virginian9000> The Hymn of One is a peaceful religion, its the Order part we don't like

[17:57] <greggers> I know they *seem* to be loving and caring, but theres a lot going on that they dont make public

[17:57] <caravelle> what time is it is my eternal song

[17:57] <greggers> have you wtinessed a ceremony besides what happened ot bree nessy?

[17:57] <greggers> *to

[17:57] <virginian9000> messy, the leadership of the Hymn of One does bad things in your religion's name

[17:57] <MessyNessy89> that's what i'm confused about. i've never heard of the order.

[17:57] <maddemp> your religion is just a cover for the order

[17:58] <caravelle> the order kills girls and is very evil

[17:58] <MessyNessy89> no i've never seen one. i know about the ceremonies, but they don't happen very often and only certain people can attend��

[17:58] <virginian9000> Has Messy ever said anything about the Hymn of ONe lately?

[17:58] <virginian9000> good or bad?

[17:58] <MessyNessy89> well the order sucks! but i'm not part of the order... no one i know is

[17:58] <virginian9000> or does she just not say anything

[17:59] <MessyNessy89> you mean cassie?

[17:59] <virginian9000> we know Messy. No one accused is accusing you

[17:59] <hopefulsemblance> do you mean cassie virginian?

[17:59] <virginian9000> yes

[17:59] <virginian9000> yes

[17:59] * BroderickG has joined #hymnofone

[17:59] <MessyNessy89> she says some strange things about the community

[17:59] <MessyNessy89> similar things to bree's friends

[18:00] <MessyNessy89> but she talks a lot about this order too... on the rare occasion that she speaks

[18:00] * BroderickG has left #hymnofone

[18:00] <virginian9000> what kind of things? It may help explain some of her quiteness

[18:00] <greggers> hmmmm

[18:00] <caravelle> maybe she knows what happened to bree

[18:00] <romanceismusic> karaoke

[18:00] <romanceismusic> is calling :(

[18:00] <virginian9000> maybe she just learned this, and she couldn't handle it.

[18:00] <caravelle> and it freaked her out

[18:01] <MessyNessy89> well, something strange happened between her and bree, i think.

[18:01] <modelmotion> any idea what?

[18:01] <virginian9000> even guesses would be good

[18:01] <MessyNessy89> bree was not living in the community. the deacons were worried that her dad was influencing her badly. and when she was sent to public school.. everyone got really mad

[18:02] <caravelle> hmm

[18:02] <modelmotion> humm

[18:02] <greggers> I have to grab cigarette, I hate to leave in the middle of this but i'll be back shortly

[18:02] <MessyNessy89> that was when they sent cassie to pretend to be in high school

[18:02] <MessyNessy89> and befriend bree

[18:03] <hopefulsemblance> wait

[18:03] <virginian9000> maybe messy became good friends with bree

[18:03] <MessyNessy89> that's alright greggers :)

[18:03] <hopefulsemblance> they MADE cassie become friends with bree?

[18:03] <MessyNessy89> well, no

[18:03] <MessyNessy89> she was quite happy to go

[18:03] <MessyNessy89> cassie was a rising member of the community

[18:03] <MessyNessy89> they trusted her

[18:04] <MessyNessy89> but everything was fine until one day when cassie went to bree's house

[18:04] <modelmotion> what happened

[18:04] <MessyNessy89> she said she found something in her dad's office (she was always a bit of a snoop)

[18:05] <modelmotion> what did she find

[18:05] <hopefulsemblance> and is that when she started going all... different sleep patterns on you guys?

[18:05] <MessyNessy89> yes but she didn't completely lose it till our mom and dad died

[18:05] <MessyNessy89> i think she said she found his "research"

[18:05] <modelmotion> ahhhh

[18:05] <virginian9000> about turning bree trait negative?

[18:05] <modelmotion> the injections on Bree

[18:05] <caravelle> ahh

[18:06] <modelmotion> ribozyme levels ...that kinda stuff

[18:06] <MessyNessy89> i'm not sure.. she tried to tell me but i didn't believe anything was THIS wrong

[18:06] * HAMmy has joined #hymnofone

[18:07] <MessyNessy89> she said she wanted to alert the deacons that there was a scam within the community

[18:07] <MessyNessy89> but i guess they didn't believe her

[18:07] <caravelle> well brees dad was killed actually

[18:07] * greggers is now known as GregGallows

[18:09] <MessyNessy89> really? that's sad. no one wanted that. last i heard he was going a little off the deep end and left the community

[18:09] <MessyNessy89> went into isolation or something

[18:09] <virginian9000> off the deep end might mean he was dumped off a deep something

[18:09] <caravelle> he was killed with bree nearby too :(

[18:09] <modelmotion> its was sad

[18:10] <MessyNessy89> aw, poor bree... i skipped over a few videos.. is that in one?

[18:10] <caravelle> yes

[18:10] <modelmotion> yes

[18:10] <MessyNessy89> what is the name?

[18:11] <caravelle> bree lost it mentally for a bit after that as you can imagine

[18:11] <hopefulsemblance> the unspeakable happened i believe

[18:11] <MessyNessy89> yeah i saw some videos of her acting very strange

[18:11] <hopefulsemblance> and bree's dad is dead is the followup

[18:12] <caravelle> a scientist who was helping brees dad was killed the same day too.

[18:12] <modelmotion>

[18:12] * BS|Bot is retrieving video info...

[18:13] <BS|Bot> Video Title: The Unthinkable Happened

[18:13] * window7 has quit IRC ("Java user signed off"�)

[18:13] <MessyNessy89> i'm watching now

[18:14] <modelmotion> so sad

[18:14] * LyssaRose has quit IRC ("Bye Bye Butterfly!"�)

[18:14] <GregGallows> it is very sad

[18:15] <MessyNessy89> that made me kind of dizzy.

[18:15] <hopefulsemblance> nessy... can you recognize the deacon in bree's videos?

[18:15] <MessyNessy89> i'm trying to pause it and pick out the faces of those people, but i don't see anyone from my community.

[18:16] <modelmotion> i dont think any of us will every be the same

[18:16] <modelmotion> One was Lucy

[18:16] <modelmotion> Bree's helper

[18:16] <MessyNessy89> it's hard to see anyone in that video. but i did recognize a deacon in an earlier video.

[18:16] <MessyNessy89> is she an elder?

[18:16] <modelmotion> yea when they left the house

[18:17] <modelmotion> i dont think we know.........i think Lucy is too young to be an elder

[18:17] <modelmotion> but she does seems to have a lot of power

[18:17] <GregGallows> yes she does

[18:17] <MessyNessy89> oh, i don't know her i guess.... what was she helping bree with?

[18:18] <GregGallows> I think she handles a lot of their dirty work

[18:18] <caravelle> lucy was helping bree prepare for the ceremony i think

[18:18] * GregGallows nods

[18:18] <MessyNessy89> oh, that's nice

[18:19] <GregGallows> no Nessy, she didn't wish well for Bree

[18:19] <MessyNessy89> elders stay she could be an elder..i didn't know many of the elders

[18:19] <modelmotion> she was helping Bree prepart for the ceremony

[18:19] <modelmotion> she has to learn steps and enochian

[18:19] <GregGallows> do you know how the elders stay young Nessy?

[18:19] <MessyNessy89> is she from the order?

[18:19] <GregGallows> yes

[18:19] <caravelle> yes

[18:20] <hopefulsemblance> helpers apparently help ceremony girls with preparing for the ceremony

[18:20] <MessyNessy89> yes...they collect the purity of the ceremony girls

[18:21] <GregGallows> yes, they do that by draining the blood from them ... I think

[18:21] <GregGallows> thats what killed Bree Nessy

[18:21] <MessyNessy89> but they did it wrong...that wasn't right

[18:21] <virginian9000> how is it supposed to go?

[18:22] <MessyNessy89> you see, they have to undergo the proper ceremony in order to continue the chain

[18:22] <hopefulsemblance> um.......

[18:22] <MessyNessy89> those girls possess eternal life

[18:22] <hopefulsemblance> can you tell us what the proper ceremony is?

[18:22] <virginian9000> Eternal Bree!

[18:22] <caravelle> eternal life until they are killed :p

[18:23] <virginian9000> Proving Science Wrong forever, if she didn't have to do the ceromy

[18:23] * Wind_walker has joined #HymnofOne

[18:23] <MessyNessy89> :( see? now you're all mocking me

[18:23] <GregGallows> no were arent

[18:23] <caravelle> no were not

[18:23] <modelmotion> not at all

[18:23] * GregGallows hugs nessy

[18:23] <GregGallows> sorry if it seems that way, we're just trying to understand

[18:24] <MessyNessy89> aww <3

[18:24] * Justin[AwAy] has joined #hymnofone

[18:24] <MessyNessy89> it's okay

[18:24] <modelmotion> <3

[18:24] <MessyNessy89> it's tough to explain my religious beliefs to non-believers

[18:25] * Justin[AwAy] is now known as Justin2

[18:25] <GregGallows> I can understand that, we will try our best to understand though

[18:25] <GregGallows> you have to understand that what we haveseen from your religion is bad though

[18:25] <hopefulsemblance> have you ever seen a ceremony firsthand?

[18:25] <GregGallows> to us, the hymn of one is a cult and a fron for the Order.

[18:25] <GregGallows> *front

[18:25] <MessyNessy89> i know...i'm ashamed of how it has been portrayed

[18:26] <MessyNessy89> no i haven't hopeful...i'm neither old enough nor high enough within the community to attend

[18:26] <GregGallows> have you seen the videos about the lullaby project nessy?

[18:26] <modelmotion> have you ever seen a girl who completed the cereomony?

[18:27] <MessyNessy89> yes i've been watching the recent ones

[18:27] <MessyNessy89> well the ceremonies aren't often.. the only one that has happened since i've been born would have been bree and hers was ruined

[18:27] <caravelle> ahh

[18:28] <GregGallows> what happens to a girl after they complete the ceremony?

[18:28] <MessyNessy89> but the eternal song...eternal life and manifested in these girls. they don't get to grow old because they are eternally pure. the song is reborn through a chain of girls.

[18:28] <MessyNessy89> we believe in reincarnation

[18:29] <MessyNessy89> but only for those special girls

[18:29] <caravelle> your not special?

[18:29] <virginian9000> so, the girls would "die" a normal death, but be reincarnated later, unlike others

[18:29] <MessyNessy89> and only if the ceremony is completed

[18:29] <MessyNessy89> yes.

[18:29] <MessyNessy89> and no, i'm not one of those girls.

[18:30] <caravelle> is cassie?

[18:30] <MessyNessy89> nope.

[18:31] <MessyNessy89> cassie was a rising member of the community though, like i said. she could have had the eternal life.

[18:31] <Shiori> Do the girls know they're special before they're selected for the Ceremony?

[18:32] <MessyNessy89> no, not till it is certain and not until it is time to prepare.

[18:33] <Shiori> That sucks. If I were going to live forever, I'd want to know beforehand.

[18:34] <MessyNessy89> lol, maybe one day you'll discover that you are immortal.

[18:34] <modelmotion> do you know much about Aleister Crowley?

[18:34] <MessyNessy89> yes.

[18:35] <MessyNessy89> we study his religious theories a lot.

[18:35] <modelmotion> what do you think about him

[18:35] <MessyNessy89> he was very brilliant

[18:36] <modelmotion> yea

[18:36] <modelmotion> i think he took inspiration from the Egypitans

[18:36] <GregGallows> I love Aleister Crowley

[18:36] <GregGallows> the book Diary of a Drug Fiend is my all time favorite

[18:37] <modelmotion> Greg has a good video about Aleister Crowley

[18:37] <GregGallows> it seems like he HymnOfOne has strayed away from his teachings though

[18:37] <MessyNessy89> he originated the practice of free will, which was adopted by the hymn of one as well

[18:37] <GregGallows> I did MM, I took it down ages ago though

[18:37] <modelmotion> :(

[18:37] <GregGallows> Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law <3

[18:37] <hopefulsemblance> why? did it have your company's logo in it?

[18:37] <hopefulsemblance> i'm still mad about that

[18:37] <GregGallows> lol no, I got self concious :/

[18:38] * Justin2 is now known as Justin|afk

[18:38] <MessyNessy89> yes, we have strayed a bit... but many of his theories and beliefs sparked the beginnings of the hymn of one

[18:39] * GregGallows nods

[18:39] <MessyNessy89> my favorite is still moonchild

[18:39] <modelmotion> do you know when it began

[18:39] <GregGallows> I have not read that, but will check it out

[18:39] <Shiori> One thing I've been curious about: do your Eternal Songs incorporate your surroundings, or are they completely from within?

[18:39] <caravelle> Thelema was his religious belief i think, which he got from egypt

[18:40] <modelmotion> we used to think Bree was the moonchild

[18:40] <modelmotion> or would have the moonchild as a result of the ceremony

[18:40] <MessyNessy89> LOL

[18:40] <modelmotion> we wid

[18:40] <MessyNessy89> no, we don't believe in moonchildren.

[18:40] <modelmotion> awwwwwww

[18:40] <modelmotion> its would be kinda weird

[18:41] <MessyNessy89> however, many theorize that the chain of girls began with the moonchild, but only the radical members.

[18:41] <caravelle> ahh

[18:41] <MessyNessy89> my parents taught me that the book was fiction.

[18:41] <modelmotion> interesting

[18:41] <caravelle> do you know anything about rogue elders?

[18:42] <MessyNessy89> not more than any of you. i saw the videos

[18:42] <caravelle> just wasnt sure if it was common and everyone knew about them

[18:42] <MessyNessy89> no, i'd never heard of anything like that before recently

[18:43] <MessyNessy89> i asked cassie about it and she just started singing.

[18:43] <modelmotion> it was weird

[18:43] <hopefulsemblance> has cassie ever... tried to hurt herself?

[18:44] * Wind_walker has quit IRC ("ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]"�)

[18:44] <MessyNessy89> yes

[18:44] <caravelle> :(

[18:44] * Wind_walker has joined #HymnofOne

[18:44] <caravelle> heya ww

[18:44] <modelmotion> thats what i thought the bandage was

[18:44] <hopefulsemblance> was it after something in particular happened?

[18:44] -ChanServ- An access level of [�25�] is required for [�SET�] on #lg15chat

[18:44] <hopefulsemblance> like did she feel in danger or anything?

[18:44] <Wind_walker> hey

[18:45] * Brooklynxman has joined #hymnofone

[18:45] <caravelle> heya brook

[18:45] <MessyNessy89> no, but one time i came home and found her on the ground cleaning her wrists.

[18:45] <MessyNessy89> she said that her veins were poisoned by evil.

[18:45] <virginian9000> messy, its been great, I have to go now

[18:45] <MessyNessy89> aww, alright virginian

[18:45] <virginian9000> I'll talk to you later, keep us updated

[18:46] * virginian9000 has left #hymnofone

[18:46] <Brooklynxman> hey

[18:47] <hopefulsemblance> she was poisoned by evil???

[18:47] <MessyNessy89> i don't think so. but i'm worried for her mental health.

[18:49] <hopefulsemblance> has she ever said that she's talking to people that aren't there?

[18:49] <hopefulsemblance> or sees things that aren't there?

[18:49] <MessyNessy89> no nothing like that

[18:49] <MessyNessy89> she's just fidgety

[18:50] <MessyNessy89> and irritable

[18:50] <MessyNessy89> and ..thinks she's dying.

[18:50] <MessyNessy89> idk why

[18:50] <hopefulsemblance> something must have happened after she saw bree's dads stuff

[18:50] <caravelle> hmm

[18:50] <caravelle> we all wish we can help

[18:51] <hopefulsemblance> someone mentioned earlier that it seems like she's autistic but autism and asperger's doesn't affect people later in life so suddenly

[18:51] <MessyNessy89> she was never diagnosed with anything like that

[18:52] <MessyNessy89> she was always very levelheaded, smart, and sociable

[18:52] <modelmotion> back...i had to fix something....reads up to see what i missed

[18:52] <hopefulsemblance> i agree with you... i don't think she's suffering from anything like that

[18:52] <hopefulsemblance> it sounds more like post traumatic stress disorder

[18:53] <GregGallows> sorry, im distracted as hell as well

[18:53] <caravelle> i think she saw something or knows something vert traumatic

[18:53] * OwenIsCool has joined #hymnofone

[18:53] <GregGallows> heya owen!

[18:53] <OwenIsCool> hi Greg!

[18:53] <OwenIsCool> did you make it to Cali?

[18:54] <GregGallows> sho did :)

[18:54] <GregGallows> Nessys talking to us about Cassie right now

[18:54] <GregGallows> I cant believe she tried to kill herself, poor girl

[18:54] <MessyNessy89> hi owen, nice to meet you

[18:54] <MessyNessy89> no no she wasn't trying to kill herself

[18:54] <OwenIsCool> hi nessy!

[18:55] <MessyNessy89> she said she wanted to save herself

[18:55] <hopefulsemblance> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

[18:55] <hopefulsemblance> maybe

[18:55] <hopefulsemblance> nevermind

[18:56] <modelmotion> thats good nessy

[18:57] <GregGallows> ohh I see I see

[18:57] <MessyNessy89> right now i just want to see where she's going while i'm out

[18:57] * Justin|afk is now known as Justin|here

[18:57] <Shiori> Put a camera in her bag or something

[18:57] <MessyNessy89> i am thinking of pretending i have to go somewhere tomorrow and then following her

[18:58] <MessyNessy89> she'd totally find it

[18:58] <Shiori> Good point.

[18:58] <Shiori> Although, I saw one that was made to look like a keychain before.

[18:58] <GregGallows> thats a good idea nessy

[18:58] <GregGallows> just make sure she doesnt suspect your following her

[18:59] <MessyNessy89> lol, i'd like the one from roman holiday... it's a cigarette lighter! but i don't smoke. hahaha

[18:59] * romanceismusic sets mode: +o GregGallows

[18:59] * JenniPowell has joined #hymnofone

[18:59] * OwenIsCool has left #hymnofone

[18:59] <MessyNessy89> i know, i'm nervous, but i think i can pull it off....

[19:00] <GregGallows> you can totally do it :)

[19:00] * Amergin7 has joined #hymnofone

[19:00] <JenniPowell> hello Nessy

[19:00] <MessyNessy89> hey jenni!

[19:01] <JenniPowell> nice to see you

[19:01] <MessyNessy89> same to you dear :)

[19:03] <GregGallows> so, you know that Jennie, the girl who has been posting videos about the lullaby project, is gonan be in one of the chatrooms tongight right nessy>?

[19:04] <MessyNessy89> yes i remember her saying she'd be there

[19:04] <GregGallows> you should check it out, it's gonna be really busy but it might be fun

[19:05] <GregGallows> just type /join #lg15chat

[19:05] <MessyNessy89> i think i have to go soon though :( i might go out tonight

[19:07] * ThaBeave has joined #hymnofone

[19:07] * ThaBeave has left #hymnofone

[19:07] <hopefulsemblance> where do you go nessy?

[19:08] * LyssaRose has joined #hymnofone

[19:08] <MessyNessy89> some of my friends from school are meeting up for coffee

[19:09] <GregGallows> awesomeness :)

[19:09] <GregGallows> coffee is perfect for winter nights

[19:10] <MessyNessy89> haha absolutely

[19:10] <MessyNessy89> my friends have been annoyed that i keep bailing out of plans but cassie gets angry sometimes when i go out

[19:11] <GregGallows> have you tried taking her with you?

[19:11] <MessyNessy89> no...they don't know about her

[19:11] <hopefulsemblance> do they know that your parents passed on?

[19:11] <MessyNessy89> nope

[19:11] * stevemedigod has joined #hymnofone

[19:12] <MessyNessy89> i'm not usually this open with people...but i lurked a bit on the forums and stuff and felt i could confide in you all

[19:12] * stevemedigod has quit IRC ("Java user signed off"�)

[19:13] <GregGallows> :) we appreciate you talking to us

[19:13] <GregGallows> we promise, we just want to help in any way we can

[19:13] <maddemp> if you ever need anyone to talk to

[19:13] <maddemp> we are here

[19:13] <MessyNessy89> feels good just to have someone know what's going on

[19:13] <maddemp> we will be happy to listen

[19:21] <MessyNessy89> well i'd better go everyone

[19:21] <hopefulsemblance> =(

[19:21] <hopefulsemblance> it was GREAT talking to you Nessy

[19:21] <MessyNessy89> it was fabulous talking to you too!

[19:21] <hopefulsemblance> hopefullly you can come back soon

[19:21] <MessyNessy89> you're all such sweethearts <3

[19:21] <hopefulsemblance> we're always here

[19:21] <MessyNessy89> i'll definitely come back

[19:22] <MessyNessy89> and if i succeed in following cassie, i'll try to get it on film :)

[19:22] <hopefulsemblance> great... we're looking forward to it

[19:23] <MessyNessy89> goodnight everyone x0x0x

[19:23] * MessyNessy89 has quit IRC ("Java user signed off"�)