Miss Me?

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Template:Blog3 Miss Me? is the one hundred twenty-seventh video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


Daniel: What up Bree? It's me, Danny B. You know what I'm sayin'? Yo, I heard you've been looking for me. Check it out. I have new friends. We're having a great time here. I remember I had all these concerns about the religion you were into. You know they're treatin' me great, they're good people. We have Daniel. Yo girl, when we gonna hit up that ceremony? That's all we gotta do. Ain't no big thang. C'mon, just do the ceremony. That's all you need to do. Think about the good times, last summer. You were gonna do the ceremony back then. It's all good. Now, well you're not doin' the ceremony, everything's kinda bad. See the connection? You know, I know I've only gone to community college. Last job I had was at a gas station, but that's math that even I can do. It's amazing. I think you should do the ceremony. Bring the puppets along too, baby, no problem. P. Monkey and Owen, I got mad love for them. You know what, I'm gonna, I'm gonna try to join the order. I hope they let me in. I really like what they're about. It's cool. Them being evil, was wrong. They treat me better than you do. Yo, I'm having the best time here. We had pizza, I had ice cream. We even did spin art. How cool is that? That thing with your dad, it's just a big misunderstanding. He actually wanted that to happen. Don't you want all of this to be worth something? Come back to us... Yeah I remember that girl Cassie. She was in my class. She'd want you to do the ceremony too. Listen to your friend Daniel. Do the Ceremony.


  • The backwards masked quote is "Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them." -- Washington Irving
  • Daniel says, "Hey Bree, it's me, Danny B." This may be a reference to Nikki B. (Or not, quite debatable)
  • Daniel's remark about the pizza and ice cream is possibly a reference to Lordgreystoke422, who has mentioned the delicious combo in his videos.
  • There are very faint symbols/text that flash momentarily, several times during the video, in different corners of the screen. One such flash is in the lower right hand corner at :33, another in the lower left hand corner at :58, a third in the upper right hand corner at 1:27, and a fourth in the upper left at 1:15. It has been suggested that the times at which the symbols are shown during the video may hold some significance.
  • This is the first in a series of OpAphid video uploaded to the main page. The Creators revealed in a post that from now on, some OpAphid videos would be an official part of the video series, and as such, would appear on the main page.
  • The last time Daniel was seen he was wearing a tan t-shirt but since then he seems to have had an opportunity to change clothing.
  • The symbols on his shirt, shown in the still shot of this page, may be significant.
  • The video is comprised of many cut sequences that have been edited together. It is possible that Daniel's dialogue has been taken out of it's original context.
  • When Daniel states "We have Daniel" this does not fit with his being in character - and suggests that he is under OpAphid's control.
  • The YouTube user itscassie posted a video that really looks like this one. It was posted only a few hours after this video was posted. This may be significant, because it may mean that itscassie is canon. Though, nothing has been confirmed.