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This article is about the OpAphid ARG. For other uses, see OpAphid (disambiguation).
OpAphid ARG
Created by Glenn Rubenstein
OpAphid Mari Devincenzi
Brother Glenn Rubenstein
Production Crew
Director Glenn Rubenstein
Executive Producer Glenn Rubenstein
Producers Miles Beckett
Mesh Flinders
Greg Goodfried
Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant Mari Devincenzi
Camera Operator Glenn Rubenstein
Editor Glenn Rubenstein
Head Writer Glenn Rubenstein
Writers Glenn Rubenstein
Miles Beckett
Mesh Flinders
Greg Goodfried
Vidplays by Glenn Rubenstein
Yousef Abu-Taleb
Music Supervisors Glenn Rubenstein
OpAphid ARG Portal

The OpAphid ARG (commonly referred to as just OpAphid) was once the official Alternate Reality Game of lonelygirl15. It started as the solo project of Glenn Rubenstein. When the Creators saw how much talent Glenn had, they hired him as a part of the lonelygirl15 crew and OpAphid became canon.

The OpAphid ARG featured puzzles, drops videos, and regular YouTube profile updates. Later, after Glenn and lonelygirl15 parted ways, the OpAphid ARG became a part of the backstory of Glenn's new project, Redearth88.

On August 26th, 2009, a post on Inside LG15 announced that the OpAphid ARG was once again part of the LG15 Franchise, and that OpAphid audiovisuals would be provided to the winner of the second season of LG15: The Show Is Yours. It was also announced that Glenn would be back for the judging of the next season of TSIY. However, the winner, LG15: Outbreak, chose not to integrate the OpAphid ARG into the story aside from a throwaway line in the final episode.

Cast of characters

  • Mari Devincenzi as OpAphid, the codename of an agressive and mysterious Order operative who runs her own division, named Operation APHID. She's not afraid to use harmful tactics to get what she wants.
  • Tachyon, the codename of OpAphid's main enemy, a sly Resistance operative who knows what buttons to press to anger OpAphid and the Order. She's helped out TAAG several times.
  • Glenn Rubenstein as Brother, the codename of Tachyon's so-called "partner in justice." He's also gone undercover as 10033 and Sebastian, and once had a fling with Gemma in order to find out more about OpAphid.
  • War Pylol, an Operation APHID agent who isn't afraid to use violence for the Order. He's been sent to capture many a trait positive, but needs to watch what he's doing, as he puts himself in harm's way often.

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