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== Orange Notes- Proving Orange Wrong/Evil ==
* Orange Juliuses are tasty orange drinks. Orange Julius's logo has the Devil on it. The Devil was evil before being evil was cool. Evil is now cool. Orange Julius is cool, has the Devil on its logo and is orange, Obviously, orange is evil as hell (pun intended).
* Prison inmates are often dressed in orange. Most prisoners are criminals. Most criminals are evil. So prison inmates are evil and wear orange therefore, orange is evil.
* Pumpkins are orange. Pumpkins play a big role in horror movies like Pumpkinhead and anything about Sleepy Hollow and the Green Goblin uses exploding pumpkins. All of these characters are evil. Pumpkins are orange and are used by evil people therefore, orange must be evil.
* Orange is a repeated color theme in the movie, The Godfather
== Regarding LG15 ==
* See: [[Orange Slurpee]]

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