Paranoid Much?

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Episode 5/1x005
Paranoid Much?

Do you... not know how to turn the camera off?

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted October 13th, 2016
Length 1:34
Description What happened to Spencer?



A very rough eight years happened to him, Daniel.


YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 danielbeast denderah imwatchingyou
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Spencer Maxwell Glick
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Paranoid Much? is the fifth video in the LG15: Anchor Cove video series.


(Emma claps her hands in front of the camera in imitation of a clapperboard.)

Daniel: (mumbling off camera) Okay cool.

(Emma sits in silence for a moment, looking around her.)

Emma: So, we went to that house and it had Spencer in it, and he obviously wasn't having it-

(Cut to footage of Daniel and Spencer outside of Spencer's hideout.)

Emma: Oh my god.

Spencer: (shakes his head) No.

Daniel: Spenc-

Spencer: (slamming the gate shut) No.

Daniel: Spencer!

Spencer: No.

Daniel: Dude, what are you doing here?! (Pulls himself up onto the gate in order to see over the fence.)

Spencer: How did you- no, I- How did you know I was here?! (Holds hand up to motion Daniel away, continuing to sputter.)

Daniel: Spencer wait. N- I just wanna talk to you for a second!

Spencer: (Going back inside the house) No, never.

(Daniel continues to shout as Spencer closes the door. Cut back to Emma in the park.)

Emma: We're here because he reached out to Daniel on Snapchat and he wants to meet.

(Daniel holds up his hand from behind the camera and gives a thumbs up sign. Emma grins.)

Emma: So we're gonna meet him.

(Cut back to outside Spencer's hideout. Daniel and Emma drop down off the gate.)

Daniel: What the?

Emma: Oh my god. (Daniel looks back over the gate) You have to get in there.

Daniel: (yelling over the gate) Dude, come on man!

(After a moment, Daniel leans off the fence, turns back to Emma, and walks towards her.)

Daniel (making a cutting motion with his hand) Cut it.

(Cut back to Emma in the park.)

Daniel: Where is he anyway?

Emma: (still looking around) I'm expecting, like, some... (hand motion)

(Jump cut to Emma looking down at the ground.)

Emma: I'm just gonna chill for a sec.

Daniel: Yep.

(Cut to a shot of Spencer in the distance walking toward them from another part of the park.)

Daniel: There he is.

Emma: I can't believe he showed.

Daniel: Hey man!

Spencer: Turn the camera off.

Daniel: What? Alright man, alright. I'll turn it off. I'll turn it off. (angles the camera upwards.)

Spencer: Come on, it's not off. What do you think, I'm new?

Daniel: (laughs) Okay, I will turn it off. (Re-angles the camera toward the ground and then back up again.)

Spencer: I don't- I don't know who sent you to me, but I don't want any part of this.

Daniel: Okay, I hear you. I just-

Spencer: (looking down at the camera and shaking his head) Come on, it's still not off.

(Daniel silently angles the camera back toward the ground. Daniel and Spencer begin talking over each other.

Daniel: Alright I'll turn it-

Spencer: Turn it off.

Daniel: I'll turn it off. I'll turn it off.

Spencer: Listen, I- Look, I even got a weird phone call. Someone whispering, "I'm watching you." This isn't funny. (looks directly at the camera) Turn- (points at the camera) Turn it off!

Daniel: Alright. I'll turn it off.