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This is the entire chatlog of the chat following the puzzle in Playing With Wood, starting at the moment Emma joins, ending when Emma's Mom leaves. Emma and Emma's Dad have been color-coded with their respective LGPedia colors, Emma's mother has been colored red.

*	Traveler38 ( has joined #lg15chat
<copertop>	how can you spoil lg15?
<T_Bone>	or 15
<Broken_Kid>	!traveler
<cheddarcheese>	emma?
*	P-Monkey says: -- Hello Traveler. Please let us know who you are! Type "/nick newnicknamehere" (without the quotes " ) to change your name. --
<SimianAntics>	BK, Gaylien protection is in effect
<sammisocute>	bk i think u should mute the room
<clue>		I think muting would be best
<JenniPowell>	look guys, we don't plan on muting so don't criticise us
<NinjaPaper>	how about as soon as we loose controll, mute it.
<wookie>	its 6:00 yay
<iluuvme>	lol
<JenniPowell>	we're doing the best we can
<SimianAntics>	Censorship!
<clue>		good call ninja
<phisho>	but all of us are for muting. haha
<Mikey_Vengeance>	6 travelers at once, caaarazaaay
*	ChanServ sets mode -c #LG15chat
<brairrose>	*falls over*
<laylafox>	yay
<cheddarcheese>	No, it's 9:00 silly =p
<livelovelaugh>	It's time =)
<zachwilson>	i trust your judgement, bk
<Hazz>		this is going to be hard to keep up with
<HeartOfSorrow>	well if you mute us I'm cool with it
<clue>		9!
<yetichamp>	quiet time pl
<heyaja>	laylafox: no colors
*	Traveler40 is now known as muffinbuffalo
<voyboy>	if we behave then theres nothing to worry about 
<yetichamp>	pls
<JenniPowell>	turn your colors off laylafox
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	Remember, no colors please.
*	Traveler38 is now known as emma07
*	Cloud_ax ( has left #lg15chat
<T_Bone>	yeah
<cheddarcheese>	emma?
<simplykimmie13>	ahhh!
<bellad0nna>	emma
<phisho>	there she is.
<laylafox>	ok
<cheddarcheese>	Emma!
<wookie>	whos laylafow?
<voyboy>	hi em
<Bianca23>	yay
<livelovelaugh>	Hi Emma!
<NinjaPaper>	aaahhh! the colours! it BURNS!
<JenniPowell>	hello emma
<iluuvme>	emma!
<sammisocute>	hey emma
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Ho emma!
<caravelle>	Happy Valentines Day Emma!
<courto>	welcome emma!
<simplykimmie13>	Hi emma!!
<Rekidk>	Hi Emma. :)
<SimianAntics>	How come you get to be "colored" BK?
*	Traveler08 ( has joined #lg15chat
<lildarkgirl>	hey Emma
<JazmynGrey>	Hello Emma
<SaraSundance>	hi emma
<HeartOfSorrow>	Glad your feeling better Emma
<livelovelaugh>	Happy V-Day!
<Brook>		happy v day emma
<iluuvme>	heya emmaaaa
<Mikey_Vengeance>	calm down folks lol
*	Traveler65 ( has joined #lg15chat
<phisho>	Can you put in a word to Gina for me, Emma?
<yetichamp>	hola emma
<Steven0328>	hi emma!
<lala_loveee>	Hey, Emma. Happy Valentine's Day, Emma.
<Bianca23>	lol
*	Traveler84 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Hazz>		jeez
<wookie>	lol
<simplykimmie13>	are you there emma?
<maddemp>	Happy Valentines Days Emma!
<Traveler02>	hi emma
<laylafox>	whats up emma
<wookie>	its not emma
<cheddarcheese>	let her talk
*	Traveler08 is now known as pepsi777
<iluuvme>	i think she's overwhelmed lol
<T_Bone>	How are you feeling Emma
<noddingheadgirl>	Everyone calm down. let emma talk.
<brairrose>	She was probably scared off
<Mikey_Vengeance>	i dot eventhink shes in here lol
<xoxSophiexox>	heyy emma
*	heyaja gibt Voice-Status an emma07
<NinjaPaper>	guys, give the girl some space....
<Mikey_Vengeance>	there she is
<Broken_Kid>	no colors sophie
<phisho>	no clors sophie
<pepsi777>	hija all HI EMMA
<clue>		guys just calm down
<Brook>		emma one question is everyone talking at once the most annoying thing ever?
<xoxSophiexox>	srry lol
<JenniPowell>	turn off colors Sophie
<Surfthetsu>	lol brook
<NinjaPaper>	space! give her some space!
*	trainer101 ( has joined #lg15chat
<xoxSophiexox>	is that better
<phisho>	yes ma'am
<NinjaPaper>	she needs to breathe lol
<Rekidk>	Much.
<Libra>		trainer!
<JenniPowell>	thanks Sophie
<Panacea>	you guys back off
<Mikey_Vengeance>	thanks sophie :)
<cheddarcheese>	Emma! Do you like cheese??????
<Panacea>	hussssh
<simplykimmie13>	uhmm maybe not emma..
<xoxSophiexox>	she went lol we scared her off
*	LorettaJALG ( has joined #lg15chat
<emma07>	hi
*	Traveler57 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Mikey_Vengeance>	let her read guys lol
*	Traveler68 ( has joined #lg15chat
<phisho>	rekidk ! I just wanted to let you know you're my hero because of your playlists.
<iluuvme>	emma!
<Mikey_Vengeance>	hey emma
<cheddarcheese>	yay
<LorettaJALG>	is this where emma's coming?
<HeartOfSorrow>	cheddar back off
<pepsi777>	WHERES EMMA???
<noddingheadgirl>	how will we know emmas parents arrived?
<wookie>	its not emma
*	TDZane head desks at the fast chat
<Hazz>		haha
<noddingheadgirl>	no caps.
*	Traveler57 is now known as JK-47
<Mikey_Vengeance>	haha nice zane
<EmiB>		Emma, sorry if we are crashing your chat...
<Rekidk>	phisho, glad to hear it! :)
<JK-47>		Hello all
<Brook>		emmas parents have you arrived yet?
<livelovelaugh>	No caps pepesi.
<Panacea>	no caps
<livelovelaugh>	*pepsi
<wookie>	6:02?
*	cheddarcheese joins in on the head desking
<HeartOfSorrow>	Emma is here so chill out
<pepsi777>	sorry!
*	Traveler68 is now known as polishkate
<NinjaPaper>	guys! calm down! no caps, and wait a sec before you type!
*	brairrose thinks that Emma should be able to talk to her parents without us freaking out
<T_Bone>	guys let EMMA talk she is here so calm down
*	Mikey_Vengeance head desks cheddar and zane*
*	Traveler4 ( has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	ow.
<Mikey_Vengeance>	hhaha
<Mikey_Vengeance>	i love doing that
<Broken_Kid>	guys, calm down...give emma some room
<LorettaJALG>	she is...?
<simplykimmie13>	ok now i think we should mute it!!!
<TDZane>	dont do that your causeing pointless input
<pepsi777>	blah blah blah
<cheddarcheese>	what happened?
<JK-47>		I'll say hi Emma, and I'll be a good boy and be quiet. :)
<Panacea>	be quiet
<pepsi777>	i <3 emma 
<clue>		maybe if we all stop talking for a minute then she will talk
<pepsi777>	:)
*	cheddarcheese throws cheese at mikey
<wookie>	shes not here yet gosh dang
<TJMARSH>	Hey Emma :)
<xoxSophiexox>	lol just let the girl try and speak to her parents sheesh!!!
<emma07>	thanks everybody for meeting me here
<iluuvme>	no problem
<Brook>		some people need to be kicked
*	Mikey_Vengeance catches it in his mouth and eats it*
<cheddarcheese>	yw =]
<bellad0nna>	of course
<Brook>		no problem emma
<lildarkgirl>	np
<virginian9000>	You are welcome emma!
<livelovelaugh>	No problem emma.
<lala_loveee>	no problem.
<NinjaPaper>	no prob! :)
<iluuvme>	lol
<phisho>	Of course.
<Panacea>	no problemo
<HeartOfSorrow>	no problem emma we're here for you
<virginian9000>	Emma is awesome.
<LorettaJALG>	guys, there's no point in yelling at everyone. no one is going to listen to you.
<T_Bone>	your welcome how are you feeling
*	cheddarcheese throws a ton block of cheese at mikey
<ThatFreakinRandy>	of course, Emma. Now what is happening?
<simplykimmie13>	hows it going?
<sammisocute>	no problem emma        
<Rekidk>	Thrilled to be here, Emma. :)
<caravelle>	we are always here for you Emma
<maddemp>	Your very welcome! We were glad to come!
<candyappleretto>	This is my first chat emma and i'm glad it's with you!
<NinjaPaper>	you ok?
<polishkate>	how are you feeling Emma?
<laylafox>	so emma who do you feel?
<Bianca23>	i hope your parents show up
<brairrose>	Do you mind us here Emma?
<wookie>	yes she does
<pepsi777>	shut up or i'll use the caps again!
<Mikey_Vengeance>	guys dont ask the same question overand over lol
<noddingheadgirl>	Calm down everyone.
<emma07>	i'm okay
<pepsi777>	want to hear emma!
<Mikey_Vengeance>	use caps and get kicked pepsi lol
<SaraSundance>	let the firl talk
*	Traveler59 ( has joined #lg15chat
<emma07>	i don't feel great
<Poknish>	emma have u gotten any word from ur parents saying they would be here?
<clue>		breathe in, and outtttt relax
<Brook>		pepsi use caps and get kicked plain and simple
*	Traveler40 ( has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	emma07, do you talk to gina alot?
<NinjaPaper>	thats good to hear, emma
<bellad0nna>	aw, what's the matter?
<Surfthetsu>	feel better soon
<ThatFreakinRandy>	I hope you feel better!
<virginian9000>	sorry you don't feel good emma
<Brook>		aww emma
<laylafox>	thats good to hear emma
<LorettaJALG>	we can't avoid asking the same question over and over because we don't know what others will say.
<Mikey_Vengeance>	what does gina talk to you about emma?
<Panacea>	Emma, plz use colors
<Hazz>		yeah emma whats the matter
<HeartOfSorrow>	I'm sorry you don't feel to hot Emma
<T_Bone>	IS everyone doing okay
*	Traveler76 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SimianAntics>	Emma is now known as teenage bondage queen
<copertop>	Emma, you know its Valentines day, got any dates planned tonight?
*	Traveler76 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<emma07>	ive been sleeping a lot
<cheddarcheese>	yay
<maddemp>	Aww
<Surfthetsu>	yay different font color
<bellad0nna>	and eating :)
<ThatFreakinRandy>	That's good, rest helps.
<lala_loveee>	Sleep is good.
<caravelle>	sleep is good
<maddemp>	I hope you feel better
<pepsi777>	feel better luv!
<Brook>		sleep ftw
<xoxSophiexox>	thats good for u though
*	Jonpro ( has joined #lg15chat
<SimianAntics>	Bondage is good
<NinjaPaper>	ah...I love's my favorite passtime :P
<Thurgix>	Rest is good for you, you've been through a lot
<HeartOfSorrow>	Simian knock it off
<simplykimmie13>	did it help you feel better?
<zachwilson>	yea, noticed
<Surfthetsu>	dont go out in the snow
<phisho>	SimianAntics, shut up.
<Hazz>		this is interesting...get on with it
*	xPhoenix ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler92 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Brook>		.kick SimianAntics
<ThatFreakinRandy>	also, drink lots of fluids!
<LorettaJALG>	i've been sleeping a lot too.
<sammisocute>	its good to sleep but not 2 much
<Surfthetsu>	you'll get worse if you go out
<heyaja>	SimianAntics: not cool, do not talk about bondage
<TDZane>	sleeping is my day job xD
<TJMARSH>	Emma, dont you think jonas is going to get mad?
*	Traveler51 ( has joined #lg15chat
<noddingheadgirl>	do you know if ur parents are coming? if so how will u know they are here emma?
<EmiB>		emma07, sorry if we are crashing your chat
*	Traveler92 is now known as Emmas_Mom
<cheddarcheese>	emma07, does gina open up to you? she seems so quiet.
<cheddarcheese>	whoa
<emma07>	do you think my parents got my message?
*	heyaja gibt Voice-Status an Emmas_Mom
<Traveler60>	emma be careful 
<phisho>	that's blunt...
<Brook>		thats how
*	Traveler41 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<simplykimmie13>	yea
<Surfthetsu>	uh oh
<SaraSundance>	i tihnk theyre here
*	Traveler39 ( has joined #lg15chat
<noddingheadgirl>	yea i think they did
<xoxSophiexox>	ya
*	Cloud_ax ( has joined #lg15chat
<caravelle>	i hope so emma
<Rekidk>	Emma07: I'm sure they got your message.
<Mikey_Vengeance>	emmas mom? say what?
<Bianca23>	yep
*	Traveler69 ( has joined #lg15chat
<xoxSophiexox>	ya
<HeartOfSorrow>	I appologize for Simian's outrageous behavior Emma
<Brook>		Hello emmas mom
<Traveler69>	ya
<tiffers>	there's one
<NinjaPaper>	I hope so, emma, but please be careful...
<Emmas_Mom>	EMMA!!!
<Surfthetsu>	They're here Emma
<zachwilson>	yea, they're smart people
<bellad0nna>	oh wow your mom's here :)
<simplykimmie13>	i think theyre here emma!!
*	robtomorrow ( has joined #lg15chat
*	MissTravels ( has joined #lg15chat
<clue>		okay, everyone stop so she can talk to her parents ok?
<zachwilson>	ur moms on
<tiffers>	hi emma's mom
<copertop>	emma, how smart are your rents? cause we cracked the code pretty easy
<wookie>	emmas mom hahaha
*	ChanServ gibt Op-Status an Cloud_ax
<Emmas_Mom>	Emma!
<Hazz>		ni they didn't get youre message
<iluuvme>	hi emmas mom!
<brairrose>	Most likely. They probalby watch to see if you are okay. They love you. And they will most likely come.
<Traveler69>	aw
<SimianAntics>	uh oh, hi Rob
<virginian9000>	emma and emma's mom!! awesome
<maddemp>	Hello Emmas_Mom !
<iluuvme>	awwww
<pepsi777>	O.o
<NinjaPaper>	hi
<Traveler69>	hi emmas mom
<emma07>	mom?
<cheddarcheese>	itz a reunion =]
<JenniPowell>	hello Emma's Mom
<Mikey_Vengeance>	ohhhh boy.... drama ensues :)
*	elixir ( has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler41>	hello
<Emmas_Mom>	honey yes it's me
<tiffers>	guys
<pepsi777>	welcome emma and mom
<HeartOfSorrow>	Emma's momm I just want to tell you don't go all caps plz
<livelovelaugh>	Hi Emma's Mom.
<zachwilson>	Quieten down, members
<Brook>		awwww
<Surfthetsu>	lol mikey
<Poknish>	hey emmmas mommy
<Emmas_Mom>	are you ok?
*	Traveler78 ( has joined #lg15chat
<LorettaJALG>	Hey Mrs Emma
*	Traveler41 is now known as imbealkariel
<JenniPowell>	Emma: that really is her
<Traveler69>	be careful emma
<iluuvme>	what i sweet valentine's day gift :-) <33
<Emmas_Mom>	how do you feel?
<noddingheadgirl>	how do u know its really her emma!?
*	Traveler78 is now known as OmegaXP
<Hazz>		haha. this is sureal
<zachwilson>	let them talk
<simplykimmie13>	aww hi emmas mom
<tiffers>	lets all stop talking so they can catch up
<Surfthetsu>	jonas is going to be in here soon
<emma07>	i'm still really tired
<cheddarcheese>	mute us =[
*	Traveler69 is now known as yuukaku
<ThatFreakinRandy>	BK, mute it.
<LorettaJALG>	jonas should stay out.
<Surfthetsu>	mute us
<NinjaPaper>	mute
<pepsi777>	what a touching moment
<clue>		emma, ask her something that only she would know, you need to be careful
*	Traveler79 ( has joined #lg15chat
<simplykimmie13>	mute it!
<yuukaku>	yeah
<virginian9000>	no muting
<Steven0328>	Emma, omg i think you should ask your mom a personal question
<JenniPowell>	guys, stop asking us to mute
<Surfthetsu>	Loretta, he's gonna come anyways
<SimianAntics>	Did the hamster transfusion help at the vets?
<NinjaPaper>	please be carefdul!
<emma07>	is dad there?
<yuukaku>	ask her a mom question!
<T_Bone>	let her Emma and her mom talk everyone
<TJMARSH>	BE careful emma!!!
<TDZane>	thats emmas mom
<Steven0328>	just in case they're not there.
<Mikey_Vengeance>	hey surfthetsu
<LorettaJALG>	he's just gonna piss people off. ugh.
<tiffers>	bk mute
<imbealkariel>	careful emma
<Traveler39>	?
<Emmas_Mom>	yes honey he's here with me now
<simplykimmie13>	make sure its rly your mom!!
<emma07>	say hi for me
<Mikey_Vengeance>	drama ensues.... dun dun duuuuuun!
*	Traveler46 ( has joined #lg15chat
<zachwilson>	bk, chan, cloud, heyaja, jenni.  plz mute us
<virginian9000>	they are hymn of one emma. Keep your guard up
<pepsi777>	awww!
<LorettaJALG>	hi mr. emma too!
<Poknish>	this is gonnamake me cry
*	Traveler51 is now known as Emmas_Dad
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	Guys, just let them talk or we will mute it. Please stop making requests for us to do so.
*	Traveler00 ( has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	yayyy
<Brook>		mr. emma?
*	Traveler59 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<pepsi777>	your lucky your dad cares
<Mikey_Vengeance>	the plot thickens even more!
*	heyaja gibt Voice-Status an Emmas_Dad
<Traveler46>	hi
<Brook>		Hello emmas dad
<OmegaXP>	Emma, take their word with a grain of salt.
<imbealkariel>	hello emma's parents
<emma07>	i miss you guys
<xoxSophiexox>	s
<xoxSophiexox>	s
<xoxSophiexox>	s
<xoxSophiexox>	s
<xoxSophiexox>	s
<xoxSophiexox>	s
*	Traveler38 ( has joined #lg15chat
<xoxSophiexox>	s
<Surfthetsu>	spam?
*	Traveler46 is now known as amanda
<xoxSophiexox>	s
<Mikey_Vengeance>	sophie dont flood lol
<copertop>	Mr. Emma, I would like to ask your permission to ask your beautiful daughter out on this Valentines day
<wookie>	dang emma replies pretty fast
<xoxSophiexox>	s
*	Broken_Kid has kicked xoxSophiexox from #lg15chat (Broken_Kid)
<noddingheadgirl>	stop talking people and let them talk. 
<Surfthetsu>	Amand G?
<LorettaJALG>	yeah bye sophie.
*	Traveler75 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Emmas_Mom>	we MISS you too! big hug
<cheddarcheese>	lol thanks
<bellad0nna>	lol
<Brook>		thank you BK
<pepsi777>	such a touching moment
<HeartOfSorrow>	xoxSophie do not spam the boards
<Emmas_Mom>	how are you feeling? are you ok?
<Quirkynesss>	aww.
<SimianAntics>	I love BK
<imbealkariel>	aww
<Surfthetsu>	awww Emmas mom is so nice
<cheddarcheese>	la familiaaa
<Emmas_Dad>	Emma it
<emma07>	everybody up at the cabin is being really great
<Surfthetsu>	lol
<Emmas_Dad>	it's your dad
<amanda>	uhm ok
<pepsi777>	ADOPT ME 
<emma07>	jennie's such a good friend
<bellad0nna>	except for the fighting..
<Jonpro>	!traveler
<Hazz>		change colour
*	P-Monkey says: -- Hello Traveler. Please let us know who you are! Type "/nick newnicknamehere" (without the quotes " ) to change your name. --
<phisho>	...even Jonas?
<Hazz>		too bright
*	Traveler8 ( has joined #lg15chat
<heyaja>	pepsi: no caps
<Rekidk>	Emma07: please keep your guard up; this is the big anonymous internet.
<emma07>	hi dad!!!
<lala_loveee>	Be careful.
<Emmas_Mom>	you need a doctor
<emma07>	i'm so glad you guys got my message
<robtomorrow>	Hi Emma's dad
<HeartOfSorrow>	pepsi please stop
*	Traveler84 is now known as Loladododo
<NinjaPaper>	emma, just remember that this might be anyone...
<tiffers>	hi emma's dad
<Emmas_Dad>	hello my darling
<emma07>	jonas say we can't go to a dr
<pepsi777>	i dident do it
<TJMARSH>	Emma make sure its your parents, they may be part of the order...
<bellad0nna>	that was clever emma :)
<simplykimmie13>	aww
<HeartOfSorrow>	Ninja drop it
<zachwilson>	really, she's right.  being trake neg isnt good
<virginian9000>	I suppose she did not need a doctor when she was being injected double portions of stuff
<Emmas_Dad>	jonas is stubborn. do you feel alright?
<SimianAntics>	Go to a vet!
<amanda>	watch out emma they could be posers...
<elixir>	Go to the vet!
<Emmas_Mom>	Emma, we were SO scared when we saw your videos
<emma07>	i'm okay. sleepy but i'm getting better i think
<LorettaJALG>	thanks for changing your color Mr. Emma...the green was confusing
<caravelle>	hi amanda
<T_Bone>	Jonas is right about that thought Order is anywhere
<Traveler60>	you lost a lot of blood emma youshould take iron pills
<Brook>		Jonas is stubborn, I agree the vet works
<emma07>	i know
<Emmas_Dad>	that monster..
<brairrose>	Do you meen Dr. Hart?
<phisho>	what monster?
<emma07>	i was so scared
<tiffers>	the vet worked last time
<bellad0nna>	the elder?
<Surfthetsu>	Dr hart I think
<Brook>		Traveler60 thats what bree took to prepare for the ceremony
<Hazz>		why did you come on to a big chat room to talk? 
<simplykimmie13>	monstr?
<cheddarcheese>	Jonas is a cuddly bear, not a monster. xD
<imbealkariel>	whos' a monster?
<Emmas_Dad>	I couldn't eat or sleep or think of anything but you
<brairrose>	Dr. Hart saved your daughter
<HeartOfSorrow>	*snickers at Emma's dad saying Jonas is stubborn*
<Quirkynesss>	Mr Emma! you shouldn't say that about your own son..
<Rekidk>	Dr. Hart Saved your daughter, Emmas_Dad.
<Emmas_Dad>	trying to rescue you
<ThatFreakinRandy>	he;s talking about jonad
*	Traveler18 ( has joined #lg15chat
<TJMARSH>	Emma isnt listening to us.....
<pepsi777>	jonus is good but stubbern
*	Kristine233 ( has joined #lg15chat
<HeartOfSorrow>	guys chill 
<virginian9000>	wow, emma's dad is mean
<Emmas_Dad>	did he hurt you?
<Panacea>	don't rescue her
<yuukaku>	who?
<pepsi777>	no
<SimianAntics>	Joan has a God Complex
<OmegaXP>	Let them talk, guys.
<emma07>	yes but i'm okay
<Bianca23>	jonas isn't a monster
<T_Bone>	She is alive today and Gina as well so they are okay
*	Traveler00 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<iluuvme>	he hurt you???
<zachwilson>	no, protective
<emma07>	i was more afraid than anything
<pepsi777>	!
<bellad0nna>	who hurt you?!
<Emmas_Mom>	emma, we were horrified by those videos
<brairrose>	Dr Hart tried to save her. He died doing it.
<lala_loveee>	Jonas isn't a monster
<LorettaJALG>	he's talking about dr. hart though
<iluuvme>	what????
<Emmas_Mom>	thank goodess
<emma07>	i know i know
<Emmas_Mom>	goodness
<iluuvme>	jonas hurt emma??
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<HeartOfSorrow>	Bianca he wasn't talking about Jonas so relax
<Emmas_Mom>	i wish i could hug you
<clue>		emma, if you take one thing away from all that we are spewing at you, please make it this: ask them a question to verify that they are reallly your parents
<pepsi777>	god is watching emma
<bellad0nna>	oh...... 
<emma07>	i wish i could hug you guys too
<Surfthetsu>	haha pepsi
<copertop>	Mr. Emma, I would like to ask your permission to ask your beautiful daughter out on this Valentines day
<pepsi777>	we have all been praying
<Hazz>		is emmas mom hot?
<HeartOfSorrow>	clue drop it ok
<Quirkynesss>	Kodak moment!
<Emmas_Dad>	we are so glad that you are okay
<Rekidk>	Emmas_Mom and Emmas_Dad, Dr. Hart saved your daughter; please don't be mad at him.
<T_Bone>	Hazz
<zachwilson>	god and about 40,000 internet viewers
<virginian9000>	obviously, injecting double portions of stuff would be better.
<Mikey_Vengeance>	whoa guys, keep it clean
<Hazz>		wat?
<JenniPowell>	Hazz: not appropriate warning 1
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<LorettaJALG>	lmfao copertop. i like you.
<simplykimmie13>	you guys should get to talk on the phone or something
<Traveler60>	ive had excessive blood loss before u need iron pills and red meat so u could get i back
<HeartOfSorrow>	Rekidk let Emma and her parents talk
<SimianAntics>	No naughty talk phorumites!
<Brook>		zach actually atm 113 chatters
<Emmas_Mom>	emma, can we come get you?
<Steven0328>	wait!
<Emmas_Mom>	take care of you
<Emmas_Mom>	??
<bellad0nna>	no
<Steven0328>	EMMA...use Skype
<simplykimmie13>	uh oh
<Bianca23>	no
<Panacea>	no!
<yuukaku>	no!!
<cheddarcheese>	dont do ittttttttt
<emma07>	come get me?
<lala_loveee>	omg
<phisho>	You can't, Emmas_Mom
<tiffers>	no
<Emmas_Mom>	please we miss you so much
<phisho>	I'll stop you.
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<Emmas_Mom>	yes
<virginian9000>	why should you go get emma?
<OmegaXP>	Emma, say no.
<Surfthetsu>	no
<Panacea>	nononono
<wookie>	something is going to happen something is going to happen something is going to happen something is going to happen
<maddemp>	no!
<polishkate>	no
<sammisocute>	no emma
<livelovelaugh>	no! Emma say no!
<yuukaku>	NO!
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<lala_loveee>	nonononono!
*	Broken_Kid sets mode +m #LG15chat
<emma07>	no i don't think that's a good idea
<Emmas_Mom>	your father and i think it would be a good idea if you were with us
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<Emmas_Mom>	why not?
<JenniPowell>	good job Emma
<emma07>	i shouldn't even be chatting with you guys
<Emmas_Dad>	emma, we are your parents
<emma07>	jonas would kill me
<Emmas_Dad>	we know what's best for you
<Emmas_Dad>	we LOVE you
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<Emmas_Dad>	and want to take care you
<emma07>	i don't know if i can trust u guys
<Emmas_Dad>	like we always have
<Emmas_Dad>	what do you mean? 
<emma07>	i love u but i don't know
<Emmas_Mom>	we feel so terrible about what happened before
<Emmas_Mom>	with the serum and everything...
<emma07>	jonas blames you guys for the syrum
<Emmas_Mom>	we were just trying to make you safe
<Emmas_Mom>	he doesn't understand
<emma07>	and i think i blame you too
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<Emmas_Mom>	what it's like to see your child suffer
*	Traveler9 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Emmas_Mom>	what? 
*	Traveler11 ( has joined #lg15chat
<emma07>	how can i not blame you
<emma07>	i nearly died
<Emmas_Mom>	we've seen the errors... we are so sorry honey
<Emmas_Dad>	we made a mistake
<emma07>	i know you were trying to help me but
<Emmas_Dad>	and we were wrong to trust the hymn... we thought they were a spiritual org
<Emmas_Dad>	exactly emma, we were trying to help you. to save you
<emma07>	you should have listened to jonas
<Emmas_Dad>	we're not with the hymn anymore
<Emmas_Mom>	we didn't understand
<Emmas_Mom>	we thought it was a way to appreciate life and grpw
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<Emmas_Mom>	grow
<emma07>	maybe
<emma07>	it's not
<Emmas_Mom>	emma, we love you
<Emmas_Mom>	and miss you
<Emmas_Mom>	i know now that it isn't
<emma07>	how do i know you've actually left the hymn of one
<Emmas_Dad>	we've left the hymn of one. for goood
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<Emmas_Dad>	Because we are your parents
<emma07>	i don't know
<Emmas_Dad>	and we are telling the truth
<Emmas_Dad>	I want us to be a family again, like before
<Emmas_Dad>	remember when we first took you in?
<emma07>	how can we be a family again
<emma07>	i want us to be but it feels impossible
<Emmas_Mom>	emma, remember those late night talks over hot chocolate
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<Emmas_Mom>	and Gilmore Girl marathons... oh how we laughed!
<emma07>	i remember...
<emma07>	of course i remember
<Emmas_Dad>	and when you fell from that tree, how i scooped you up in my arms and took care of you
<Emmas_Dad>	and nursed you back to health
<Emmas_Dad>	i want to be there for you again
<Emmas_Dad>	we were so happy before all of this
<emma07>	i know
<Emmas_Mom>	let us come get you
<emma07>	i can't
<Emmas_Mom>	please
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<Emmas_Mom>	honey
-Broken_Kid/#LG15chat-	Unmuting the room now. Please don't all talk at once
*	Broken_Kid sets mode -m #LG15chat
<emma07>	even if i wanted to see you guys
<Emmas_Mom>	please... jonas will understand
<Steven0328>	ok
<emma07>	i can't leave jonas
<TJMARSH>	Dont trust them emma.
<simplykimmie13>	NO
<copertop>	Mr. Emma, I would like to ask your permission to ask your beautiful daughter out on this Valentines day
<Sheepeh>	Don't trust them Emma!
<bellad0nna>	you can't leave jonas!
<SimianAntics>	Don't trust them!
<Mikey_Vengeance>	copertop..... dude
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<Emmas_Mom>	jonas is a tough kid and he can take care of himself
<Kristine233>	Jonas is your son too, what about him?
<Traveler59>	Don't let them take you Emma
<T_Bone>	copetop stop
<livelovelaugh>	Emma say no. Do not trust them.
<maddemp>	You can't go with the Emma!
<brairrose>	I wont be safe.
<Brook>		coper seriously
<emma07>	jonas is my brother
*	Traveler78 is now known as CcariC
<Emmas_Mom>	he's a survivor
<EmiB>		isn't jonas in the room? JonPro?
<Quirkynesss>	You're so strong, Emma. Don't trust them.
<emma07>	and he risked his life to save me
<Emmas_Mom>	and you have his strenght
<JenniPowell>	last warning copertop
<amanda>	she is safe with jonas
<Traveler60>	yeah but who's going to protect emma
<Mikey_Vengeance>	Jonas is your LEGITIMATE son.... trust him
<phisho>	Emma, this isn't doesn't FEEL right.
<tiffers>	emma, it's a set up
<Traveler49>	Drama <.<
<Jonpro>	hehe, nope EmiB
<HeartOfSorrow>	Will you guys chill let them talk in somewhat peace without the commentary
<pepsi777>	you shjould all be a family
<phisho>	amanda, no colors.
<Emmas_Dad>	Jonas will understand
<emma07>	i can't abandon him
<Bianca23>	emma, don't do it
<Hud>		How can you guys talk down to jonas
<maddemp>	Amanda, no colors please
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<Surfthetsu>	is that amanda G?
<imbealkariel>	amando?
<Hud>		he saved all of you guys
<OmegaXP>	You're doing fine, Emma. Don't leave Jonas
<Brook>		emma trust him please
<NinjaPaper>	no, emma
<Cloud_ax>	dont trust them emma!
<simplykimmie13>	dont do it!!
<clue>		emma, please be careful. just think: who have you been able to depend on and protect you more?
<T_Bone>	stop it Emma parents
<Brook>		no surf
<JK-47>		Emma think of this. Safety in numbers...
<Emmas_Dad>	Emma, you can't keep running
<ApotheosisAZ>	Trust them, Emma
<bellad0nna>	why can't she live with her bro?!
<candyappleretto>	Stay with Jonas Emma
<Surfthetsu>	oh ok brook
<Brook>		surf #hymnofone
<Emmas_Dad>	an neither can Jonas
<JazmynGrey>	[20:20] <emma07>	i know i can't keep running
<imbealkariel>	why don't u take jonas in too after he's your son too
<tiffers>	she's not running emmas_dad
<Dynomoose>	No, Emma. Jonas is not your brother. You are not related by blood and did not grow up together
<Emmas_Dad>	you're still young and you need stability
<cheddarcheese>	stay with jonas, emma07!
<emma07>	i don't want to run anymore
<Traveler60>	What guarantee can your parents make to protect you
<yuukaku>	O.o they want to turn you in!
<emma07>	i need to rest
<amanda>	ill use what colors i want- and no its amanda d
<Emmas_Dad>	You're not abandoning Jonas this is what's best for you
<phisho>	bye Amanda.
=-= amanda was booted from #lg15chat by heyaja (colors)
<HeartOfSorrow>	chedder knock it off
<Sheepeh>	Jonas will be the best choice and has protected you well for the last months
<Hud>		amanda its aginst the rules
<SimianAntics>	Does Joan use the best judgement?
<simplykimmie13>	stay with jonas!!
-->| Evilgade|ghost ( has joined #lg15chat
<emma07>	i don't know
<yetichamp>	please dont emma
<imbealkariel>	bye amanda
<wookie>	yay aga
<zachwilson>	she's not a wounded bird. allow her some freedome\
<Emmas_Mom>	you can get as much rest as you want with us
<Dynomoose>	Emma, Do what feels right to you.
<clue>		don't do it
<Mikey_Vengeance>	didnt see that one comin haha
<sammisocute>	emmau cant
<T_Bone>	That is why you should Fight the Order
-->| Traveler78 ( has joined #lg15chat
<brairrose>	Its not safe. The Order will find you!
<Panacea>	emma no!
<clue>		emma you are not a little girl anymore, you can take care of yourself!
<simplykimmie13>	dont do it!!!
<NinjaPaper>	jonas will protect you
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<pepsi777>	jonus+emma+parents=<3
<SaraSundance>	its a trap emma
<yuukaku>	emma stay strong!
<Hud>		emma you cant leave jonas he risked his life for you so many times
<Steven0328>	emma,
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<lala_loveee>	omg.
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<sammisocute>	emma its not safe u cant always trust ur parents
<Traveler59>	Emma just stay where you are.
<Dynomoose>	Not that i'd trust your "parents" either
<Hazz>		are they aware of us?
<Traveler05>	dont do it!
<OmegaXP>	Emma, you have to keep moving. Stopping will be a mistake.
<tiffers>	emma remember what happened last time you went with your parents
<JazmynGrey>	[20:21] <emma07>	i can't think clearly
<Steven0328>	how do you know these "parents of yours" are your parents
<voyboy>	I just dont see how they can dismiss Jonas like he doesnt need them too
<Emmas_Mom>	Emma please let us take cre of you
<bellad0nna>	the order found you there once they will find you there again!
<NinjaPaper>	guys shush
<Emmas_Mom>	you need rest
<TJMARSH>	Dad, your playing your daughter give her a chance to fight, if you dont, you maybe punishing her... let her fight, she may be able to help girls before her..
<emma07>	i'm just really tired
<T_Bone>	Sop
<Panacea>	nonono
<Broken_Kid>	give it time Emma
<Traveler63>	Emma jonas would let you rest too, and he has been
<EmiB>		emma07, sleep on it!
<Dynomoose>	But Jonas is no good at protecting those that he loves
<pepsi777>	no its not a trap let her be with her fam
<Steven0328>	they're probably the ORDER
<cheddarcheese>	emma07 you need to stay with ur bro. its safer.
<Traveler49>	damn
<Bianca23>	Emma, Jonas will protect you
<Emmas_Dad>	Okay Emma, you get some sleep and think about it
<Mikey_Vengeance>	kill the last eldar THEN go back home
<Traveler49>	I remember when all this started
<Emmas_Dad>	But remember how much we LOVE you
<Traveler49>	<.<
<pepsi777>	or i'll use caps again!
<Surfthetsu>	lol Mikey
<Emmas_Dad>	and MISS YOU
<emma07>	i know
<chershaytoute>	Emma, come onto the forums and talk with us for a while...
<courto>	you will not be safe with your parents emma they are letting their emotions be more important than your safety
<Traveler49>	WINEKONE
<emma07>	i love you guys too
<Dynomoose>	And want your blood
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<simplykimmie13>	stay with jonas!!!!
<Broken_Kid>	so sad...
<zachwilson>	Emma, tell Daniel and Jonas that if you're in the southeast ive got beds, food, and arms so you guys could
<Emmas_Dad>	and we can take care you 
<CcariC>	it might not ever end if you go back. you'll still have to keep running
<chershaytoute>	Think for a while...and give it some time.
<Emmas_Dad>	we love yoU!!
<Traveler60>	but jonas is the one that's been protecting you 
<Traveler49>	Bree
<chershaytoute>	Take the time to think.
<Traveler49>	Daniel
<Emmas_Mom>	we love you
<zachwilson>	meet and fight the order with guards
<heyaja>	traveler49: no caps
<Traveler49>	meh
<phisho>	thank you, dynomoose. good call.
<Dynomoose>	Jonas? Protecting Emma?
<chershaytoute>	You don't have to make a decision now.
<Sheepeh>	liars
<T_Bone>	Stop it Emmas Parents Jonas has riske his life her more then you
<Traveler60>	reemphasize jonas is the one thats been taking care of you
<emma07>	i miss you guys so much
<Emmas_Mom>	You know how to get in touch with Emma
<Dynomoose>	He handed her to the elders TWICE
<pepsi777>	THEY LOVE YOU
<emma07>	makes me wanna cry
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<LorettaJALG>	Emmas_Mom & Emmas_Dad: I know you can't remember, but please believe Jonas and all of us. We've seen what the Order can do. You used to fight them. You used to be strong like Jonas is now. You used to be in the Resistance. The Order took your memories from you. They took your son from you, and they want to take your adopted daughter now too.
<Emmas_Mom>	please think about this
<pepsi777>	AND STUFF
<Dynomoose>	He got Bree killed
<simplykimmie13>	nooo!
<emma07>	i'll think about it
<Emmas_Mom>	and contact us when you're ready
<emma07>	okay
<Emmas_Mom>	ok that
<chershaytoute>	pepsi, no caps
*	heyaja has kicked pepsi777 from #lg15chat (caps)
<Emmas_Mom>	that's all we ask
<Steven0328>	!traveler
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<lala_loveee>	omg.
<emma07>	i know
<Brook>		*charfinally
*	Traveler87 ( has joined #lg15chat
<emma07>	goodnight momo
<Emmas_Dad>	Emma think about it 
<emma07>	mom
*	Traveler23 ( has joined #lg15chat
<emma07>	goodnight dad
<Dynomoose>	Emma, do what you need to do to feel safe
<Mikey_Vengeance>	heheh momo
<Emmas_Mom>	goodnight honey
*	Traveler4 has disconnected (Connection timed out)
<livelovelaugh>	Night Emma.
<Sheepeh>	lol momo
<bellad0nna>	goodnight emma!
<immo>		night emma
<Emmas_Dad>	goodnight darling
<Brook>		goodnight emma
<Poknish>	joans is going to be pissed
<Hazz>		goodnight emma
<NinjaPaper>	night, emmy
<SaraSundance>	goodnight emma
*	emma07 (n=traveler@unaffiliated/emma07) has left #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	night emma07
<imbealkariel>	momo sounds cute
<Rekidk>	Night Emma
<Hazz>		goodnight mom
<Brook>		goodnight emmas dad
<copertop>	Mr. Emma, I would like to ask your permission to ask your beautiful daughter out on this Valentines day
<Dynomoose>	fuck Jonas
<tiffers>	nite emma
<Emmas_Dad>	we love you!
<Traveler59>	Night Emma just think smart
<immo>		oh wait that wasn't me
<Sheepeh>	bye emmaaa
<imbealkariel>	goodnight emma
*	Broken_Kid cries a little.
<Brook>		goodnight emmas mom
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<simplykimmie13>	bye
<Sheepeh>	bye parents
<voyboy>	sigh
<OmegaXP>	You did fine, Emma. Good job. That had to be tough.
*	Emmas_Mom has disconnected ("Java user signed off")