Poor Pluto

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Episode 0029/1x029
Poor Pluto

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Blogger Bree
Date Posted September 5th, 2006
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Description Pluto isn't a planet? I had to make a video about that! I can really understand not fitting in...
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Poor Pluto is the twenty-ninth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.[[Category:Bree's blogs| 00029]]

Poor Pluto is the twenty-ninth video in the Lonelygirl15 video series, and could be considered a part of the Proving Science Wrong series.


Bree: (holding up a pair of scissors) For today's "Proving Science Wrong" I turned Daniel into a pair of scissors. (Bree opens and closes the scissors three times) I just decided I needed scissors more than I needed someone reading a magazine on my bed. (Bree holds up a mobile, apparently of the solar system) Remember these? Well it's time to snip off Pluto. (she does) (cut to her holding up the picture of Pluto to the camera) Being half the size of Antarctica just couldn't've helped, and then there was the question of all that unorthodox orbiting. (short section in fast-forward during which Bree appears to be lecturing to the picture of Pluto: "Around here we orbit the sun in a perfect circle or we don't orbit at all.") Pluto is no longer a planet. Ceres? Xena? UB 313?! These are Pluto's new friends. Do they sound like the kids that you want to eat lunch with? No way! So today instead of proving science wrong we're gonna help Pluto adjust to his new peer group. First thing you're gonna have to learn to deal with: rings. I know a couple of your old friends had 'em. Saturn, Jupiter, but you're gonna have to accept that these new friends of yours don't have rings. As you probably know, I've been home schooled most of my life, and then I went to high school. During my first week there I had this teacher that I really liked and he was really into stars and I love stars, so I asked a lot of questions. So pretty soon, kids started saying that I thought I was so-o-o-o smart or something, and I told myself that I didn't care and (sighs) then they started saying that I was from a star. I kept asking questions. So finally they stopped calling me "star girl" and they stopped saying that I thought that I was smart, and instead they started saying that I was...doing something with my teacher. And that's when I stopped asking questions about stars.

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