Prom: It's To Die For - Part 2

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Episode 494/3x084
Prom: It's To Die For - Part 2

The Numb Arm is from who?

Blogger Emma
Date Posted June 6th, 2008
Forum [17576 forum discussion]
Length 5:17
Description Hopefully this footage will have some answers.
Location(s) Rented Cabin at Big Bear Lake
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 danielbeast jonastko bree elder jennie emma gina prom
Music "Never Get Out" by Brad Sucks
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Jonas Jackson Davis
Emma Katherine Pawlak
Gina Crystal Young
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Carl Craig Coyne
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
Bree's Watcher Greg Goodfried
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Prom: It's To Die For - Part 2 is the four-hundred ninety-fourth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the eighty-fourth video of season three.


(The camera pans the room as music plays in the background. Gina is on a couch by herself, and Jennie and Jonas sit on another couch, laughing and holding a pink balloon.)

Emma: Hey, nice dance moves!

(Daniel dances as he walks, holding several drinks.)

Daniel: That's right.

(Daniel approaches Jonas and Jennie from behind and hands them two drinks, making a wooshing sound with his mouth.)

Jonas: Oh!

Jennie: Whoa!

Daniel: Take these.

Jonas: My man.

Jennie: Hey, thank you!

Daniel: No problem.

Jonas and Jennie: Cheers!

(Jonas and Jennie touch their cups together. Jonas makes a 'boop' sound and Jennie giggles.)

Daniel: One for...

(Daniel hands a drink to Gina and sits on the couch next to her.)

Gina: Thank you.

Daniel: You're welcome.

Emma: Excuse me, where's one for me?

Daniel: Uh.. you're brother took it, but.. don't worry, I can get you one.

Emma: I'm your date.

Daniel: I'm getting you one, I'll get you one.

Emma: What?

(Gina makes gestures with her eyes and noises towards the right as she sips from her cup.)

Emma: What?

(Camera turns to see Sarah walking in with Carl trailing behind.)

Carl: Hey, what's up, guys?

(Sarah gives a half-hearted wave.)

Emma: Hey! Looks like the most, uh, controversial, most talked about couple of prom has finally arrived.. what's up?

(Sarah looks at Carl with a less than happy expression as Carl glances at Sarah anxiously.)

Sarah: Just, um, don't say anything about Carl's outfit. I'm humiliated.

Emma: I kind of don't have to, it pretty much speaks for itself... (Camera pans down Carl's outfit.)

Sarah: Emma, emma...

Emma: I mean, look at-- is that, what, a fanny pack-- (Camera focuses on Carl's patriotic fanny pack.)

Sarah: Emma!

Emma: --what?

Sarah: Stop.

Carl: Hey, Emma. (Camera turns back to Carl.) Look, it's so good to see you.

Emma: Oh, uh.. (Carl closes in and embraces Emma awkwardly.) yeah, o--okay, thank you. (Carl backs off with an awkward laugh. Emma makes a face at the camera.)

Carl: Hey, well, uh...

Emma: Hey.

Carl: Look, I really appreciate you inviting me. I mean, after... everything that, you know, happened and all.

Emma: Well yeah, I mean, you know um, Sarah wanted you to come, so uh... that was pretty much good enough for us. G-- oh, okay, all right... (Carl is pulled away by his jacket, presumably by Sarah. Emma turns the camera back on herself.) I think... he seems a little edgy. Well, I guess I really can't blame him, though.

(Camera fades into a close-up of a disco ball sitting on a table. Camera fades into a shot of Carl, dancing up against a wall, with Sarah and Jonas looking on. Sarah turns away, towards the camera, just before Carl whirls around and starts sliding from side to side in front of Sarah. More shots are shown of Carl dancing wildly around the room, waving around his jacket and sometimes spinning Sarah around with him. Shots of Jonas, Jennie, and Gina are interspersed, showing them laughing as Carl dances on.)

Daniel: (muffled)---record it? Because I'm gonna watch it, and (muffled) it.

(Camera turns back to Carl, who is now trying to pick up Sarah. Camera turns to Jonas and Jennie, who are sitting on the couch and watching. Jonas looks at the camera. The camera turns again to Carl, who has successfully picked up Sarah.)

(Cut to Jennie and Jonas. Jennie has her arms on his shoulder. A cell phone rings, and the camera turns to the phone.)

Emma: Jennie! Jennie, your phone is ringing. (Jennie turns to the camera, looks at Jonas, and walks towards her phone. Jonas waves his arms as she walks away, biting her glove.)

(Cut to the hallway. Jennie and Jonas are leaning against the wall.)

Jonas: This is unbelieveable.

Emma: Who's that text from?

Jennie: Thompson. They're back.

Emma: Who's back?

Jennie: Salinas and his staff. Apparently they ended the DC trip early. Thompson's back in LA and wanted to know if I was free for dinner. (Jonas rubs Jennie's back.)

Emma: Yeah, well then where's Salinas?

Jonas: We don't know, I mean he could be-- (trails off)

Emma: What?

Jonas: He could be anywhere.

Daniel: Did you guys hear that? (The camera turns around to see Daniel looking through a door and into another room.)

Emma: Hear what? (Daniel enters the room.)

Daniel: Shh, listen, listen. (Daniel starts heading down a flight of stairs.) I could've sworn I heard something down in the basement. I mean it sounded like--- like somebody walking around, or something. You didn't hear that?

Jonas: No.

Emma: No.

Jonas: But if Salinas or any of his people are anywhere near here, we're splitting in like, five seconds flat, okay?

(The group enters the basement, and for a moment all is black.)

Jonas: I don't know, man. Are you sure you heard something? (The basement comes into focus. and the camera is set down near the floor. The room is dark; it is only dimly lit in the background, allowing us to see Daniel, Jonas, and Emma's legs, pacing around the room. Their legs are dark in front of the dimly lit background.)

Daniel: Dude, I am sure.

Jonas: You sure?

Daniel: Positive.

Emma: (Guys, there's nothing down here. Look, we're just paranoid, all right? Between Salinas's site and the text, he's just spooking us. Listen, he's doing a really good job. Obviously.

Daniel: No, what if he's not just spooking us? I'm saying, like---

Emma: No. You're nervous, I'm nervous, we're all nervous. Lets just go upstairs and have fun, okay?

Jonas: Okay, maybe--

Emma: It's fine.

Jonas: --maybe you're right. But regardless, I'm going to go outside and check around the cabin and the (muffled as they began climbing up the stairs) again, just to be safe.

Emma: All right.

Jonas: Come on.

(Daniel and Jonas are heard talking as the group climbs further up the stairs, apparently having forgotten about the camera. The room is still as the sound of Daniel, Jonas, and Emma's feet and voices are heard, going back upstairs. A figure in a suit walks across the screen from behind a large dark object and quickly walks through a door on the far back wall.)

Emma: Wait, guys! Hang on, I forgot my camera. (The camera is picked up by Emma and turns toward the stairwell, where Jonas and Daniel are waiting.)

Daniel: Come on.

(Cut to Gina dancing.)

Emma: Work it! (Gina giggles.) Cover girl! All right, show me some Carl.

Gina: (laughs) Oh, no.

Emma: (laughs) Yeah, do it!

Gina: Okay. (Slides side to side, arms extended, similar to how Carl danced earlier in the video.)

Emma: (laughs) Nice! Now don't forget the jazz hands! (Gina adds jazz hands as she continues dancing.)

Gina: Oh my gosh.

Emma: There you go, there's the Carl! (Both Gina and Emma are laughing as Gina stops.) Awesome.

Gina: Okay, okay, I wanna see the Jonas, come on!

Emma: No!

(Gina takes the camera and turns it on Emma.)

Emma: Ugh! Okay. (Begins dancing in a Jonas-like style.)

Gina: Oh--- (cracks up) --my gosh! I can totally see the family resemblance! (Gina and Emma crack up.)

Emma: All right, let's see some Daniel action.

Gina: Oh my gosh.

Emma: Come on.

Gina: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

(Gina turns the camera on herself, puts her sunglasses around, and whips her head around like Daniel did earlier that night.)

Emma: Nice! You know, that's actually better than Daniel's... (Gina stops, cracking up.)

Gina: Take it back, take it back!

Emma: All right, all right, all right.. (takes the camera and turns it toward Gina, who's taken off her sunglasses and is looking off-camera.)

Gina: What's going on out there?

(Camera turns to see Jennie, Jonas, Daniel, and Sarah out on the porch, talking.

Emma: I don't know. Here, I'll check it out.

(Emma brings the camera over and sets it down. The camera goes black. When it comes back on, an arm is seen behind a couch, thudding to the ground. Screaming and yelling is heard, as well as someone screaming, "What just happened?" The camera goes black once more.)

(Cut to Emma's feet, running down stairs outside in a public area. She is still wearing her prom outfit. She is breathing heavily, and makeup is smeared across her cheek.)

Emma: I ran into the first public place I could find. The Watcher is definitely after me. It's like the Order called in all units last night, or something. (She backs up against the side of the stairs and catches her breath.)

Emma: Listen. I had no idea somebody was in the house until I saw that footage. If anybody is still out there, if anybody survived, please contact the community right away. Let us know that you're safe. (glances off-camera) Let us know th-- som-- what happened. Everybody go to Please. This isn't over. (glances off-camera again, in the other direction) It can't be.

(Emma looks off-camera and turns it around to show a Watcher coming down another flight of stairs not far away.)

Emma: Oh God. (Camera whirls around quickly.)




Emma came on to the forums again after this video and another video by Jennie was posted:

Emma said:
I'm okay!! Sorry to scare everyone...I got away from the Watcher. What should I do now? Does anyone know where Jennie's location is???